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Andrew! Andrew! Come look at this, it’s a pretty cool room too, right!?” Atsuko ‘Akko’ Kagari waved a slender arm enthusiastically through one of the many doorways in Luna Nova Academy. Luna Nova was a school for aspiring witches, and while Akko wasn’t exactly the shining example of a witch from a societal point of view, she’d certainly left her mark over the course of her first year.

You know, Akko, I’m almost certain you said that about the last classroom as well.” With a dejected sigh a young man wandered into the room after his tour guide, giving Akko a gentle shove to get her through the door. He’d agreed to come see the school before their final exams began simply to entertain her, but he hadn’t been expecting the world’s most mind-numbing classroom tour. He had plenty to do as a student and the Viscount of Appleton, if Akko really wanted to fulfill the promise of the ‘best tour of Luna Nova ever held!’ she really had some work to do.

Immediately after he’d pushed the smaller brunette into the classroom she’d run up to the front by the room and began scribbling on the chalkboard, completely oblivious to an object behind the teacher’s desk covered by a black sheet. “You know Andrew I don’t get the feeling you’re really having fun!” She continued doodling, reaching up as high as she could with her tiptoes to put the finishing touches on a giant smilie face.

Resting a hand on his hip, Andrew Hanbridge let forth a dejected sigh. “This just isn’t what I had in mind when you offered to show me around. This is a school for witches, right? Every other time I’ve been here I’ve been shown, well… more than classrooms.” As he spoke he wandered over to the black blanket that hung over something nearly twice his size. In his mind he thought: if whatever was behind this blanket was truly that important it wouldn’t be hiding in a classroom. And so looking to spice up the tour a little, he yanked it off with a single pull to reveal his own reflection. The blanket had been concealing a giant mirror that looked to have been fashioned from the entire trunk of a tree, complete with branches sticking out of the sides.

Had Akko bothered turning around to look at Andrew before she spoke she might have had the common sense to reconsider what she said next (she probably wouldn’t have), but her face still to the blackboard she could only speak ignorantly. “If you thought more like me you wouldn’t think this is boring. This is my home! I love everything about Luna Nova!” Andrew could only give a snarky glance back at the girl, but looking away from the mirror for but a second was enough time for his reflection to behave a little strangely. For just a moment it flickered, replaced by the reflection of the girl behind him.

Well it’s a shame I’m not you, isn’t it? Unlike you I’ve got plenty to worry about as a Viscount.” Plenty of boring, boring work. If only he could frolic around like a witch every day, maybe his life would be a little more interesting?

Having finally pulled herself away from the chalkboard, Akko raised a brow at the uncovered mirror. “How did that get uncovered? We should probably cover it back up before something bad happens.” It was only natural that Akko knew of the mirror’s nature, she’d fallen victim to it once. She’d never forget the short time she’d spent in Diana Cavendish’s image - mostly because she’d gotten into so much trouble. She practically skipped over and gestured to Andrew to take one side of the blanket while she took the other, and within moments it was covered up again.

Andrew could only wonder if he’d done something wrong by uncovering it in the first place. Not one to shy away from his own mistakes, he went to speak an apology but found that no sound would come from his mouth. He stood there for a moment, trying to choke out at least a word, Atsuko looking dumbfounded as she tried to figure out what he was doing. “Uh… Andrew? Something wrong?” He could only nod furiously before pointing at his throat.

Unbeknownst to him it was all according to plan. Not his plan, nor Akko’s, but rather the mischievous nature of the mirror that had placed him unknowingly under a spell. It was a simple spell that was eating at his physical existence. He, of course, didn’t notice as the fingers on his hands began to slim and shorten. His nails were usually kept trim and proper as his presentation as a Viscount was of the utmost important, but they’d instead distorted to become unkempt and frayed, like the nails of a child that often played using their hands without a single care in the word for how they looked after.

Since she was trying to figure out what was wrong with Andrew’s voice, Akko hadn’t quite noticed everything that was happening in regards to his height. Andrew was a young man that wasn’t much older than the sixteen year old Atsuko, but he had about five to six inches of height compared to her. Normally. With each passing moment that gap shrunk.

Um!” Still thinking on the man’s loss of voice, a million spells ran through Akko’s mind. There had to be something that could help with this, right? “Ennor Fiendennor!” Waving her wand, she recited a spell she’d heard Diana use to once dispel a curse, thinking that was what this was. The only problem was this: Akko wasn’t a great witch. She had things she was good at, but when it came to spells she’d never practiced they almost always had a chance of going awry.

At the very least the ‘returning something to its normal state’ aspect of the spell’s effect had remained in tact. “Akko?” Andrew was finally able to speak again, but ultimately made a few more noises in an attempt to clear his throat as it sounded… wrong. It was too high. Closer to the voice of the girl in front of him than his own. “Great, you did something weird to me again didn’t you?

What!? No! Or, well… not intentionally?” Not that it was ever intentional. “H-Hey, Andrew? Were your eyes always that colour?” She stepped up to him very quickly, the fact that she was eye level with him still not registering as she stared into his confused eyes. “They’re usually blue, right? They’re red now.

