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So I've decided to try my hand at Esks, to help me get better at backgrounds and animals and stuff. And I did a batch! Really sorry that it's poor quality, I don't own a scanner and had to take a picture. The month prompt was to use a medium or art form you're not used to, so I attempted some watercolor. I've discovered I really like watercolor and I think I'll practice that too!

And so in order:

318 owned by W001F
273 owned by Tralayn
341 owned by Owl-Beast
464 owned by SoulFullOfOld
377 owned by blueberrygoblin and of course
061 owned by colonel-strawberry

I hope I did them all justice! They are beautiful and cute and derpy:D


Shaded Illustrations: 60
Not owned Esks: 60
Monthly Prompt: 10
Personal Art: 30

Total AP: 160 (I think haha, I'll get used to point eventually.)
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colonel-strawberry's avatar
FFF that is precious!!!!! Beautiful and derpy indeed! I love how that blue mushroom turned out, all the watercolory goodnessss <33333 Ahh thanks so much for grabbing Lum for your practice! 
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I'm so so glad you like it! Lum is a super cutie and I just love their colors! If you're alright with it, I might draw them again sometime! 
W001F's avatar
Awww I love the stretching Sprout with his glowly friends ;o;!
You're watercolor is really neat! 464 and 061 are both so nicely done, this piece is amazing!
Tysm for including my tiny bean <3
chairitsu's avatar
Thank you for the comments! I'm very glad you like him! He's just the cutest darn thing, I HAD to draw him! 
Tralayn's avatar
Omg, thanks so much. Raju looks amazing in your style!x)
I love the others as well. So nice of you;D
chairitsu's avatar
Aw thank you! Raju is just so gorgeous I had to draw her! I'm glad you like it!
snoodls's avatar
awww omg thanks for practicing with xiyu! <3 your watercolors look amazing!!!! looking forward to seeing more of your esk art! 
chairitsu's avatar
I will have you know that your Xiyu is one of my absolute FAVORITES because she's just so darling and derpy! Thank you for your kind words! I will probably end up drawing her again if that's okay with you, haha!
snoodls's avatar
of course, you're always welcome to draw her!
bagellesbian's avatar
they all look awesome!! i love 464 and her body shape and the subtle coloring in her back and 377's eyes and coloring are lovely
chairitsu's avatar
Aw thank you! I'm glad for the feedback, especially on 377, I was really worried about that one. 
Owl-Beast's avatar
These came out so nice!! You should definitely keep it up with watercolor, your results are gorgeous, and I'm such a fan of your lineart! <33

chairitsu's avatar

Thanks Lady! Let's see what I can do, haha!
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