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~Topped with Strawberries~ (Letter to a friend) by Chalysane ~Topped with Strawberries~ (Letter to a friend) by Chalysane

Blueberry-Cherry Pie, topped with strawberries~
I don't actually know what that would taste like, but it seems sweet.
And delicious =q=

This was created as based off the designs conceptualized in the Pastries image:
I commissioned A. Tran to create a non-Chibi version of the drawing.
I then made this drawing basing off of that.

To date, this is perhaps one of my best creations (technically my own creation).
Since then, I have made one sketch of a pair of characters that I call "13 and 4T",
(Perhaps I'll upload that next.)
As well as one derivative work of something artist A. Tran did.
(She's my favorite artists, have I said this yet?)

Admittedly, though, I had originally intended for this drawing to fill in where I couldn't think of anything else to say.
It ended up being, as stated, one of my best ever pieces.
I kept the message of the letter in the picture because I felt it added to the charm.
On the other hand, I removed the signature before sincerely because names and identities.
(Perhaps you can see the copy/pastes that I did.)

May it be noted that I did not draw it directly on the letter at first.
First, I drew it on another sheet of paper.
Then I used a technique I discovered that I call "Graphite Pressing".
Basically, drawing something darkly with pencil, flipping the page over,
Putting a clean sheet of paper underneath it, then pressing down really hard on the lines.
The result is an (almost) exact copy of the original image. Except flipped.
I used a modified version of the technique to get it onto the letter in it's original form.
Specifics described in the letter if you can read my handwriting.

Tools used:

My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil 
A. Tran's color pencils (I haven't used her pencils since this.)
An eraser (Very likely a normal one. I didn't have sand at the time.)
MS Paint (To hide the signature thingy)

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February 24, 2014
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