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I'm confident that anyone who reads this journal thing or lives in general knows what it feels like to plan something only to never do it in the end.
Like preparing for a certain convention that will more than likely be occuring in a few days.
Or maybe going home, promising that you're going to do homework, only to go surf the internet instead
Or coming up with the BEST idea of how to continue a story you're writing only to decide to play a game.

I personally find it hilariously frustrating. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who's gone through this.

I was told the other day to "live as if it were my last day alive". And I've been told that years before that day.
However, I only really understood it recently.
We all make plans for tomorrow and such, right? But what if tomorrow never came?
We've all had dreams about doing something really awesome, and we've come up with plans to do it, only to put it off. But what if tomorrow never came?
There are so many different series of anime that I want to watch. But what if the day came when I would never get to watch them again?
I have so many ideas for stories, and I've promised myself that I wasn't going to die (a huge boon against any thoughts of suicide) until I'd written them all down.
But what if I died by accident?

Every single day passes us by, but we never actually do the things that we really want to do. And of course we wouldn't. Of course we shouldn't.
If we always did what we wanted to do, nothing would get done quickly: Think of the people who exclaim "Yolo" before doing something dangerous.
But what if you had that idea for how to improve a story... What about that idea for the ultimate game, the most amazing piece of art?
What about that person that you swear to god you've loved him or her for how the deuce long, but you never worked up the guts to confess?
And then, all of a sudden, one day, you died?

I was told to live as if it were my last day alive. And I actually understood it for once.
But I don't live like it anyway, still doing the same monotonous things I've always done.

I can't help but wonder: What about those series of anime that I've never watched?
If I suddenly died, who would come to my funeral?
What would someone think if, one day, they came across the stories I've written, never actually finished?
What about the pieces of artwork on my wall?
What about the dolls on my bed, the one random nendoroid placed next to a coffee mug filled with pens and pencils?
What about that binder that I cherished so deeply, tattered as it is, filled with handwritten text?
What about that shelf that had one level -just one- filled with manga?
What about the letters that I'd randomly written to people?
What about the 3DMG that I built by hand, so tirelessly worked on only to fall apart after use, and promised to be repaired?
What about the tertiary corrections to What Could Have Been?
What about the pencils that constantly hang from my collar, people always saying that it's "dangerous"?
What about that computer that sits in my room, a four terabyte drive filled with videos, pictures, and text from the internet because I was afraid of losing it?

What if, one day, I had suddenly died, whatever the reason may be?

To think I live like I always do, mindlessly going about my daily business, never doing what I really want to do...
And yet I still ask these questions, and promise that I'll finish my stories before I die.
And to think that I never ask: What the heck am I doing?

Plans and such.... eh. Just do stuff for gods sakes. That'll accomplish so much more.
Frankly, I should probably get back to working on it.
But it's been going soooooo slowly..... ugh.
This is what happens when you step away from something for a day or two.
Or break a routine.
ugh. I'ma play Rune Factory.
Peoples, if you ever read this, I accidentally wrote an appropriately rhythmed poem.
I've never written a Rhythmed poem before! +flipping out
I've only ever written free verse, but, all of a sudden, I wrote a 5/3 beat poem. By accident.
Okay, it doesn't maintain that rhythm throughout the entire poem, as it deviates to 3333 and 5555 and other variants like that at times...
But it's all either 5 or 3 beats per line.
I'm flipping out, you have no idea.

I'll post it soon x3
A while back, I used to write a lot of poetry. Then again, it can't really be called poetry because of the way that I had it styled. I never followed any real format of poetry, nor did I rhyme anything. All I basically did was section up stories I wrote.

Regardless, I'm still immensely proud of what I used to do.

Since my latest poem (I don't remember what was the most recent: It was likely the end to my Extended poem "Cosmonaut"), I've written nothing in the terms of poetical sense, so to speak: Most of my literary ability has been dedicated to writing stories.

