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Hall by chaldeachange

Every year Halloween was an eventful time at Chaldea. The Servants always threw various parties, some private and others open to drop-ins, and considering the bunker
’s many rooms and halls it was a welcome use of space that otherwise stood stagnant. But it had already been a few days since the festival’s end. Candy had been consumed, good cheer had been tucked away, and many looked toward the next big holiday: Christmas.

Or, well, most did. There were still the poor few tasked with making sure that all of the previous decorations had been tucked away as not to inconvenience anyone. One such individual was the Heroic Spirit, EMIYA. An Archer of mysterious background whom could often be found cooking for other Servants. Truth be told, he hadn’t volunteered for the position as much as Holmes had assigned it to him after witnessing him help clean up the kitchen. The tanned young man supposed cleaning was nothing he should really pride himself in, though bringing order to an unruly venue did bring him a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Rin’s manor had been such a mess back then, come to think of it.

A yellow bin of brushes, chemicals, and cloths in hand, he pushed open the entrance to a room that was usually used by the Einzbern Servants. Those that were delicately connected to him through circumstance he couldn’t fathom. A Caster that bore the Dress of Heaven, and two young girls. He knew them all by name, of course, but it was dangerous to associate himself with them too deeply.

It would only bring everyone involved pain.

EMIYA certainly looked out of place with that bin around his arm as he flicked on the room’s light with a click. It was usually a small room used for meetings between Chaldea’s lower staff, but tables had been shuffled around with treats thrown about, various costume pieces and plushies on the floor, hanging from the backs of chairs…

Hmph. I suppose they’re just young girls in the end.” Regardless of their similarities to a girl he’d once known, they were more children than she had been. Still, the elder Einzbern should have made sure to clean up after they were done. It was Chaldea’s policy after all, and that woman was at least a little responsible. He could have understood had they just left one or two things laying around, but it almost looked like they’d just up and disappeared.

He made quick work taking down the streamers danging from the ceiling. His red jacket strewn over a small couch nestled in the room’s corner, tanned skin of his ample muscles shone under the light above him as he tugged multicoloured paper from the cracks within ceiling panels they had been so crudely stuck in. Clearly the children had been put in charge of setting up.

When Archer was finished, a pile of streamers sat neatly beside the couch as he moved to his next job: picking up the clothes. Any number of festive garments had been spread around, the three girls no doubt having spent the eve showing off different costumes to one another… Or, no. Perhaps Irisviel had dressed them up against their will? It wasn’t really relevant to him in the end, he supposed, and pushed the thought aside.

A healthy stack of folded laundry began to take shape on the left cushion of the couch. Capes, skirts, socks, even undergarments (much to his concealed embarrassment). There seemed to be no end to them, and even when he’d thought he collected them all he spotted one more.

What looked to be a decorative, gold and purple brassiere nestled in the crack behind the couch. It seemed to match a set of thigh highed boots, sleeves, and panties that he’d fished out earlier and added to the pile, and for half a moment he almost prayed no one had adorned them in a family setting like these.

They hadn’t, he’d find out shortly.

The moment EMIYA’s hand made contact with the brassiere he felt like his hand had just been taken by a firm handshake, forcing him to rip it out from behind the couch. The brassiere dangled there, clearly having wrapped itself around his arm. A trap? A curse? What good would enchanting a bra do however? He shook her arm in attempt to slip it off but was forced to resort to trying to yank it as it seemingly attempted to pull itself further up his arm, wriggling like a snake or worm all the while. The more he attempted to pull, the more it seemed to climb.

Perhaps in response to the brassiere’s plight, the pile of clothes on the couch began to rustle before the rest of the outfit slipped out as if alive, wriggling to EMIYA’s feet before beginning to snake up his legs as well. Purple boots slid snugly up up his legs until they touched his upper thighs, his usual clothes shredding and disappearing into nothing as they lifted off his form in the wake of the new attire taking its place.

