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Teaching at the pink beach



I SWEAR, never in my life have I sat longer on a digital picture, and I don't even like the result that much xD Still can't draw backgrounds and habe no clue how to shade but hopefully I'll learn it some day!

Yuuchan belongs to me
Elenie belongs to pupdol and me
Storyteller belongs to Fucal 
That one guy whos name I can't find belongs to Shangry-Ia (sorry xD)
Tami belongs to Finding-The-Key 
Echo belongs to Arolitic (love that kami btw!)
Hikari belongs to DarkRainbowDragon
Helle belongs to 3DAri
Tallulah belongs to R-e-q-u-i-em

Kamishibas belong to Mad-Izoku 

You can add your here kamishiba to this toyhouse image if you want to!
I hope yall like it! (or at least not hate it not too much, lol, I really tried getting everyones markings right but still didn't do my best job I fear)
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This is so beautiful!! I love how all the colours of the children go together with each other and the background so well <3
Thank you so much for including my little girl ;u;