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Dragon Princess AURA

Decided to work a bit in the idea that was im my head for quite awile: Redesing all my dragon chars. They are my oldest chars, then ones I created first. :)

I been working mostly on Aura, the Dragon Princess.

originally she wasnt bipedal [link] (none of my dragons were), much later on I made her more like an anthro char [link]

Worked some more on her and this is how she looks now. Im liking this lot more. what do u think?
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andwhyisit's avatar
Can I have permission to colour this and one of your other Aura pics?
lizerag2179's avatar
kawaiicherub's avatar
She'z just so cute! :love:
eliteangelofdeath's avatar
looks very good! i like how the wings are just floating parts. it adds a mystical feel to her. :thumbsup:
Professor-Lysander's avatar
Neat, a feathered serpent! What colors are you planning to give her?
Snowy-Prower's avatar
I am such of a fan of your art. Looks great I love the wings and the figure the desgin is great keep it up ^^
NotHereAnyMor's avatar
WOW simply gorgeous
SomeDustyOldRoad's avatar
Beauty doesn't half begin to describe this. Wonderful work!!!
PineappleYoshi's avatar
:nod: Yeah, I admit, this does look lots better. I'm trying to redesign a few of my characters a bit too, but I doubt they'd look as good as this. x3
big-e6's avatar
I like it. Her apprearance seems to be more a divine status, because of the wings.
Celestial-Alexiel's avatar
She looks great =D

Hope to see this coloured! :salute:
LightningRyu's avatar
Her face doesnt seem very draconic but besides that i love her design!
ElGatto's avatar
Awww, she's so kawaii Chalosan. ^__^ I love all your artwork. Especially the dragon girls. Keep them coming, and keep up the good work. You're awesome! =D
hope-n-forever's avatar
I adore your details with this one!! I also like the way you did those wings!!
PyronIlexNevoma's avatar
o o; It's vewweh nice.

xD Doesn't help that I have a dragonic character myself who can only reproduce with those of dragon kin. He would want her the muchly.
Otakonn's avatar
Es muy guapa ^^
Me gusta el pelo y las alas, buen trabajo ^__^
avencri's avatar
En cuanto a diseño, me gusta mucho esta version, aunque habia algo en la cara o expresion de la segunda que hiciste que extraño, aunque no sabria decirte que es. -_-
ChaloDillo's avatar
De seguro era su mirada altiva de monarca, haha.

pero me gusta mas un poco menos seria :)
avencri's avatar
Cierto, tenia cierta majestuosidad.
Jiayi's avatar
Wow! That's so awesome! The pose seems a little plain, but it's still cool! ;)
DARKNESS411's avatar
now u see, this is why i wish kawaii was real (not for the naked-ness)......( if thats even a word)
Venomfan18's avatar
Holy. Crap. Winnngsss!!! @.@
Dadward's avatar
Wow, really nice drawing.
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