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Much Needed Encouragement
She couldn't help but be mesmerized by his boldness.  He never paid attention.  He was always talking.  And yet, somehow this annoying brat still seemed to be near the top of his class at the Academy.  
"Nara...," she heard him whisper.   When there was no response, he whispered a little louder.  "Nara..."  She looked at the boy with the ponytail that sat in front of him.  No reaction.  "Nara!"
"Do you mind, Boruto Uzumaki?" Aburame-sensei turned away from the board to look squarely at the blonde source of his irritation.  
"Wha - huh?" Boruto exclaimed.  Giggles could be heard.  He seemed absolutely clueless that his antics were actually causing a disruption to the class.
Aburame-sensei sighed.  "I was just about at the end of the lecture anyway."  He stepped away from the board and returned to his desk at the front of the class.  He started to rifle through a few papers.  
She continued to watch Boruto, w
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Wind and Fire Chapter 14
Jento could see that he Black Ant-like puppet was now starting to open.   This was his chance.  His strategy to get to Kanoshi not through force, but through intelligence and dialogue had apparently worked.  
Jento continued to put up a front even while the opening in the puppet was still not large enough for him to fit through.  
“One last thing,” Kanoshi started.  “Will you join me in this fight against your comrades?”  
“Fight those three?  Of course!” Jento replied, still pretending that he had been turned.
“Wonderful.  They are sure to be digging around my puppet shop even now.  I’m so irritated that they are probably in there,” Kanohsi said.  He was facing away from Jento, but he eventually turned to face him.  “Now - ”
And with that, he stopped short.  His hands instinctively grabbed his stomach.  He noticed a liquid redness now spreading into his cl
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Wind and Fire Chapter 13
Kanoshi let both arms fall to his sides, presumably dropping his chakra strings.  He closed his eyes and put his hands together to presumably begin his next attack.  
“It’s not a puppet!” shouted Kankuro.  Kankuro sent Sasori towards Kanoshi.  One of the doors on Sasori’s body opened, but before anyone knew it, there was a loud boom that hit right beside Sakura.  Whatever it was, the wall next to her came crumbling down.  Where the wall had been now stood a gigantic statue (or could it have been some sort of puppet).  Whatever it was, it wasn’t moving now so its purpose must have been to do what it just did….push the stone wall down on someone.  
Sakura’s three teammates instinctively ran towards her.  They converged on where she was (she was still visible, even with some rubble on top of her).  
“Jento, keep an eye on Kanoshi.  Make sure he doesn’t attack us while we’re h
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Wind and Fire Chapter 12
The room in which Sai was located was very dark.  Kankuro called out to Sakura and Jento and before long, all three shinobi were in the room, flashlights on, trying to free Sai from his bonds.  He had been tied with very thick rope and had a blindfold over his eyes.  
“What on earth happened to you?” Jento asked Sai.
“We should get out of this room,” was the only thing Sai said in response.  “I find it very strange that something was left behind that I could kick around and make noise to signal you with.  We still don’t know what he’s up to.”
Kankuro’s flashlight moved around and eventually spotted a small metal tea kettle not far from Sai’s foot.
“Then why did you have us come here?” Kankuro asked.  
Sai paused.  “I guess that’s a good point, but it was my best strategy at the time.  He casually mentioned he would be had to be in the village for an appointment at
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Wind and Fire Chapter 11
The next day, the four shinobi were getting ready to commence with their duties.  Sai was dressed like a villager, as usual.  The other three were in their usual shinobi garb since they were no longer trying to blend in or not be seen.  
“I’m leaving,” Sai said as he was about to walk out the door.  In general, they did not leave together.  Sai was not heading to the exact same spot as the other three anyway and they couldn’t risk being seen together around that house at all.  
“Where to today?” Sakura asked.
“There is a large downed tree on the west side of the house in that small wooded area.  I think I’ll sit there for the day,” said Sai.
“Sounds good.  Be safe out there.  We’ll be about 15 minutes behind you,” Sakura said.  
“Can you hear me?” Sai asked once he was outside, making sure one-way radio communication was still working.  
Sakura knoc
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Wind and Fire Chapter 10
Occurring at the same time Sai is near the field sketching….

