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Wintry Pastry (Work-In-Progress) by Chalysane Wintry Pastry (Work-In-Progress) by Chalysane
Now, doesn't this work-in-progress look far better than the one of Mei?
Well, in my opinion, it does: the colors for this worked well from the very beginning and I was much less indecisive about it.
. . . Kinda, anyway. I think the indecision of colors wasn't too bad here, actually.
In contrast to the Mei WIP, there were dedicated sections for color testing. Kinda. Specifically the skirt. 
Specifically, the skirt doesn't look too bad. Probably because the color testing seemed more... intentional?

Contrasting with the Mei wip, the color testing there looks absolutely terrible: it was messy beyond belief.
Also, the varying bright colors conflict quite perfectly. Gods. The conflict is real.
But then you have this piece, and the colors are heavier... More similar to each other, kinda?
And, also, the color testings were limited to the skirt.
But, most importantly, colors filled up an entire pleat of the skirt.
This is where I think that the testing stops feeling like "testing" and feels more intended.

I wanted to upload this a while ago, but I never really got around to it.
The spirit in uploading this was the spirit behind my uploading of the Mei wip:
I wanted to kinda try and show the effort that goes into drawings. Maybe not for everyone, but for some, at least.
Also, the smudges kinda give it an odd sort of charm. Don't you think so too?

In the end, I couldn't exactly decide on a- actually, maybe I have.
Decided on a background, that is. I think I just got an idea for that.
Was going to upload the finished piece today, but maybe that'll have to wait now.
Until I get around to that, tho, doesn't the concept work and color testing and smudges make for an interesting background?
I think it does anyway.

also, fun fact, i was doing this up in yosemite ayyyy

My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil, Alys Pavais. 
My 0.7mm Pentel P207 Mechanical Pencil, Mei Pavais.
An eraser given to me by artist A. Tran.
A Tran's Color Pencils.
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October 1, 2016
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