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~Wintry Pastry~ by Chalysane ~Wintry Pastry~ by Chalysane
As one can probably guess, this is an update of my older "Topped With Strawberries" picture.
It was created in the same spirit, kinda: I wanted to create a mascot for an anime club.
Albeit, one that I've long graduated from, but it was similar sentiment.
Also, it was cold weather when I decided to draw this, so I decided to make her more so warmly clothed.

Several months later, I realized that it could still get much colder.

I decided upon the background about when I was writing the description for the work-in-progress.
It was kinda funny, considering I figured it out midsentence.
Don't think I did it perfectly, but I do believe it came out relatively well.
I think I wanted gradients to some degree.

This was half a test of wanting to try out her design again.
The other half was me wanting to try and gauge what's changed about my drawing.
. . . Doesn't feel like much, but what should one expect if one doesn't draw much?
That said, it's not too bad for not being an art study. I think.

Also, most situations, it's not that I take forever to complete these...
It's more so that I kinda forget to. Either that, or I forget to upload them.
Summarily, these don't take impossibly long. I just procrastinate to severe degrees.
And that my memory is bad.

Oh, also, I added in purple this time because I felt that it worked well with the base three colors.
And gold. That said, the jacket is gold or bronze, and it shines a bit in the light.
Can't see it here, but it looks very pretty~
Now that I think about it, I wonder what's under the jacket?

Also, I think I should've stayed with the brown for the skirt.
Not as flashy, but with the accents still at the bottom.
I think the contrast would've made a striking image~
A light in the dark is brighter than a light in the day.

I'm also quite proud of the scarf~

In other news, comparing the old drawing with this one...
I think the main difference is the hair:
Now it seems more ruffled and texturedry and fluffable.
Before it was... Stoic-ish and posed-ish? Hard to describe.

Though, I think I like the expression from way back when a little more.
That said, both expressions have their charms.
Now it seems softer? Back then, it seemed enthusiastic.
I think they go well with their respective timestamps.

((heck, I have updated this description like 6 times so far going back and forth comparing them lmao))


My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil, Alys Pavais. 
My 0.7mm Pentel P207 Mechanical Pencil, Mei Pavais.
An eraser given to me by artist A. Tran.
A Tran's Color Pencils.
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December 20, 2016
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