Now at the point it becomes imperative to explain the two spells that had been cast and the effects they were having on poor Andrew. The mirror had registered the boy’s discontent with Akko and, looking to give him some perspective, had placed a spell on him to give him the girl’s form much like Akko had been given Diana’s in the past. But Akko had cast a spell to dispel a curse that both didn’t exist, and was casted incorrectly. The magic she casted was seeking to ‘return Andrew to his normal state’, which thanks to the mirror’s spell was not that of Andrew Hanbridge.


You can see where this is going.


Andrew was doing his best to remain composed as Akko got in his face and pointed out his eyes were a different colour. He tried to remain calm in the face of magic of the likes he couldn’t understand. And yet while he would be able to usual do just that even in such bizarre circumstances, a burst of panic was articulated with a “What did you do, Akko!?”. Even Akko herself blinked in surprise, not used to so much raw emotion escaping his lips. “I… I mean, you can fix it, right?” He caught himself. What was that?

While Andrew had shrunk, his body had otherwise remained relatively normal aside from his hands until now. His clothes had been shrinking along with him, helping to preserve his ignorance, but it became more difficult to ignore the physical changes as they began to affect the looseness of her attire. Beneath the blue legs of his pants his muscle mass was slowly being shredded away, leg hair thinning and for the most part disappearing all together as the skin softened.

Akko was only sixteen and wasn’t exactly a shapely young women, yet as his thighs lost their usual muscle mass they did plump in slight, giving him the legs of a fair young lady. Shoes clamped down painlessly on his feet as his toes fell victim to the spell as well.

Hey! Is something wrong with my legs!?” The Viscount spat his question out without any reservation, his mental capacity to withhold speaking his thoughts eroding more and more with every passing moment. He reached down to pull his pant legs up and yet found he couldn’t as the material from his pants and shoes had merged at the seams. Yet like a snake the material around his thighs began to slink down and expose his soft upper legs, giving him the tall boots of the Luna Nova uniform on his legs.

Small and unfamiliar hands ran up and down the thighs energetically, feeling just how soft them were as he looked to Akko and then back at his legs. “Um… Andrew?” Akko had an idea what was happening now, and it was becoming more apparent in his face. While Andrew was a European, his facial features were seeming more and more Asian. His nose shrunk, his lips became smaller yet poutier, and while his eyes seemed bigger and brighter they had taken on a distinctly Japanese shape. The shape of Akko’s own.

But Andrew didn’t reply. “Andrew?” She repeated it.

It took the victim a moment to realize his name was being spoken to him if only because he was disassociating from his own name. “Oh, uh, yeah!” The reserved confidence Andrew usually spoke with was basically gone now, replaced with an energetic uncertainty as he pulled his eyes up to look at who was speaking. Akko was so lucky. She was able to attend Luna Nova as a witch, living her life doing something she really loved. He really loved magic too! So he was a little jealous. There was nothing magical about politics.

His upper body was next to change as toned abs were absorbed by the ever-growing softness that was quickly consuming his entire form. The changes from his hands crept up his arms and shrunk his shoulders, his stomach pinching inwards with slight as he looked more and more like a girl that was slowly blossoming. And finally his chest grew, just enough to suggest that he truly was a girl.


And the final biological change occurred painlessly to make it official.


Her jacket shifted as the bottom puffed out to take the form of a skirt as the sleeves grew puffy and a red belt found itself around her waste. Beneath, an undershirt became a blouse that was rather unkempt due to her absence of willingness to put on her uniform properly.

The real Akko felt flabbergasted for a moment. Andrew was basically gone now, a girl before him in his place with her entire appearance aside from the hair. This was wrong. This was completely wrong! She reached out to touch him to make sure it was all real, and yet the thought washed away as she suddenly found herself putting a witch’s hat identical to her own upon the new girl’s head.

Beneath the hat her hair grew and kept growing until it was halfway down her back. Bangs followed suit, ultimately swept to the left. But the most drastic changes happened to her mind.

Why was she jealous of Akko? She went to school at Luna Nova as well! Stuffy things like being a Viscount? That was the kind of stuff Andrew did, why was she thinking about them? After all, why would she be jealous of herself?

HUH!? Did I split myself in two!?” The Akko that had witnessed the whole transformation had become an accomplice in ignorance to it happening at all as her spell had also made things ‘normal’ with her own mind. Memories of Andrew visiting had all but vanished, instead she’d suddenly perceived the events as ‘casting a spell to clone herself’.

Looks like it! This isn’t really a bad thing though, is it?

Nah, I guess not. I mean! You could go to class and I could take a nap!

Only if we switch for the period after!


Hand in hand the two Akkos ran out of the classroom towards the dorms. They’d have to explain what had happened to Sucy and Lotte, but as long as it wasn’t dangerous they wouldn’t mind.


Request for DancingSpartan!

Andrew gets a little more than he bargained for after Akko invites him on a tour of Luna Nova. A little Little Witch Academia piece.
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Many, many thanks! I love how this turned out. Keep up the good work~ ^_^
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