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Mermaid Sona

By chalii
Deep blue sea Sona
in LOL
some one who have low score
call it Deep Sea
i think it is good motivation
she is like mermaid lose her voice

+ 28 aug 2014 update!
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this is very beautiful!!!
Wanderer619's avatar
DEATH-OF-LUNA-14's avatar
its should be called siren sona!
DJSonaKinetic's avatar
A siren sings, not by playing an instrument...
Heimpi's avatar
I wish this skin was real... It would be my favourite <3
Really nice work!!
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love that boobsHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Amazing work! Sona's one of my main champions and I love mermaids. Seeing this really made my day. :)
Don-29's avatar
wow., great!! so many good artist here that might give inspiration.. hehe., ;)... including this artwork! :)
hunnyflash's avatar
oh I'd buy this.
syntic's avatar
Goooosh, Riot needs to put this into the gaaaame. It's perfect. <3
Hey, may i have permission to make a custom skin of this? I'll give you credit for the great idea.

artdog22's avatar
Wow. Beautiful work. :D
UncannyFam's avatar
This is lovely! You must try asking the makers of lol to have this as a skin. x3
JewelMaiden's avatar
wow how gorgeous
Serafin-Adamana's avatar
Just wanted to ask if this guy [link] asked for permission
619ver1's avatar
Love the idea and the analogy with the little mermaid story is a great idea :3
Melika1991's avatar
P-K0's avatar
Saw this one here [link]
Just thought you should know 'n'
doodoodoodler123's avatar
My favorite champion :la:
Anemoritos's avatar
I loooooove this work. First because my favorite color is blue. But also the dress, her design! Everything about this is amazing! *V*
Totally fav! <3
littlemiss-princess's avatar
aaaa this is so kawaii!! I love her instrument~

all my approval
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