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Fanfiction: Chapter 1 - That New Girl (Saito's POV)

Waking up that morning for school was not only torturous, it was down right painful. Training didn't go well at all yesterday and there was this aching shot of soreness coursing into my spine and my shoulder blades every time I moved. This was not going to work well with me running track today, I could tell.

I got out of bed, crippled and slow, barely managing my way down the stairs and to the kitchen. I found Sora there cooking something up. "Morning Sora."

"Morning Saito. Sleep well?"

I buried my face into my arms on the counter, "No... not at all."

She turned her face towards my direction, but didn't take her eyes off what she was cooking, "Oh? Why's that?"

I groaned, shrugging away what she said, "Nothing really, just some serious training yesterday. I most likely wasn't well loosened up..."

Sora let out a quiet chuckle, "What do you take me for? One of those girls at school you try so hard to impress?"

This time she looked up at me. She turned off the burner before doing so. I gulped, "Uh... No?"

She sighed before walking to me on the other side of the counter, "Look," She placed a hand on my jet black hair, swiping it out of my face, "You don't always have to hide stuff from me, you know. You don't always have to strike as the tough, 'I can take care of myself" type."

I looked up at her, frowning, "I am not trying to 'strike' as the tough, 'I can take care of myself' type. That's just how I am. And I can take care of myself."

She grinned, "Yeah, that coming from the person who can't even settle for his own job."

I groaned, "It wasn't my fault the manager had a phobia for sharp things and electricity. How was I supposed to know that?" I crossed my arms in irritation.

Sora laughed, "I'm only teasing Saito. Don't take it seriously," She turned back to the food sitting on the stove and transferred it to a plate, setting the pan into the sink, "Here. Eat up, and I want you ready for school before Ken wakes up."

I shivered. Oh crap. If Ken woke up while I was still home... Ugh, I'd rather not talk about it. I ate up my pancakes and eggs before running over to my room and getting dressed for school. When I was finished, I took a quick glance in the mirror. Nothing better than a white button up shirt, red tie, and black pants to motivate you for an up coming day of school. I rushed over to my bathroom, searching for my brush. I couldn't ignore the sight of bed head and I had to take care of it.

I knelled down to open the cabinet door, finding my brush sticking out of a basket. I pulled it out, brushing out my knots. After feeling satisfied with how I looked, I ran out of my room, down the stairs, and to the door, "See you later Sora! I'm heading off!"

I slipped on my shoes and left out the door.


With my hands stuffed in my pockets, I walked onto the campus of school grounds. I spotted a couple of my friends waving over at me to come over. Taking my cue, I walked to them, stopping in front of Zero and Mai. "Hey, man. What's up?" I motioned towards Zero.

Zero punches me on my shoulder, "Dude! Did you hear? There's this cute new girl joining our school tomorrow." A mischievous grin forming on his face.

I stared at him for a long second before blinking and shaking my head, "Uh... no."

I swatted his hand away before eyeing Mai, who was shaking her head yet smiling at Zero's fail attempt in acting cool about this whole "new student" crap, "Mai, what's he talking about?"

Mai laughed, turning her attention on me, sighing, "He said he over heard a few average kids gossiping about a new girl joining school tomorrow, but I'm surprised he'd even hang around the average." She directed a questioning smirk over to Zero who was practically swimming in his own drool.

I took a cautious step back, not wanting any of his spit to touch my shoes, and shrugged, "Eh, what can you say? He's got a thing for average chicks."

Mai laughed and Zero snapped out of his fantasizing, wiping frantically at his mouth, "Hey! That is not true! I only have an eye for the popular sexy women!"

I nearly snorted at the sound of him trying to swallow back the on coming rivers of drool that were tempting to pour out of his mouth. Mai placed her fists on her hips, "Yeah, that coming from a perv who was eavesdropping by the girls rest room."

Zero gasped, resting a hand over his heart a little over dramatically, "Are my ears deceiving me? How could you say such foolish things to someone as I? Why, I'd never do something like that-."

"You always do that, Zero." I butted in, thinking this was the best time as any to join in the fun of making fun of Zero.

Zero flinched back at my, apparently, unexpected comment, "You too?"

