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Old Map Brush Set I

Made in PS7
*Please credit after downloading
© 2006 - 2021 chalchiuhtlicue
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Thank you very much for your wonderful work.

Great brushes. Thanks!

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This looks amazing. I wish it was still available T_T

fantastic! thank you!:D

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Thanks, just exploring....
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The detailing is exquisite.  Beautiful work.
Thanks my map is gonna be marvelous with your brushes
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they are beautiful! thank you for sharing
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These look amazing. Can I publish a map made from this brush set, with credit to you of course?
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how many brushes and what kinds are here?
Thanks a lot!! I love you!
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You are so welcome ! :D
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Thank you so much for your wonderful stock used here : [link] ! :)
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But please tell me, do you have some brushes for drawing canyons?
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These are beautiful. I used them here - [link]
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I probably won't be posting anything involving these brushes on dA (or anywhere else), because I'm using them for a map for my current Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Just thought I'd comment to thank you for the use of them. I'll let my players know where I got the excellent brushes. :)
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well the point is that they're useful :) so thank you
i love rpg
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