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Lately I've been pondering something: Why is it so difficult to let go sometimes? There are times in one's life where a situation presents itself and you wonder how it came to this point and how you weren't able to see it coming - sometimes even despite the fact that hints of it had been blatantly scattered around you for longer than you can recall (or is it denial?). It's something I've had to deal with for a few weeks, and I wish I had an answer to it.
Friends sometimes go separate ways and there's nothing you can do about it. It may at times wear you down, but, nevertheless, you mustn't lose hope. It is >their< choice and you can't force someone into doing what you think is right. Acceptance is key, but respect, however, is a different thing, altogether.
This is an experience most people will have at some point in life. The important thing to remember is that you did your best, and that while you must accept their decision, you are not obliged to respect it.
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