Mai smirked, sharing a friendly glance my way. I smirked back at her before straightening out my mouth to a line as I went to look at Zero, "Dude, I doubt you could last 5 minutes without listening to girls unzipping their pants."

Zero's cheeks began to burn a light pink, as he opened his mouth to protest, "T-that's not true! I could prove it to you! I can last just over 5 minutes without listening to girls..."

"Ew, gross!" Mai bounced back as Zero began to drool again.

I leaned over in Mai's direction, cupping my mouth with one hand so she could hear me better, "Remind me to get 10 bucks off of him before lunch."

Mai smiled, "Sure thing."

With that, I started my way past them and into the school. I didn't have much to do, but I was bound to find something before the first bell rang. My first class was Physic's, but even I wouldn't mind stalling a bit before class started. I'm pretty bright; I might even enjoy some of my classes, but I've only ever loved my Gym classes.

"Yo, get out of my way, dork!" I over heard a voice near some lockers.


As you can imagine so, this school is broken down into 3 groups. The popular kids, the average kids, and the nerds/dorks. For some reason, a bunch of popular kids and a bit of the average think that it's "cool" to pick on the nerds. I never liked to pick on people; I was practically their protector. I never really helped them for their sake, it was mainly because I just never liked the idea in the first place.

I walked toward the sound of voices trying to out win each other. A small crowd began to form around the two who were the stars of the show. Akio.... poor dude. A boy with red, with this strange 'short in the back' but 'chin length bangs' hairstyle going on, covered one eye with his bangs.

He struck me as the very lonely type, but he seemed to like it that way. Akio never talked to anyone, he kept to himself, but if someone tried to interacted with him, he'd either ignore them, or ask why their talking to him. In my book, he's a bit depressing, but you have to hand it to the guy for minding his own business.

By the time I started squeezing through the crowd, everyone made a way for me to pass without effort. I walked to the center of attention and sent a death glare at the average kid attempting to punch holes in Akio's face, "What are you doing?"

The average kids' eyes were already on me by the time I got there, but he didn't have much to say or do except stare dumbfounded, "U-uh... nothing. This dork was just-."

I raised up a hand, "Okay, excuse me. I guess I hadn't really made myself clear," I dropped my hand slowly, my eyes darkening by the second, "I don't think I asked what the 'dork' did. What. Are. You. Doing."

With nothing more to say, the average kid clamped his mouth shut. I let air escape through my clenched teeth, clearly out of patients, "I'd advice you to leave him alone," I flicked my head over to Akio, "Or else you'll become the victim of this silly charade."

The crowd of people looked back from me to the bully, wondering what might happen next. The kid gave me a shaky nod before eyeing Akio, then walking away. Slowly everyone began to scatter through the halls, even Akio acted as though nothing happened and turned to walk away. I sighed, "You alright, Akio?"

He stopped at the sound of his name. He turned his head back to me, stared me down for just a second before turning back around and walking away.

I furrowed an eyebrow, but it wasn't long before I turned and went my own way. My locker was a few yards away, so I decided to make a quick visit to it and grab my Physic's book. As I turned my lock around, I could hear a couple girls giggling amongst themselves, obviously finding something amusing.

"Isn't he?"

"Yeah, even while he just stands there, he still looks cute doing it."

I scowled mentally.

Way to ruin my day girls. For whatever reason, a bunch of girls, starting from the popular to the average, they always seemed to like hitting on me, and when they thought "it was the right time", they tried getting me to ask them out. I don't know what it is I do to get them to like me, but whatever I'm doing, it really grabs the girl's attentions.

There was even a time where a girl from the dork category tried inviting me to her house to do our homework together; her excuse was because she was thankful for me being there to help her out when a couple bullies tried to harass her. It's not that I minded going to a dork's house and actually spend time with her or anything, but I knew she was doing it because she must have had a crush on me, and I didn't want to give her the wrong idea in accepting her offer.

"Haha, he's just so dreamy."

"Oh, that reminds me, you heard about that new girl right?"

"Yeah. What about her?"

That's when I found myself listening in. Zero must have really gotten to me with that whole "there's a 'cute' new girl joining our school tomorrow" act.

