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Pichu Ear Tutorial

These are pretty quick to make, too, even when handsewing.
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Nyaa! Thanks of the picture! I will do this to cosplay! Thanks! :iconlove:
mak9300's avatar
Would making the tail be the same thing kindof? If not, can you make a tutorial for it? X3
chameleoncosplayteam's avatar
Yes, it is the same principal. Although because of the lighting shape, you might want to glue the fabric to the wire, then put the stuffing inside.
JirachiPsychic's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm going to a comic con in a bit, and I'm really looking forward to making these ears! Thankyouuuu ^_^
chameleoncosplayteam's avatar
NP I hope they turn out and you have a lot of fun~^.^
mario0om's avatar
can we i make cat ears the same way ?
i want to try when i get same fabic
and where can i get the wire from ?
chameleoncosplayteam's avatar
If it's for a hoodie, I would say make a triangle shape and then just curve it
Wiring would help it stay up, though

One of my friends lives near a dollar store where they sell the wire
I think it's called gardening wire? Any dollar store wire would probably work, though. Or pipe cleaners.
SparkleWhiteEevee's avatar
Eee!~ Thank you so much!~ I needed this badly!~
chameleoncosplayteam's avatar
No problem! Glad to help!
xbamfan's avatar
so very cute :la:
ArturiaCos's avatar
You're awesome. I was just trying to figure out how to make Pichu ears for my cosplay! I'm planning on attaching them to a hoodie~ This is really helpful, thanks a lot for sharing :)
SheHasDeadlyEyes's avatar
Simple and cute!
Awesome tutorial.
Jac0fAllTrades's avatar
I totally need to do this for my pikachu ears... xD
HeartlessAquarius's avatar
This would help me practice sewing cause I'm very ametureish ^^'
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