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What is Shamanism/Chamanism? Simply put, it is a wide range of practices, beliefs and rituals regarding communication with the realm of spirits.

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The group supports all forms of art and craft falling under the group's theme: Spirituality, magic, nature, gods, spirits, and so on.

Please try to submit into the correct folder! If your art could fit in more than one folder, choose the one you think is best. If you are not sure, please post your work in Waiting List and leave it to admins.

This group doesn't have strict quality control, however, please submit only finished artwork. No WIPs, no sketches or poorly scanned works.

Nudity and mature artwork are allowed, but not explicit content.

Any work that is Watchers-only or hidden behind a paywall will not be accepted.

This group DOES NOT accept AI-generated images.

Featured folder is reserved for the best artwork submitted to the group chosen by the admins. Please don't submit works to this folder on your own.

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Hi! Would you consider changing your settings so that more than 1 artwork/month is allowed? For an artist like me whose whole art is based on shamanism and mythology themes, it's quite limited! :) Thank you!
Wow, yeah, one per month is waaay too low. Changed it to one per day per folder. :thumbsup:
Thank you, that's very good news! :D
I don't know if advertising is allowed but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm hosting a contest that members of this group might be interested in participating in.

Here's the details link--~~The Oracle Within-A Contest for Everyone-OPEN~~

If advertising isn't allowed please kindly forgive me and feel free to hide my comment! Thanks bunches! :heart:
Totally allowed. :thumbsup: I can make a Group blog post to get it out to all our members, if you'd like?
Oh my gosh! I would be forever grateful if you found the time to do so! Thank you very much!!
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