Sakura, Kankuro and Jento were bored for most of the day.  Yes, they kept their eyes peeled for anything unusual.  Sakura, of course, had radio contact with Sai so if anything were to happen at his end, she would immediately know.  So, as you would guess, random conversations would pop up now and again to break the silence.  Some were more boring than others, but at least it kept the time moving along.  There really wasn’t anything for them to do other than monitor if Kanoshi would show up again.
“So how is it having Naruto as the Hokage,” Kankuro asked Sakura.  
“It’s different….and yet again, at the same time, it’s not.  I’ve been around him so long that even the slight changes he’s made since taking over from Lady Tsunade haven’t been too difficult to adjust to,” said Sakura.  
“I think I know what
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Wind and Fire Chapter 9
The entire mission had been like a roller coaster…one moment the team was up and hopeful that success was right around the corner…the next, full of doubt.  A few days in their new situation had passed and still nothing had come to fruition.  Sakura and Kankuro had both found jobs in the small village and were quickly learning not only the names and information that their co-workers could provide, but also things about some of the customers who were constantly coming through.  
Sai got the good end of the deal.  There was no work involved for him.  He simply meandered through the forest near the house in question keeping tabs on anything unusual…and there hadn’t been much.  So he drew…and drew some more.  
Things came to a head once again one evening when all of the shinobi were back inside their homebase once again.  
“Did you hear anything?” Kankuro asked Sakura.
“I’m afraid not…an
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Wind and Fire Chapter 8
Kankuro's internal clock was nearly foolproof.  Despite the new sleeping circumstances, he woke up right on cue between two and three in the morning.  He lifted his arms above his head and yawned while he stretched.
He turned quickly to see what had made the sound.  The panic he felt for a split second quickly subsided as he once again realized his exact circumstances....that there was another shinobi in the bed with him.  
I've got to get going, he thought to himself.  Sai had, after all, graciously offered to take the first shift even after the long trek from the Leaf to get here.
He dressed in his villager's garb and made his way out the door.   If anyone had accidentally seen him, he would have looked just as normal as any other person.  The only strange thing that might catch someone's attention if he was seen was the current time of day.  After all, there weren't too many people - villagers or not - out at this time of night.
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Wind and Fire Chapter 7
The four shinobi - two from the Leaf and two from the Sand - left Konoha the next morning.  They were completely prepared for the mission and had plenty of rest, food, and weapons to get started.  Sakura was right in that the trip did take approximately 6 hours....well, actually it was closer to 7 because the team did take their time to have lunch in the forest on the way.
Kankuro was appointed the official lead with Sakura as his back-up.  He also took the lead in the cross-formation they used when jumping from tree to tree most of the way to the village.  Right before they reached their destination, the forest ended.  The four shinobi dropped out of the trees and stopped to regroup for the last, short trek to the village itself.
"You all know what to do, right?" Kankuro said.
Three shinboi nodded in return.  Sakura walked behind one of the larger trees while the three men remained standing there.
"You, too, Jento," said Kankuro, prodding the young shinob
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Wind and Fire Chapter 6
Sakura, Kankuro and Jento were the first ones to arrive in the meeting room the next morning.  
"Hello," said a dark-haired, pale shinobi as he entered the room.  He held up his hand and smiled a genuine smile.
Sakura was talking with Jento at the time.  She spun around when she heard Sai's voice.  "Good morning," she greeted him.
"Have you been briefed at all about the mission yet?" Kankuro asked.
"I'm afraid not," Sai replied.  "I didn't get home until late and didn't get the message about this meeting and the mission it was about until then.  Otherwise, I would have tried to find out a little more before coming here this morning."
"Don't worry about it, Sai.  I'm sure they are fine giving you all the details this morning," said Sakura.
"But - ," said Sai.  He was a little put off wasting other people's time just so he could be brought up to speed.  
"I didn't get a chance to request you as part of the team until yesterday's initial meetin
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Wind and Fire Chapter 5
The joint Sand-Leaf meeting to discuss what to do about the dangerous new puppet master who was flaunting his desire to be just like Sasori commenced just after lunch.  They used a small room down the hallway from the Hokage's office  instead of the office itself just so they would not be interrupted frequently.  Inside the room was Naruto, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Tsunade, Sakura, Kankuro and Jento.  
After the mandatory pleasantries were completely taken care of, the meeting began with a serious tone.
"Here is a file with all the  information we have about this puppet master who now resides in the western Land of Fire," noted Kakashi, pushing a small stack of papers in a folder across the table to Kankuro.  Kankuro picked up the folder and opened it as Kakashi continued to speak.
"From what we can tell, this individual has been living in his home in this same small village for the past 11 years.  He seems to be alone - there has been no family to speak o
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Wind and Fire Chapter 4
Kankuro's eyes flickered open.  He never slept well on nights before missions.  He had been doing this sort of work for nearly 10 years now and he was beginning to accept this as something that would never change about him.  He looked over at the clock.  It read 3:47am.  
Damn, he thought to himself as he lie there pondering his next move.  Go back to sleep?  Unlikely even if he tried.  It was only a minute later when he swung his legs over the side of his bed and he popped up bound to get things underway.  

