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[Pouflons] Leaving Home

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Reynard ran away from home after an argument with his parents at a relatively young age. All he had was some of his hurriedly packed belongings, a map, his beloved scarf, and Wren's general location. 

Upon arriving at an uninhabited house that was supposed to belong to his old friend Wren, Reynard panicked. It was his first time in Goldfair by himself and he just wanted to see his friend and maybe take a well needed nap. 
He decided to wonder around the general area hoping to come across his friend or at least someone who might know his location. 
Walking around, he found a well worn trail through the grass which lead to a few windbreaks trees. well worn meant regularly used! Someone might be there! Reynard ran along the path and in the distance was his friend Wren

"Damn it Wren why are you so hard to find, why are you napping under some dang trees" Reynard cried as tears began to flow down his cheeks in relief. 

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adkjnfvKNFVKJN I FORGOT THE FOREGROUND no im too lazy to go back

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