"Well, I heard that she is actually very shy when it comes to new people. You think she'll wind up as a dork?"

"Hm, I don't know. I mean, even really shy people can stand as an average student, right?"

Was I still listening to them? Even after I settled on the fact that Zero was just getting to my head? I tried opening my locker and rummage around for my book to distract myself.


"Hey, but I hear she's very cute. If she's got the looks, she might just get a bunch of guys chasing her down. That'll bump her up a lot on the popularity list."

"Yeah, probably. But lets say she doesn't get the boys chasing her down. What then?"

"I'm not really sure. She'll have to fend for herself then, I guess."

GAH! I bonked my head against my still opened locker door. I'm still listening to them talking! What was wrong with me, I shouldn't care whether this girl becomes popular or not. It's just one new girl. There are a bunch of new students coming in once a month every year! Why does this girl have to be so special?

".... is he alright?"

"I think he hit his head against his locker door... Ow."

"You think he slipped?"

Oh, wonderful. Just embarrass myself in front of girls, that's fine. Ruin my reputation as we know it.

I slowly lifted my head away from the locker door, snatched my book, and slammed the door shut. Pretending I saw something behind me, I turned and stared over the two girls' heads. In my peripheral, I could see them both staring at me with red faces, probably thinking I was going to look at them.

I blinked once before coolly looking over to my right, stuffing my hands in my pockets with my book tucked under an arm, and walking away. I could feel their eyes on me, but I'm used to having eyes stick to me like glue.

I turned around the corner, letting out an uncomfortable sigh. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if they were just giggling and staring... but me making a fool of myself and them seeing it, that could only set rumors stating I was being uncool for randomly hitting my head against a locker door.

I rubbed my forehead with both my index and middle fingers, then stepped into my Physics class, hoping for a better day to follow this sucky morning.


"You have no idea how bad my day has been." I buried my face into my crossed arms resting on our table in the lunch room.

Mai reached over to pet my back, "Hey, it can't be that bad. What's troubling you?"

I mentally cringed at the sound of the word "troubling". Nothing ever usually "troubled" me, because I've always handled things on my own. To save myself from more sympathy, I casually sat up and shook her hand off my back, "Nothing's troubling me," She didn't know how much of an understatement that was, "I'm just getting tired of girls staring at me and whispering to their friends on how "cute" I am, yet I can hear every word they're saying. Do they do that on purpose?"

Zero was looking in another direction, staring out deeper into the cafeteria, "Who do what on purpose?"

Mai glared at him, "Nobodies talking to you, Zero."

Zero didn't acknowledge to his own name, instead he continued to stare around, "Who....?"

I gave him a look before turning back to Mai, who was shrugging, "I don't know. I'm not like those girls. You do have a likable personality, but I'm not sure others would agree since you rarely show your friendly side to strangers."

I managed a small grin. I couldn't let this bother me. This morning, all I've been hearing was how this new girl was pretty, or cute, or shy. Some dork ended up saying she was dedicated. What would they know? Unless they've seen her before, how could they know such things? I was just about ready to yank my hair out at the intensity of what everyone was saying.

I just had to play it cool for the rest of today, and then I'll be at home, away from all this gossip.

"So," Mai began, "Zero wasn't lying about that new girl earlier."

I nearly fell back in my chair from the unexpected frustration. Zero's head popped up and turned to face her, "Really? You're going to admit I was right about something?"

A smug little grin was aching to form on his lips, everyone could tell, but Mai frowned, ready to shut him down any minute, "I didn't admit anything. All I said was that the things you said about the girl weren't lies. I heard plenty of gossip in my classes. You were there Saito, so you heard them too, right?"

I buried my head back into my arms on the table, "... Yeah."

Even with my friends I couldn't escape from the gossip about this new girl. I still didn't know why I was so bothered by it. I didn't even know the girl, so I couldn't just hate her based on meaningless words said by people at school, but for whatever reason, everyone talking about her has gotten me on edge.

I will get past this stupid gossip problem by the end of the day, or else I'll become a mad man when I reach home... but seeing as how I can't escape it, I'll become the one with the problems.


"Tatsumaki, quicken your pace!" Coach Roga called far ahead of me.

