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st4rm4st3r's avatar

wow, that went from Hallmark to BattleTech REAL damn quick lol

alternatively: that went from Princess Bride to Game of Thrones REAL damn quick

Soulslayer317's avatar

What happened to the hamsters?

Huh. I always thought she was a red panda for some reason.

MrAMP's avatar slightly sexy.

Wirlog's avatar

I wish we could learn even more about the primes in the future, that story line looks very interesting

ARTgazer12's avatar

Someone called her a hamster? Im sorry for the poor souls that did that

Cecil475's avatar
CaseyDecker's avatar

I'm not gonna lie, Ambar is absolutely lovely and beautiful for a bear, and I would definitely not call her a hamster if she's able to do something unpleasant to those who do. ;)

Mary had a little lamb...


LazyIcon I wanna use - 8 FLOWEY

LARS777's avatar

That's a bit of an overreaction,i must say XP

DruidicWanderer's avatar

Let this be a message:

They only called her a Hamster once.... ONCE!

alemendoza94's avatar

I’m a little turned on with her threatening look

aqdrobert's avatar

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] pokemon gif Pancham Optimus Prime icon

Hamster Prime. Panda Prime. Optimus Prime.

PixelHead777's avatar

Hey ma'am do hamster primes exist

What do hamster primes look like so we know why you don't look like one cuz frame of reference doesn't exist for us ma'am

ma'am do not murder people over lack of frame of reference

Shirogitsune's avatar

Love it. There is a trope in anime where some character that have 'kitsune no me' (fox eyes) are friendly and 'normal' but when there eyes are 'open' and you can see them, shits about to hit the fan and/or they suddenly show their true power / capability for violence. An example being Xellos from The Slayers:

MviluUatusun's avatar

That description reminds me of Vixy from "A Tale of Tails". In the years since she made her first appearance, we've never seen her eyes.

Why did I feel fear around me?

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