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Mei (Always Human Art Contest Submission, WIP) by Chalysane Mei (Always Human Art Contest Submission, WIP) by Chalysane
This is a work-in-progress image of an already completed piece: the completed piece is here:…

Assuming you stayed for the description, which is primarily what these wip things are gonna be for...

Thanks for staying, we goin story-time now.
As I was working on this piece, I was experimenting with a lot of different things. Primarily anatomy, though I was also messing with colors.
By the time I had gotten to the point where I wanted to begin testing out the colors, I already had a general idea of what I wanted.
But, up until that point, the mainstay of this piece was an attempt at trying to get anatomy right. Kinda right, anyway.
And, also, I wanted to reuse and try and remaster a really old design from an old drawing I helped work on. This is that old drawing:…
At this point, it's probably seven years old now. can't exactly count all that well.

The original drawing was of a girl. Mei is a boy. Genetically, anyway.
Mei identifies as human.
Always Human.

Anyway, as you can see in the drawing above, I drew his figure through the dress in the wip. This was so that I could correctly anatomy. Kinda, anyway.
I also wanted to see how the dress would accentuate his figure before I hid it behind the fabric.
That stated, the dress hugs him closest around his waist because of the band.
Also key figures of the old dress are the frills at the bottom and the two small bow accessories: one at the hip, one as a hairclip.
Also, now that I double-check the old dress, it isn't nearly as long as I made it here.
... Eh, Mei wouldn't mind the extra length. He takes a liking to long flowing things when it comes to this.
If he wanted something as short as in the original, he'd prolly just use a skirt.
this one is more of a sundress, honestly. But each has their own cutenesses, the old dress and this remaster of it.

As for Mei himself... He was conceptualized for a story inspired by Sword Art and Log Horizon. Not a fanfic tho.
That stated, as of yet, he's only debuted in another science fiction story that revolved around people colonizing other planets.
While this story specifically revolves around his sister, with Mei being more of a side-character, I still love Mei as he is in the story.

To me, this is the definitive characterization of Mei and I'll describe him as he is in there:

He's passive, first and foremost. He likes hot chocolate, lighter and sweet with more milk, as opposed to his sister, who likes it heavier with chocolate.
He most commonly wears clothes such as sweaters and pants, clothes that cover more. This is because they're warm and comfortable.
However, most often on the weekends, he will wear more so beautiful or cuter clothes, so to speak. Especially if going to the mall with his sister.

He likes playing DnD, one of the games they play when he goes to the mall. He ended up inviting his sister to play as well.
His character is a rogue. As opposed to thievery and stealth, his character tends towards the thoughtful and strategic.
I mean, this isn't necessarily bad for a Rogue, but his stat rollouts would've had him as a better sorcerer: His best stat is wisdom.

His expressions tend toward the soft, and he has difficulty expressing stronger emotions.
He was intending on becoming a psychologist, but, in support of his sister (and slightly because of how influential she is on him) he followed her into Pioneering.
Like his sister, and many other patients who have undergone neurological rollbacks, he has an exceptional amount of intellectual ability.
If his sister were said to be in love with writing, Mei could be said to be in love with cuteness (lmao, i don't got another word for this, he loves adorable things)
Though, it could also be said that he's in love with people: To quote an anime, he is a strong believer of "Faith in humanity's potential": he loves humanity.
He also shares his sister's desire to travel the stars.

Of course, if he were in Always Human, Mei would be far more vibrant, so to speak. Beautifully vibrant.
I think that he would love dancing. Specifically the spinning part of it. And he would love spinning others and being spun himself.
He would most love being spun, tho. And the way his clothes float up on the air as he does so. That exhilarating feeling as he puts trust in the hand he holds:
Letting go of the trouble of thinking or worrying, and just having fun as his spins. Both his mouth and eyes drawn into such a happy smile...

I'd want to be him while dancing~

My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil, Alys Pavais. 
My 0.7mm Pentel P207 Mechanical Pencil, Mei Pavais. (oh yeah, his original original concept came from this pencil. oh well, I'll tell this story another day maybe xD)
An eraser given to me by artist A. Tran.
A Tran's Color Pencils.

(((hmmm, did I take Pavais from Mei and his sister, or was it the other way around....? i guess the world will never knowwww lmao))
((also, excuse my writing of Pavais all over the place. I haven't actually signatured with Pavais until recently, and I'm trying to practice))

(okay, so, apparently, titles have a character limit. makes sense, yes, but I just now discovered it.)
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September 30, 2016
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