My head snapped up at the sound of my last name being called. I hadn't been focusing at all ever since after lunch. Now, all I ever heard around school was about that freaking new girl! I had to somehow distract myself before something really went wrong with me.

I quickened my pace; running faster and faster by the second. Soon I was running my full speed, racing past everyone, leaving them far behind. I was the fastest there was, though sometimes I didn't bother wasting my stamina. But... under certain circumstances, I could always make an exception.

I could hear some of the boy’s running track mumble something to one another, "Why does Tatsumaki have to show off?"

I groaned under my breath as I inhaled again; I forced myself to run faster before I could hear anyone else say anything... I only failed, "Quit complaining. It's your own fault if you can't run that fast."

I almost tripped at the sound of some boy standing up for me. Reaching up to the turn, I turned my head slightly to see who it was.

"Hey, dork! Nobody asked you!" The boy who was apparently the one who didn't like me turned back to a boy that I couldn't see too well. He was right behind the guys' friend.

"I don't think you had to. But if I were you, I'd shut up before Mr. Speedy up ahead hears you."

I stopped in my tracks, waiting for them to catch up to me. Anger built up inside me, but I wasn't about to let it escape me this time. Nobody likes being disrespected.... but I couldn't let them bully this poor dork... could I?

"Yeah, right! Like if he could do anything about it! You should shu before you're shutten up by my-."

"Leave him alone..." I said slowly and full of anger.

The boys skitted to a stop; the one that stood up for me still couldn't be seen. He was standing right behind the first two boys..... but he was kind of short. The first boy, the "bully", was clearly shaking, but he didn't let that stop his mouth from talking, "W-what are you going to do about it?"

I stuck my face close to his, "I'd advice you not talk bad about people or be rude to 'dorks', because one day, you might drop so low. You might become a dork, and will get picked on everyday at school, just because you hold that name."

The boy's eyes widened, "H-how would you k-know about something like that?"

I shook my head, as I backed away from him, "Because nobody in this school started off being popular," I then turned and started running again.

Wow, that really cleared my head. I took another turn, ready to finish this lap and be done with running track. As I ran some more, I could see Mai and the other girls stretching together. She must have sensed my eyes on her, because it wasn't even a second before she looked up and made eye contact with me. She smiled and waved.

I smirked back before looking forward again and running pasted the starters line. I gradually slowed down, until I stopped completely and took deep controlled breaths. My coach walked up to me, "Hey, good stamina, Tatsumaki... but you need to stay focused. You lost it in the beginning of class."

I nodded my head, "Yes, coach."

Something in my coach's eyes changed, "Now... is everything alright?"

I looked up at him. I didn't bother showing it, but I was a bit confused, "Yes, sir."

The look never vanished from his face, but he then waved his hand, dismissing me, "Alright. Go and do what you want."

I nodded my head, before turning and jogging over to the closet filled with a bunch of outdoor supplies. I opened it finding hula-hoops, bats, baseballs, gloves, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, tennis rackets, jump rope, and Frisbees. I grabbed hold of a baseball and a glove when I heard footsteps behind me, "Can I join you?"

I turned with a grin on my face, "Sure.'

Mai beamed, reaching pasted me for a glove. We spread out a couple yards away and began tossing the ball around. I threw the ball at her; she caught it and threw it back. We were silent for a while, only the sound of small chatter of people and the smack of my glove catching her ball could be heard... then Mai cleared her throat, "I know you might be busy today, but do you want to hang out after school today," I threw the ball back, "I plan on inviting Zero." She caught it and threw it.

I caught the ball she threw at me, "I don't know. I'll have to check in with Ken."

I threw the ball back to Mai, "Oh," She caught it, "Well, if you can't make it, that's fine too," She passed the ball back to me.

Catching it, I lowered my arm with the glove, "I'm not saying I'm ditching you guys."

"I know, but I'm just saying that if you can't make it, it's okay, I've always got Zero." Her smile never left her face.

I slowly gripped the ball into my hand, then tossed it over to her, "I don't think Zero would be good enough company."

She laughed, "Yeah, I know," She caught the ball, "But something's better than nothing, right?"

I managed a grin before exhaling, "Yeah."

