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Storm Awakening wants?

Storm Awakening wants?

I've been busy/distracted lately, so I decided to post something: The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games had a lot of awakenings, but some were sadly left out. Is there any you would've liked to have? I found it quite odd how Awakenings weren't selectable like Jutsus & Ultimates, considering how many some characters have the potential for (and there were quite a few removed ones sadly) Here's some random ideas I thought of (Note: Some of these could be alternate Awakenings): Choji - Super Expansion Jutsu (returning) Rock Lee (any) - Drunken Fist Kiba (any) - Twin Headed Wolf Shisui - Susanoo (returning) Jiraiya - Gamabunta Orochimaru - White Snake form, Eight Branches Kabuto (Snake Cloak) - White Snake form, Manda 2 Kabuto - Manda (Orochimaru has too many potential awakenings, so I gave Manda to Kabuto) Suigetsu - Torrent Water Transformation (weird he's not playable here, he's got an interesting playable version in one of the mobile games) Jugo - Curse Mark Level

Shinobi Striker Faces

Shinobi Striker Faces

I recently managed to get my hands on a modded version of Umodel that has the ability to export shape keys (but they export as separate psk files for each shape key). Using this, I managed to get Shinobi Striker's faces at last! (but still having trouble with Static Meshes). When I tried to join the shape keys to the base face, some of them oddly didn't work due to being literally only a few vertices off (if even that). Anyway, I decided why not put the PSKs here for anyone who wants them? Included in the link is separate zip files for the normal faces, as well as the bandaged & masked faces, as well as all the current textures for eyes & facepaint. I'm not sure how to apply the face paint to the models without extensive editing though. You can import them into Blender with the right addon.

20th Anniversary Boruto Arc + what-if interactions

20th Anniversary Boruto Arc + what-if interactions

So next month there's going to be a new Boruto Arc, where Boruto meets his father during Part 1....... This should be quite interesting to see, but I hope there's going to be more of the New Generation than just Boruto going back. Sarada seeing how dorky the Hokage was & how different her mom was, Metal training with Rock & Guy, Chocho eating with Choji, Shikadai playing Shogi with Shikamaru, Boruto & Himawari meeting their uncle Neji, Wasabi arguing with Kiba over Cats vs Dogs (I know they're not related, but still), etc. Mitsuki would probably be observing the people he knows in the present day to be honest, and he might be wa

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Is there a possibility to see these models in your gallery? I mean zetsu obito since the others are already available.

https:// /a/oiYDhiF

(To see the full address delete the two blank space)

I've already read you won't accept request aww.

Btw good stuff :)))

ChakraWarrior2012Hobbyist Digital Artist

TBH, I want to focus more on making new models rather than ripping existing ones that are easily obtainable.

To be honest, one of the reasons why I posted that ripping guide in the first place was partially to quell the requests, but it can be really helpful for anyone who wants to try their hand at ripping whatever model they want from the games.

Here's my guide if you want to check it out.

I've also got a list of character codes in the guide to make whatever you're looking for easier to find.

Though it's not too helpful with stages as the guide is character-focused. The boss folders aren't really fully documented either, but nearly every character in the games you might want to look for are listed.

A really full and kind answer, thank you. Btw it doesn't matter, I was asking this because I don't have wifi connection anymore, I just can count on 4 gb of my LTE connection every month and I'm not able to get the iso of storm 4 unluckily. Time ago I had an old account here with some similar works of yours with DBZ and others on XPS, but I had to left and right now I was just looking for this model since I liked to get it only later and convert it in xnalara. I know how better is to make new models and not to steal it from some folder, but I doubt I could make something better than original with my actual skills and time. Anyway really thanks for the answer pal :)

WOLFBLADE111Hobbyist General Artist
Question? Any chance of porting Danzo from NSUNS3 Full Burst? Just curious cause it'd be cool to have his model around.
ChakraWarrior2012Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, I don't take requests.
WOLFBLADE111Hobbyist General Artist
I was just wondering if you'll port him someday. I was NOT requesting you port him.
Sheesh you ask one simple question and people automatically think you're requesting something.
ChakraWarrior2012Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry if I offended you. I've seen a lot of requests in the past, including a few people that have attempted to disguise their requests with wording like this, so it's hard for me to tell sometimes.

To be honest, I'm not sure when or if I plan on porting Danzo.
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