The brassiere had already forced its way around his bulging pectorals, sleeves that had slipped up from below realigning themselves across bare arms. The panties, too, had settled around his dick and connected to the brassiere with purple and orange straps, his bulge only barely contained by a pair of underwear with a heard shaped cutout right where his white pubes rested. Everything else of his old attire had disappeared.

...!?” Thinking to shout for help, embarrassing as this was, he couldn’t find his voice? He wanted to shout, but at the same time it was as if something was telling his brain not to. The next logical step was to physically find aid, and so he ran for the door. But he was held back by an unusual pinching sensation at two parallel points above his ass on his lower back. He tried to push away from what felt like was an invisible force clenching him from those two points, but a loud tearing noise filled the air when he was finally able to pull free along with a dizzying feeling of pain as he fell to the ground in a stupor.

Laying on his belly on the could ground of the room, he reached back to try and check for any wounds that might have accompanied that pain and instead found him grasping onto something. There were two of them, and even touching their base was enough to send a shiver of pleasure down his spine. He looked back in a panic as his fingers trailed along the length of the new attachments, and EMIYA was shocked to find two purple, batlike wings protruding from his lower back. From just touching them alone, his dick had become rock hard against the undergarments that had taken his pelvis siege, and it poked up out of the heart-shaped slit against the cold ground.

He had to find help.

Pushing aside his own arousal he planted palms against the floor as he moved to push himself upright again, though as he did so he noticed something peculiar. His fingernails had become well manicured, and his bones seemed to crackle as the fingers themselves twitched and become more dainty right before his very eyes. His palms themselves soon followed suit and, unaccustomed to how soft his skin now was on his palms, he slipped on the floor and faceplanted without a scream; because he still couldn’t.

It was then that another pain erupted from his lower back, this time directly above his rock hard ass cheeks. A tiny arrow poked out of where his tailbone should have been. Purple in color, it quickly elongated and slipped beneath his outer thigh so that it could wrap itself around EMIYA’s hard dick and begin to tease it.

It wasn’t as if EMIYA had sworn off sexual activity, but it had been a very long time since he’d last pleased himself. But this was different. Not only could he feel himself being pleasured as the wrapped tail moved up and down his member, but he could also feel the dick beneath his own tail. Unable to do anything else he merely rolled onto his back. He felt like he was going to explode, and yet relief never came.

All the meanwhile his form had continued to alter. With a painful crack that went unnoticed his shoulders began to slim inwards as his Adam’s apple was consumed, leaving a smooth neck beneath his chin. Pectorals that had been forged over a long lifetime of training and self-discipline began to wane at a quickening pace as his torso grew more waif-ish with every passing moment. Another crack or two sounded as his stomach pinched inward and muscle was kneaded away in favor of soft fat that left him looking smooth and tender.

Even the tail seemed to have difficulty continuing its task of seeing to its owners erection as tanned flesh around his thigh began to plumpen beneath its wrap. Firm from running and squatting, they soon filled out with a light jiggle as the tail was forced to unravel and reach right over top of EMIYA’s panting form to finish its job. But its job was not to let him release. With every stroke that member seemed to grow smaller and smaller.

EMIYA himself, unsure of what was happening but lost in a pleasure he could not describe, was nonetheless unaware of all that was happening to him. He did not take notice of white hair that, if he was upright, would have met his shoulder and continued to grow. Though because he was laying down it merely pooled behind him.

His lower body was suddenly lifted, in slight, off of the ground as his ass took a heart shape while more and more soft flesh accumulated around it. Thighs popped as the panties became better fitting on the side, child-bearing hips now apparent as a new sensation took claim of the Archer.

Something was… inside of him? His tail? The arrowhead of the tail had begun to probe inside him with no dick left to stroke, even his balls having been consumed by the new lips that had opened between his legs. This was finally enough to get him to sit up, and he was not long after smacked in the side of the face by snow-white hair that tumbled into his lap at the same time. His hand reached down and yanked the tail from the crevice, its tip moistened with internal fluids as it slipped behind him.

He still couldn’t speak. He still couldn’t scream.

