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Pantera Północy
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It is so high here


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Second Life - Several colours of Pantera


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Pantera's bipedal reference sheet

Reference sheets

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Second Life - Several colours of Pantera

Second Life 'mixed content'

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Flash - LED lights

Flash animations

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Tutorial - podstawy animacji

Flash tutorials - MX 6.0

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It is so high here


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Warm winter sunrise

Photos and scans

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There was a bright light once inside a lantern. Light was shinning for everyone in need. Warming up their hearts, leaving them happy. Over the years strong winds caused the light to dim. But light was as persistent as possible. Better or worse, but survived. Finally, it succeeded in sheltering itself from winds. Found peace in its own cave. Thought that it could shine again as before. Even found some people it could shine again for, make them happy. But it was not the case. One strong wind suddenly entered the cave. And put the light out. Just like that. In one moment. Nowadays, lantern is without the glow and warmth. Empty shell. Getting rea


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Stereogram -stereopair- photos

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Weavesilk #2 - Fire


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Simple 'HTTP Error 301 Moved permanently' snippet

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Wisienka i Marcel -39-

Wisienka i Marcel

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Head, part 1

Cowleopard biped fursuit

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Second Life - Several colours of Pantera


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