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Metalhead watercolor

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Watercolor and ballpoint pen on paper, approx 3"x5".
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Love the redesign, he legitimately looks like he could exist and looks like found materials. Awesome work!
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Loving the Cylon visor and bolted together shell. 
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No worries. 
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absolutely great take on this one
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Wow! This is stunning; instant fave!~:heart:
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I'm glad you like it !
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He looks to be inspired by the IDW Metalhead.
I love these TMNT pics of yours. This one is just amazing. You knocked it out of the park.
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Yeah, this one was pretty heavily influenced by that style. It's a pretty effective design to start with, I just wanted to put my spin on it. Thank you for the compliment!
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This is awesome! I never would have guessed that it was watercolor - then again, maybe that's because I kinda suck at watercoloring and always end up with paint bleeding all over the page. XD
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Here's a couple of my tricks...
First, I use watercolor pencils, not tube or cake. You get sooooo much more control. Sometime you should spring $25.00 for a small prismicolor set. They last forever and they are super fun.
Next, I do a light line of ballpoint pen before I paint. It is oil based, so it doesn't let the water cross very easily and it minimizes bleeding. A good quality color pencil will do just as well as most of the high quality ones are oil based too.
If you give these a try please write me back and let me know how it works for you :)
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Thank you so much! I wasn't expecting to receive so much kind advice in response! I will definitely try this in the future!

One question, though - how do watercolor pencils vary in usage from other types of colored pencils (Prismacolor, for example). I've seen some of them in the art supplies closet at my old school, but the teacher didn't say anything about using water with them. (Then again, it was a big class and they were just mixed in with a large batch of different brands of colored pencils). :) 
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You actually color with them much like a normal color pencil, just be a little sparing. You usually want to leave quite a bit of white showing because you will end up pulling the color with the brush.
I usually just use a small cup of water and I personally only use 1 brush (a flame tip shaped brush).  You dip you're brush and paint over where you have colored with the pencil. It magically becomes watercolor pigment!  It takes a little practice, but not as much as you may think.
Oh, and of course you can mix colors prior to applying water. But plan ahead, it's hard to fix the colors once you've applied water.
Have fun!
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Fascinating! Thank you so much! ^^
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Ooh I like this. There are a lot of little details here that are fun to look at.
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Thank you. This was pretty fun to paint too :)
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