To date, I've probably written, collectively, at least 40 seperate poems. I don't think I'm likely ever to write one again, though. But, heck, if I do, I won't be giving it any slack: I'll make sure it is just as good as the poems that I used to write, and with the same sense of criticism that I provide my current stories.

Speaking of my current stories...

I have a character sheet. This character sheet is detailed with six basic details of the characters. With this character sheet in hand, I have collected about two dozen (maybe more) characters for which to use in my most extensive story ever: Existia.

This story will likely be the one that I carry with me to the grave, though, as it's typing down has stalled by a bit. It's quite developed in my mind, though. I'm happy that I've got at least that much: I only know one other person who carries a story around in their mind, and that person is the person that inspired me to start writing.

In other news, I have written and finished one other story, "What Could Have Been", and it is currently in the editing stage before I send it off to a publisher. Of course, it has been in this stage for at least... Hmm.... One or two years. xD I've been lazy~ =w= I should probably finish it off, though ^^"

And I also have one more idea for a story: It only exists in storyboard, and isn't nearly as extensive as existia. However, if I ever write, finish, and publish this story, then I will die. Period. So I should probably hold off on writing that story xD

But back to poetry. Recently, I looked at one of my old poems: The 21-Gun Salute. It was part of a series of 12 poems, short stories, and etc that I wrote in the situational concept of a war. I used that poem in my most recent short story, which goes by the same name. I'm proud of both, and both can stand alone.

If you want me to write something, just tell me. Writing is fun.
Same for drawing. I need to learn to draw better. I've made a little progress in recent times.

Until next time~! x3

Hello, random journal post thingy here x3
I've decided that I'm going to have fun with this one and drop all pretense of formality and derpensuch ^.^

If I seem weird, that's cause that's what I am in essence and when I'm not censoring my personality =w=


Imagine, for a second, life without clocks ^.^ We humans live our lives as based on the moving hands and numbers of clocks. Imagine what it would be like if, one day, you decided to stop using the clocks in your house.

We would probably end up sleeping at terrible, terrible times wouldn't we xD I would know: I got to sleep after midnight /all/ the time ^^" Not the healthiest thing, I know -.-;;

Continuing on, what if, actually, we stopped using electronics for just a week? Like... Not electronics period: not even lights. Or at least at home, 'cause it'd be bad not to be able to use electronics in the workplace. That would throw everything off, and that's not the aim of this case study. Actually, this isn't even a study. This is just a random thing.

It's said that one week in the wilderness would reset biological clocks.

. . . Actually, I'm not too sure where I was going with this anymore.
I'll end this off here for now, because I can do whatever I want in this journal x3 Ja neh~ xD


My handle is Chalysane. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. 
Perhaps you might recognize this name from somewhere. No matter.

It seems that I've finally gotten around to making this thing. When I say this thing, I refer to the creation of a DeviantArt account. 

The time is currently 12:58. It has now changed to 59 at the time that I finished this sentence. Huh.

I will be trying to do artistic stuff. It's something I'm not entirely skilled at. I'm far more skilled in writing stuffs. Several stories so far, nothing published yet, though. I hope to change that in the future.

As of this moment, feel free to request things of me. I need the practice. May it noted that I don't have anything like a tablet or artistic usable technology thingy or I don't even know what these things are. I'll be doing things mainly in pencil unless asked to do otherwise. On that note, I do not have any professional pencils or color pencils. Just a random .5mm mechanical pencil and a set of 72 colors that I bought at a random store. Nothing really special or designated for art. Hobby-type things.

If you would like me to write a story for you, feel free to do so. Please specify topic and length. May it be noted that I'm far more skilled at creating original content that I am at creating derivative works. If I end up going off of your plan in the story that you ask me to write, I'm sorry. I'm weird.

Please feel free to ask anything of me. Questions mainly. As for commissions and stuff, go ahead too. I'm being repetative now. I'll go end this off for now, then.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.