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Christmas 'Keychain' by chainedoombaby Christmas 'Keychain' :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 0 1 Christmas Keychains 2017 by chainedoombaby Christmas Keychains 2017 :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 3 1 Byzantine Rings Variant v.2 by chainedoombaby Byzantine Rings Variant v.2 :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 17 2 Small Byzantine Shiken Necklace by chainedoombaby Small Byzantine Shiken Necklace :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 5 0 BLUE Snowflake by chainedoombaby BLUE Snowflake :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 5 1 Christmas Keychain (Ornament) 2016 by chainedoombaby Christmas Keychain (Ornament) 2016 :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 9 2 Christmas Keychains 2016 by chainedoombaby Christmas Keychains 2016 :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 8 2 Stainless Kink by chainedoombaby Stainless Kink :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 16 10 Morale, aka Cute Cuddly Shoulder Kitty by chainedoombaby Morale, aka Cute Cuddly Shoulder Kitty :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 10 8 Christmas Keychains 2015 by chainedoombaby Christmas Keychains 2015 :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 3 3 Squirrel Banner by chainedoombaby Squirrel Banner :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 2 2 Epic Horde Fish of Epicness by chainedoombaby Epic Horde Fish of Epicness :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 4 3 Epic Horde Fish of Epicness by chainedoombaby Epic Horde Fish of Epicness :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 4 1 Christmas Keychains 2014 by chainedoombaby Christmas Keychains 2014 :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 5 0 Half Persian 4-1 Wallet Chain by chainedoombaby Half Persian 4-1 Wallet Chain :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 3 0 Morrighan Fenrir by chainedoombaby Morrighan Fenrir :iconchainedoombaby:chainedoombaby 17 8


Lay Me Down
Vapour coils along the bough, drifting away in little skeins of dissipating light. Tobias grins. Luminous breath: sure sign of irrevocable infection.
“How do you feel, my son?”
He looks up at the white rectangle glowing at the throat of the padre’s power armour.
“I’m fine, father. Some kind of feel-good side effect, I guess. Never felt better, to be honest.”
Spinal segments click as the helmed head nods.
“You’ve indicated you’ll not be wanting last rites?”
He waves his hand at the swamp about them: “Seems pointless, father. This far from Bethlehem, feeling this good, I’ve got to be closer to rapture than any man has ever been.” He grins as he finishes, taking the blasphemous sting from the words.
“You’ve been a righteous sinner, that much I’ll grant you, Tobias Ghent. Had more than an even share of prayers offered for your deeds.”
Tobias sits up, trailing luminous exhalations from both
:iconrafellin:Rafellin 1 0
Mermaid Nightmare Catcher by NikidaEve Mermaid Nightmare Catcher :iconnikidaeve:NikidaEve 18 0 Tertiary Nightmare Catcher by NikidaEve Tertiary Nightmare Catcher :iconnikidaeve:NikidaEve 21 1 Pismo Beach by chateaugrief Pismo Beach :iconchateaugrief:chateaugrief 3,854 250 Avila Beach by chateaugrief Avila Beach :iconchateaugrief:chateaugrief 1,676 105 Estrogen by Senzune Estrogen :iconsenzune:Senzune 216 7
House of Dolls
My name is Tristan. I am seventeen. I make dolls for a living. My name is Tristan. I am seventeen. I make dolls for a living. My name is - shut up!
The monologue inside my head ceased as I yelled at myself in the mirror. I felt the sweat coming, the panting, the rapid heartbeats. No, I wasn’t going to have an anxiety attack, no. I fixed myself! I fixed me!
It was a good morning and it was going to stay like this! I had a doll to make.
In a blind, robotic motion, I poured a few tablets of various colors into my throat. They claimed these disgusting chemicals would help me, but no. They knew nothing!
My name is Tristan. I am seventeen. My parents died in a car crash when I was ten. My uncle took me in. He said I was a bad boy and, and- I scream at myself again. I was almost at my uncle’s pedestal. I had to show respect. There was no time for these thoughts. They were distracting me. Unacceptable!
I turned around the corner into the grand parlor in the first floor. Uncle had s
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 42 36
Stutter - FFM 7
And so Jack followed the yellow bird to freedom. He left her before the amber moon.
Amelia's father used to read that story to her. He also used to say every man drank the liquor that spoke to them. Perhaps that's why his favorite was a Savoy Affair for years until she found out he was cheating on her mother. Then again, she couldn't really blame him for desiring someone else. Her mother was, cold, emotionless. They joked she needed a Savoy Corpse Reviver in order to become human, but she had only needed to see her husband in bed with another woman to take a gun and end all three of them. 
Since then, Amelia had inherited this small bar who was frequented by the same set of people. Mr. Robertson, who sat in the corner near the window ordered Wolfram and claimed to be a werewolf. His wife, Mrs. Roberston sat at the opposite end of the bar, they didn't talk together when they came in. A few shots of My Fair Lady usually got her going, but it also meant that she spewed a barra
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 20 13
Tranquility - FFM 2
Once upon a time, in a city at the far ends of a far world, sound didn't exist. The city was calm, quiet. Nothing moved, nothing breathed, leaves didn't flutter with the wind, people and animals alike didn't make noise. Pens didn't scratch against papers, birds didn't chirp, and musical instruments were neglected in all corners and left to collect dust.
See, the inhabitants of this city tried time and time again to scream, shout and yell to no avail. Soon, the sound became a myth, and their lives sank into a tranquil, calm existence.   
On a grey morning, perhaps the greyest of them all, the wind blew. It huffed, puffed and stormed, maybe howled, but no one heard. However, an unattended bag of marbles, in an unattended attic in a small home, fell to its side and its contents rolled down a wooden shelf, rang against a plate, then dropped to the ground. The little glass balls had the colors of a rainbow and the second they hit the floor, they were heard. 
The red
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 26 27
Twin Encounters - FFM 1
Lauren had always known that her sister would get her in trouble. Having to grow up with an identical twin was both a blessing and a curse, but most definitely a curse when Susan was better in everything, whereas Lauren didn't stand out, not when she preferred animals and books to actual people. 
Perhaps, this is why she was in the middle of the evergreen forests of the northern US, hiking her way through an ashen forest. Yes, there was an irony as she thought about it. The barren woods, the grey trees, the crows that cawed overhead and awaited her to drop. She debated that thought, but she had a palm-sized twenty-sided die that she had held so tight to the point her fingers hurt. This silly, heavy plastic piece of shit was the only thing left from Susan. 
Of course, that silly brat had to become a scientist! had to make stupid components Lauren didn't fathom, then, in the most comical way possible, unleash a zombie plague. If she didn't know better, she would say this w
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 20 21
Sunset-01Jul2018-Pano-F02 by SkyfireDragon Sunset-01Jul2018-Pano-F02 :iconskyfiredragon:SkyfireDragon 6 0 Sunset-01Jul2018-S07 by SkyfireDragon Sunset-01Jul2018-S07 :iconskyfiredragon:SkyfireDragon 12 0 Sunset-01Jul2018-S01 by SkyfireDragon Sunset-01Jul2018-S01 :iconskyfiredragon:SkyfireDragon 9 2 Sunset-01Jul2018-S04 by SkyfireDragon Sunset-01Jul2018-S04 :iconskyfiredragon:SkyfireDragon 16 0 Sunset-01Jul2018-S10 by SkyfireDragon Sunset-01Jul2018-S10 :iconskyfiredragon:SkyfireDragon 13 0 Sunset-01Jul2018-S20 by SkyfireDragon Sunset-01Jul2018-S20 :iconskyfiredragon:SkyfireDragon 10 0