At least today is only a travel day.  Even without a lot of sleep I should be alright.  

First he tackled the basics....washing his face, brushing his teeth, and getting dressed.  He then made his way to the small kitchen to get a quick bite to eat before packing and being on his way.  
The folder was left on the kitchen table last evening.  He opened it to glance at the information inside once ag
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Wind and Fire Chapter 3
Kankuro stumbled into the building where his brother's office was located.  
What was with that dream? he asked himself.  It had seemed so real and so recent, but in actuality the kidnapping, the fight with Sasori and the poisoning had happened quite a few years ago.  That event was when the Akatsuki had only started to take the tailed beasts from their jinchuriki.  Now, even the Fourth Shinobi World War was but a distant memory and most of the affected lands and villages were nearly recovered from its carnage.
He climbed the stairs to the third floor and ran into Temari in the hallway outside of Gaara's office.  
"He called for you, too?" she said to her brother when she saw him.
Kankuro grunted in the affirmative.  It wasn't a normal thing for him to be summoned to the office of the Kazekage.  
Temari noticed something was a little off with Kankuro.  After a brief silence, she asked, "Are you alright?  You look like something's both
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The Episode Meme - Blank by chakragoddess The Episode Meme - Blank :iconchakragoddess:chakragoddess 2 3 The Episode Meme - Naruto Shippuden by chakragoddess The Episode Meme - Naruto Shippuden :iconchakragoddess:chakragoddess 3 0
Wind and Fire Chapter 2
His eyes flickered open and the pain that had engulfed him for so long had finally subsided for the most part.  The last truly comfortable thought that he remembered was fighting with Sasori of the Red Sand, the rogue shinobi from Suna who had just had a hand in kidnapping his younger brother, Gaara, the Kazekage.  He remembered being told that the poison, the source of all his pain, had already been administered and there wasn't a thing he could do about it.  Everything after that was a blur.  
Now he Where am I? he asked himself before immediately recognizing his surroundings as most likely being inside a room of the Suna hospital.  He felt a brief relief wash over him only to be immediately replaced with alarm.  He had failed, so what was the current situation?
"Kankuro?" Temari  said lowly when she noticed his eyes were open.
"Temari....," Kankuro managed to utter.  He wanted to speak, but not much was coming out.  
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First of all, thanks to Blindbandit5 for my avatar. I commissioned a banner from her for my blog and this was a lovely piece of it. She does great work!