But he did lurch. A sudden throbbing underneath his erect nipples turned into a full force pulsation as, where once had been firm muscle, flesh seemed to push fresh breasts out in rhythm with the rapid beating of his heart. They were tiny and first, but by the time he’d managed to bring his tanned hands up to touch them they’d already grown beyond his grasp, having become heavy yet bound by the cursed brassiere. He managed to get to his feet just in time to catch the final changes in the mirror behind the room entrance. Lips plumpened as his eyes became round and his cheeks softened. His face no longer resembled a Japanese man even in the slightest, instead taking on that of a Western woman. One he recognized.

Aside from his skin and eye color, he looked exactly like her. Irisviel. In a sexy outfit nonetheless.

Thinking the transformation complete, he reached for the door handle. Upon doing so an electric shock ran through his body and two golden, curved horns erupted from the back of his skull and pointed to the front. But the door opened!

Emiri by chaldeachange

He ran out. He had to find Master! It was clear something had happened to Iri and the girls as well, if something this dangerous had been in the room! But turning to head to his Master’s quarters he was suddenly halted. Irisviel stood before him in the exact same getup. “Fufu. It seems it worked after all. Using those two girls to turn someone into a clone? Well it only made sense, they had the same origin as me.

EMIYA was confused but alarmed. That was her voice, but it was too nefarious. Had she been possessed? Was this a trap from another Servant? But before he had a chance to try and ask the homunculus had already pressed a manicured hand up against the brassiere and into his soft bosom, illiciting a gasp - the first noise he’d been able to make since the transformation had begun. Her other hand brushed against the panties and slid down his smooth thigh as she pushed him gently against the wall.

He had to resist, he should resist. And yet as he looked into her red eyes he found himself incapable of looking away.

How do they feel? Illya and Kuroe I mean? Perhaps it was a little crude turning them into a cursed Halloween costume, but at least you siblings will always be together from now on, hm?” She leaned in and breathed hot breath against EMIYA’s neck.

Illya and Kuroe… were the costume? Then around his bosom, around his vagina, were…

But Irisviel’s tail slipped into his newly formed slit before he could protest this bizarre and, if true, cruel proclamation.

Fufufu… It seems you have the body of a succubus like me, but your thoughts are still those of a man. It’s okay, we feed by having sex and this Chaldea is the perfect place to dine. But I thought it would be a little boring to be the only one affected by this cursed costume.” She tugged her own brassiere strap, which send a ripple through her own right breast as it came down. “So I used those children to make another.

He felt a warm tongue suddenly lap up sweat on his neck.

But if your mind stays that way it won’t be very fun, so… Fufu… this might hurt just a tad.” She opened her mouth to expose a pair of fangs, which bit down painfully on EMIYA’s neck. Eyes went wide and his whole body went hot. He could feel something probing his mind, threatening to take away the individuality he’d held his entire life.

He was…

She was…

A name. EMIYA was no name for a beautiful succubus. Perhaps a name like the beautiful woman before her. She couldn’t think of one as she stood there in a trance, the heat concentrating on her breasts and loins as she felt a hunger stir. She wanted to ride. To be mounted. To mount. To move her flesh against that of another. Because that was how she lived, how she ate. As a succubus, that was the way she was to live.

A name came to her.

Illyasviel.” She would take the name of the girl that had been transformed into her brassiere, and thinking of this an idle hand rubbed against both it and the nipple beneath its embrace. “Follower of the succubus Irisviel. I am Illyasviel.”

Very good. I like that name!” Bringing her tongue up from the bite wound to ‘Illyasviel’s lips, she mounted a passionate kiss as her hand cupped Illyasviel’s own to tease her breast, knee pushed up between the new Illya’s tanned legs.

Now let’s go surprise Master, shall we?

A little bit later than promised but here's the 'Halloween' story! Though it does take place a little after Halloween. Honestly this took me longer because of the CE edit I wanted to do so hopefully that adds a little more of a visual flair to it all?
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