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~With Gratitude~ by Chalysane ~With Gratitude~ by Chalysane
I play Minecraft. That stated, I've played it quite a long time. Not entirely sure when I started, tho.
I've played on many different servers. By the same token, I've ceased to play many different servers.
This one is different.
As I've stated several times on the server myself, Nyncraft is my last server.
I have had no plans on playing any other server.

About the middle of last semester, sometime in between December and January, I had to take a break from Minecraft.
Focus on schoolwork and stuff.
I wanted to do something for Nyncraft, however, during the time in which I couldn't play.
So, during my free time at school, in between notes, even, I made this.
This took me a few months to make, nonetheless.

The concept for this picture is "Texture". If you'll look closely, you'll see that the entire thing is nothing but lines.
I took the idea from a pianist, Kyle Landry, who stated that one of the keys to good music was texture.
That is to say, putting in many different notes. ((Of course, not haphazardly.))
So I concluded with the ideas of many, many lines.
((I previously applied this concept to a drawing of thousands of circles. I'll upload that at some point later, tho))

I think it looks nice.

My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil, Alys Pavais.
An eraser given to me by artist A. Tran.
The eraser of my 0.7mm Pental P207 Mechanical Pencil, Mei Pavais. ((for the more precision-necessitating erasures))

((as for the japanese, i kinda wanted to show off my non-mastery of the language after taking four semesters of classes.
The translations are, from top right to bottom left:

[Thank you very much.] [For everything you've done for me, thank you very much.
At some point, I will return (come home). Until that time, thank you, and goodbye.]
[-Alys Pavais] [>Alys Pavais]

At the time of creation, I hadn't expected to return for quite a while.
Also, they know me by Alys Pavais on the server.))
Agatechlo Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
Hey, good to see you're still active!

Wow that must have taken forever to draw :O
Chalysane Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, I'm active here and there. Not as much as a more so proficient artist, however.

Indeed, it did take forever to draw, honestly ^^" Absolutely and utterly worth it, tho.
It was funny too: sometimes, people would come up and say that they wouldn't be able to draw something like this.
I did my best to refute them every single time, of course: It's actually a really simple drawing.
The drawing here is literally what it is: Just Lines. And a lot of them xD
The only things that are purposefully planned out are the words. ^^"
If anyone else wanted to put the time in to make a lot of slightly curved lines, they could easily do something similar.
I say easily, but it really is a time-consuming piece.

((also, to confess, those blank spots here and there?
They look intentional, but it's actually because I got lazy and thought it looked nice that way.
even tho I never initially intended on leaving any blank spots other than where the letters were ;w;
I'm so unprofessional ;-; ))
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June 7, 2016
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