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I, Robot Arm

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This one took far longer than expected but its finally here.

Yes, there is a lot of hype surrounding those lame-emotional-wussy robots which appeared in I Robot... well they can eat their motors out, cause this is only an arm and already it kicks their little chromed asses.

After this drawing we should be pumped to crank out another one in due time.
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great job, how could I purchase this illustration to use in an ad
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Really like the idea of wires resembling muscle tissue. Great work!
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Now, for the price of $749.99 and your left arm, you can have your own robotic Gaster arm!
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Now that's a beautiful piece of engineering art. X3
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if i ever accidently get my left arm cut off im gonna use this as a replacement
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lol screw accidentally. I'd cut off my left arm purposefully for this replacement.
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That is a really neat and impressive design.
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Wow this is cool. Great, amazing, beautiful. Did you make this pic ?
<3 i like it alot :D
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in my own opinion you should try to make it make more sense... i see too many things that seem pointless... dont get me wrong, it is amazing and i can see how it would have taken forever, but i think it could be even better if everything had a functional purpose, instead of all just being ascetics
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Very cool Huge Fan
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This is great! I bet the forearm took up most of the time spent on it.

What kind of painting-coloring-program-thingie did you use to make this? I've only recently started experimenting with this sort of thing and I suck at it, what with making a certain color or drawing a certain line.

Or maybe I just have no clue how to use it.

Either way, I am very curious.
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looks really good :)
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U.S. Robotics: Formerly, Apple inc. Or at least the design team that made the NS5's were from Apple.
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i like the red wires, they look a lot like muscle its really cool :D good job
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kurou-kun's avatar start building this thing and i'll get a big sharp knife ready;D
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Wow,Really great,Awesome detail! :)
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well 99.9% of the robots in that movie didn't have emotions, and they kicked alot of ass! Even sonny killed like 5 other robots!
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