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~Easter!~ by Chalysane ~Easter!~ by Chalysane
So once upon a time, it was Easter in 2014. Also, I don't remember the exact day Easter is.
Moving on, I don't normally take on competitions with much vigor. Nevermind ones that require physical effort.
The competition this time around was an Easter Egg hunt.
The Competitors? Everyone invited to the mini-Easter Egg Hunt at my friends house. Including me, apparently.
I didn't try the first round, and I got one egg. I was completely satisfied.

My friends weren't. They told me I actually had to try. And so Artist A. Tran offered a prize if I were to get X eggs.
I accepted. And went overboard: I got 2X eggs.
I jokingly said that I should get twice the prizes. (I actually wasn't expecting a prize. I mean, why get a prize for being told to have fun?)
A. Tran gave me two Easter themed drawings. They are adorable.
This drawing is based off of one of them.

As you can see, she added a background to her original drawing.
(Also, the paper which she gave it to me was blue.
I have also recently learned that the paper is actually an enlarged index card.)
As such, I did my best to add her background to my version.
I think it turned out quite well~
Except for the left side of the paper. But that's the paper's fault.
(I love the paper, I don't mind it in any way.)

I worked on this piece for one week, from April 21st to April 28th.
This is a /really/ late submission for Easter.
Happy Easter regardless~

My 0.5mm Pentel P205 Mechanical Pencil, Alys Pavais. (I take back what I said earlier. I'll do both.)
An eraser, probably sand. (It's been months, I don't remember.)
Color Pencils (Still the non-professional kind, but I'm feeling the difference between my pencil's and A. Tran's color pencils.)
MS Paint (To hide my signature thingy and to preserve A. Tran's privacy; Edits visible/present to the right at the top and bottom)
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September 12, 2014
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