"Oh, hey, " She tossed back the ball, "I heard the new girl is very smart. She's going to be put in all the math related classes- Saito!"

The ball smacked me in the face. I wasn't paying any attention to the ball, only the words that were coming out of Mai's mouth. She was talking about that new girl again... I slowly placed a hand over my nose; it was very very sore.

Mai ran up to me, examining my nose. She sucked in air in between her teeth, "Ooh, Saito, I got you pretty good. Are you okay?"

I was about to reply when I felt liquid slip between my fingers and over my lips, Mai gasped, "Gah, you're bleeding! I'm so sorry!"

I sighed, wiping at the blood and pinching my nose to stop the bleeding, "I'm fine, Mai, I was just a little distracted. That's all."

Mai stared at my bloody nose, her hands hesitating, not sure if to touch it, or to leave me be, "Y-you don't usually get distracted-."

I backed my head away from her hand just barely, "I'm fine Mai. I'm human too, you know."

She stared  second longer before placing her outstretched hand on my arm, "I'll be right back. Don't move." She ran off towards my coach.

I did what I was told and stayed put until Mai came back with a few tissues, "Come on, I'm taking you to the nurse."

She handed me the tissues and started pulling me over to the doors to the school, "I could just walk over there myself. I know where it is."

Mai turned to look at me, "I know you do, but I'm taking you there anyway."

I sighed, but didn't argue any further. We both walked down the hall in silence as I pressed the tissue to my nose. We were down the hall and taking a right, by the time I was on my second tissue. The first one was completely soaked with blood, practically dripping with it, and the one I was using now was nearly dripping too.

As I switched to my last tissue, we made it to the door to the nurse's office. Mai opened it and walked in. I followed. I looked around the room, but no one was around. Mai observed the room before turning back to me, "The nurse isn't here. I'll go look around. Just sit down and wait."

I groaned, "Mai, I'm fine. It's just a nosebleed. Nothing to serious-."

"I don't care." She sent me a worried look before turning around and walking into another room.

Ugh. If I wasn't so bothered by this new girl, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have gotten hit, and we would've still been playing catch with one another...

I looked down at the ground, somehow feeling a bit guilty for making Mai worry so much. Then I heard a door open, "Hey, look, Mai-." I looked up to find a girl staring at me from the entrance door.

It was that same girl that I mentioned before who wanted me to come over so we could do our homework together. The dork I helped. I forgot her name. What was it? "Oh," She began, then her face grew worried, "What happened to your nose?"

I wasn't paying much attention. What was her freaking name?! "Tatsumaki, do you need help mending it? The nurse isn't here, but I was called down here to take over while she was away." She was already searching through cabinets.

Fory?... No. It started with a T, I know that much....

She pulled out a bottle and cotton pads, just as she turned, I spotted a name tag, but only her last name was written on it. Komoku

"Here, let me see how bad it is," She pulled my hand away from my nose to inspect it, "Yeah, you were hit pretty bad. What happened?"

Okay, so Komoku.... but 'what' Komoku? Tari Komoku? Terri Komoku?... no-, "Tatsumaki?"

"Yeah?" My head jerked up to find the girl looking down at me with her big light blue eyes.

"What happened? How'd you get this?" She took one of the cotton pads and started opening the bottle of what seemed to be hydrogen peroxide.

I stood as still has I could be, "Uh... I was playing catch with one of my friends, but I got distracted and got hit in the nose with the baseball."

She placed the pad onto the top of the lip of the bottle and did quick, half-second pours, "That sounds very painful. Does it hurt?"

She put the bottle down and dabbed at my nostrils, "Not really. I didn't feel much-... Ow!"

She backed away frightened,  "I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?"

Pain suddenly burst through my nose. It felt like you were being punched with fist with spikes for knuckles. Talk about late reaction, "N-no... It just wasn't until now my nose reacted to the pain." Mai sure had a mean throw.

The girl sighed, "Oh... Okay," She slowly came closer and began dabbing at my nostrils again.

I still didn't remember her name... this was going to be very embarrassing, "I'm sorry, but I forgot your name... what was it again?"

Her expression didn't seem to change. There wasn't a smile, but there wasn't a frown either, "Tory. Tory Komoku."

