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Guinea Love 1

Feel free to use as stock so long as you:
-link me to the deviation
-note me that you have used it
-DO NOT use my stock for commercial or published purposes (other than dA prints) without first requesting and receiving a signed written document with my permission.
-Permission is already given for use in dA prints, so long as the image is reasonably different from the original.
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2088x1584px 1.52 MB
Digital Cam
Shutter Speed
1000/11314 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 1, 2005, 11:11:42 PM
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Shirley-Agnew-Art's avatar
Thank you for the use of your beautiful stock,
I have used it here :-)
MiaSidewinder's avatar
Hello :wave: I used your your stock here:
Hope you like it and thanks for sharing!
Yumezaka's avatar
ksrandall's avatar
KA-WA-II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
cutiekekegirl's avatar
Aaww she looks like my piggie >w<
Adorable picture QuQ~!
AnnaGiladi's avatar
Aaaw your kiss brought the potato to life :D

...sorry... those animals always remind me of potatoes.
chamberstock's avatar
They are pretty much potato shaped! :D Fur-tatoes.
The-Path's avatar

It's a fluff ball of indirect happy.
snoogaloo's avatar
that guinea pig would get a modeling award of the year for guinea pigs if there was one! :) :)
chamberstock's avatar
Awww, thanks! She was a sweetheart. :)
snoogaloo's avatar
aww you're welcome :) :)

definitely looks like a good friendship there, too :nod:
kvinorum's avatar
aww, so cute :) The guinea pig looks a bit shocked though :P
mathematoons's avatar
How cute!!!

This is exactly me with my guinea pigs.
felii-xx's avatar
big and fat guinea pig :3 :heart:
COOKEcakes's avatar
oh my gosh i love this. <3 i love most things with guineapigs, this is so sweet. and the guineapig is adorable! :D
seawaterwitch's avatar
I wonder if the guinea can change shape into a beautiful prince ^^

Nice shot! ^^b
serenity1091's avatar
absolutely addorible!
I love guinea pigs :D:D
Leonhart7413's avatar
Haha! Soooo sweeet!
Charlene-Art's avatar
It's great how the hair colour and the guinea pig colour are similar
odh1nn's avatar
:D I had a guinea pig that would sneak up and steal the little bit of beer you leave on the rim of a can. I was told that I was terrible for letting him, but he lived to be over six-and-a-half years old (their life expectency unfortunately is a short 5-7 years :( )
chamberstock's avatar
That is a good life span for a piggie... Zoe left us far too soon. I'd think that a drop or two wouldn't hurt him. :lol:
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