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~Vocaloid Rana~ by Chalysane ~Vocaloid Rana~ by Chalysane
I finished this on the 18th of October. Here I am posting it about five months later.
I think J-ko liked the drawing, so that makes me happy.
I know I messed up, tho. You can see it all over the drawing.
The legs are unproportional to the body, which is unproportional to the head. And the arms are unproportional as well.
It hurts to look at it from my end.

But I still like it. I might have regrets all over the place about how good it could be...
But I don't regret drawing it.

Honestly, I absolutely love Rana's Voice. She can sound cutesy and mature.
More people need to make music with her.
She's the best contender for my favorite Vocaloid.
I don't really have a current favorite, tho, so I think that's saying something.

The design belongs to Crypton media. But I can proudly say that I did the posing all by myself.
Even tho it sucks.

I worked on this drawing for more than two days: The duration between the scanning of the WIP to the finish point.
I'm calling it four to five days.

My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil, Alys Pavais
An eraser (of some sort, I've lost them all at this point ;-; )
Color Pencils (I borrowed A. Tran's pencils for this~ Only the best for my friends x3)
MS Paint (I fixed the mouth: I had turned it into a smile at some point, but I didn't like it and couldn't change it back. I reverted it back to the WIP version. It was my biggest regret.)

oh gods I forgot to edit out my signature.
Agatechlo Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Hi Chalysane.  I think this is really nice.  BTW we miss you in the Vocaloid Hangout on Plug.  Lots of changes to the site, but fortunately it's still free XD   Well I hope you're doing well either way, & looking forward to seeing more of your works here!
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