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AtHP Bedroom Antics

Mrs. AMP by ChaloDillo  Warrior Tyla by ChaloDillo  Panda Express by ChaloDillo  Maty Photo by ChaloDillo  Loree for Jaeh by ChaloDillo  Kiki Clan Power by ChaloDillo 

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MrAMP's avatar

GAH! That's so cute.

I'm finding you in almost every comment section 😂

MarseT's avatar

oh how sweetly naive

alemendoza94's avatar

She’s so adorable

Percolator21's avatar

Bless Taffy Innocence ! The first one who break it will have a talk with Mister Shovel !^^

That'd be Taffy's major B of a mom. Chalo did a short back story a while ago for Taffy and we found out a few things.

Chaosticket's avatar

Monster Compendium? It that a nickname for those Faux-Monster Manuals?

loopoloopi's avatar

Uh, Taffy? I don't think that's what they mean by bedroom anti-.....Ya know what never mind.

Pax-Chi's avatar

So sweet and wholesome.

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