I'm mostly a fanfic writer, both here and on (there I am known as aangfan).… I try to dabble in other things, but that's just fun stuff.

I started a fanfiction group called "Fanfiction for Fans". Please join. Why? Because I tend to write on the border of T/M rating and frankly, there aren't too many places to post where that kind of work will be accepted. Also, I write in many different universes. I started with Avatar: The Last Airbender (which will always have a special place in my heart). I then wrote Dragon Ball and Bleach. And I'm sure I will branch out as I have greatly enjoyed both InuYasha and Fruits Basket manga/anime with Full Metal Alchemist underway as well.

Here are my works thus far:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
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Succession (1 chapter, complete)
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Dragon Ball
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Saying Good-Bye....Again (1 chapter, complete)
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Precious Times Together (active now)

Naruto & Naruto Shippuden
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Wind and Fire (complete)
Much Needed Encouragement (1 chapter, complete)

My Opinion on Shipping
I write this because I love romance and shipping in the fandom. I just :squee: when I read a good get-together.

I don't care what you ship. Some are weird to me....others are just ok. I have my fav's, but those who are rude and crude because someone else ships something different? You're a loser! The most important thing is that the art is good or the story is written well. PERIOD.

Current Residence: Minnesota
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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 4:54 PM
So dA is 15.  Happy Birthday dA!  With the recent changes I've noticed some of the grumbling of the artists not liking the changes.  I certainly hope some of the rumors going around aren't true because this is one of my favorite sites to visit everyday and I would hate for the dA we all know and love to go away forever.  

Anyway, here's my try at their questionnaire:

1.    How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Apparently for 5 years now.  That's what my page says!  If not for that, I wouldn't even have known that.

2.    What does your username mean?

I think I started out with "bumpthat".  I've been bumpthat in one form or another for years and years.  It's a reference to volleyball, the sport that I've always been big into.  It didn't last long here and I became "aangfan" after my first loved universe.  When my ATLA obsession spread into manga and anime in general, I wanted something a little more universal.  I used to be into yoga and spiritual things....and the term "chakra" is used in my favorite manga/anime Naruto, so chakragoddess it became.

3.    Describe yourself in three words.

Loyal, smart, independent

4.    Are you left or right handed?


5.    What was your first deviation?

The first chapter of my first fanfiction "Avatar:  The Story Continues".  September 2010.

What is your favourite type of art to create?

I wish I was good at drawing.  And even if I had the inclination to get better, I don't have that kind of time.  So I write fanfiction.  

7.    If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Ummm.....see above.  I have a tablet and photoshop and the desire to get better.  I'm just missing the time.

What was your first favourite?

I'm not entirely sure, but I'm sure it was ATLA-based.  That's what I was into when I first joined.  

9.      Wh
at type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Amazing digital art in the universes that are my favorites.

10.    Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

That's a difficult one.  I love a lot of the artists on here.  I love the "big guns", the ones who make buck off of doing this.  Sakimichan, mattiasfahlberg, and the like.  I also really enjoy a good doujinshi and love it when an artist creates a good one.  Cassy-F-E has one I'm fangirlling over right now.  

11.    If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

There is no one in particular.  I did meet an artist at a smaller con once and it was major awkward (I guess everyone isn't always suited for the face-to-face part of things).  So I'm just fine having that electronic connection.  But I would like to go to the artist alley in a bigger con and actually buy art in person.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

No, not really.  I have commissioned several pieces and they are hanging on my wall.  So I do see art that I commissioned from this site in my home everyday.  

What are your preferred tools to create art?

When I try to draw, its the good ol' tablet and photoshop.  But usually, it is just my HP laptop and Microsoft Word.

14.    Wh
at is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

I love having days in a row with nothing to do.  No one is in the house, and just sitting in my favorite blue chair in the family room creating fanfiction and listing to my favorite instumental music (no lyrics, because I can't concentrate properly).

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Creating my own group and watching it grow over the years.  Participating in NaruFest 2012 (my favorite part was the dA scavenger hunt).


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