"Oh, that's right," I knew it started with a T, "Thanks Tory... for uh... helping me out."

She smiled, "Sure-."

"Hey, Saito, I can't find-." Mai walked in, frozen.

I lifted a hand, "Hey, Mai. Tory here's taking over for the nurse."

Mai stared for a while longer before slowly walking over, "Oh... isn't that nice."

Something in her tone of voice sounded so... upset. I didn't know what exactly it was, but I knew something was wrong. Something in Tory went cold. She looked scared, but didn't move away from me. She finished wiping away all the blood, then moved to another cabinet for something else.

With Tory's back turned, Mai gave me a look. I gave her a quizzical look before shrugging at her. She pointed an extended arm at Tory, putting it down just as quickly. I glanced over to her, before looking back to Mai. I mouthed, "What about her?"

Mai mouthed back, "What is a dork doing taking care of you?"

Tory turned back around with this tape looking object in her hands. She tore a piece off and stuck it around the bridge of my nose, "There. Hope you get better soon." She grabbed the bottle and cotton pads and returned them into the cabinets.

I eyed Mai, before nodding to Tory, "Yeah, thanks again for the help."

I walked out of the nurse’s office with Mai right behind me, "I can't believe you just let that slide."

I turned around, irritation fuming off me, "Let what slide? Letting Tory help me with my bloody nose that you gave me?"

She made a face, "Letting a dork touch you. You are the most popular boy in school and you're letting the most 'unpopular' girl touch you-."

"Really? You're bringing this up?"

"Bringing what up?"

"This stupid popularity thing! I didn't ask to be the most popular boy in school, everyone here," I pointed an index finger to the ground of the school, "Chose that for me! Tory is just like us. A human being! She's not some unknown disease that anyone can catch once you've made contact with it!"

Mai's jaw dropped slightly. I was so angry. I knew she lived by the popularity list, but I didn't think she'd actually treat the unpopular kids as though they were under her. She wasn't royalty; she should know that, "Saito... being popular doesn't mean to be nice to the ones below you, or to treat them as equals so you can receive kindness back from them-."

"Actually," I interrupted, clearly not interested in this conversation anymore, "That's exactly what it means. I'll see you tomorrow." I turned back around and stormed out of the school.

School was only one period away from being over, but I wasn't planning on staying another hour. I was pissed off and I wanted to go home.


I slammed the front door to my house shut behind me. Sora's voice came from deeper inside, "Saito, you home already? School doesn't usually end until 2:02."

"They released early, " I called back as I slipped off my shoes and climbed up the stairs.

I went straight into my room and closed the door behind me. Sighing deeply, I took off the tie around my neck and tossed it onto my desk off to the side, and collapsed on my bed. Sora opened the door behind me, "They released early? Saito, I know for sure that didn't happen. Why are you home?"

"They released me early." My head hung from the other side of my bed, facing away from my door.

"Saito," She spat my name fiercely, "Why are you home?"

"I broke my nose! Leave me alone!" I yelled back.

"Broke your nose," Sora asked, she sounded a bit dazed.

I didn't say anything. I pulled at a lose thread on my blanket that was spread across my bed to distract myself from turning around; I knew I'd find a shocked Sora staring at me, and I didn't want that.


"Just leave me alone," I said bluntly, "Please."

Without a word, I heard Sora's footsteps leaving my room and closing the door behind her.

I crawled up into a ball. I wasn't ready for tomorrow. I didn't want to show up at school, just to avoid Mai. I knew she'd try to ignore me, but I wasn't ready to lose a friend. I didn't want Zero to get suspicious of us and ask what was wrong, or what happened. I especially wasn't ready for that new girl to show up. I was already a nervous wreck at school from all that gossip. If I acted that way about the things people said, how would I act if I saw her in person?

All this drama was getting to my head, but that somehow didn't pervent me from slowly falling asleep. As I was being sucked away into my dreams, I could feel tomorrow already nagging at me. I saw Mai hating me, Zero confused, and the new girl.... that new girl making me crazy. What was so special about her? What was it about her that made me want to rip my hair out? Why did it feel that, all of a sudden, my world was starting to revolve around her?

What was it about that new girl?