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Personal Quote: Better to ask for forgivness later than for permission first.
Soooo holy crap, its been about a year since I last did anything on here. This year has certainly been a year of change. I can't say its been all good or all bad, just...change. And I'm not really a fan of change. I did get a new car this last May. Bought it myself. Yay. Car payments. I think I'm officially an adult now. I'll see if I can dig up a good picture I took when I first got it. I licked it. Its mine.

I realized doing the photos for this year's Christmas Keychains that I seriously need to just buckle down and buy a new camera. My phone (which is what I'm currently using to take picture) is not the greatest in the first place and now its trying to die on me.

Speaking of Christmas Keychains and year of change...I learned a new chain maille weave this year! for me. I finally figured out the Full Persian 6-1 weave. Its a weave that I had been struggling to learn for the last five years or so and I finally figured it out right around Thanksgiving. It is, I think, my new favorite weave. Other projects are still in the works. Kinda got burned out from my big project last year, which I know, I still haven't gotten pictures of it up. I have come to the realization that its entirely possible pictures of it may never go up. But the end result of the burnout was that I really didn't pick up pliers again until about June this year. I needed a break and my creative/design muse went on vacation so I wasn't really motivated at all.

I have this habit of telling designs that don't cooperate to just sit there and think about what they've done. I had one such project actually do that. I put the project aside mid to late last year and about October, while I was in the middle of work, the design pops up with a "hey, will this work?" in my head. Of COURSE that will work. It took you 8 months to freaking think about this? Gah! Anywho, that project is now well on its way to being completed and will probably be done sometime after the first of the year. Assuming I don't procrastinate on it anymore than I already have. Holidays. They are either the motivators or killers of projects.

Here's to hoping that next year will be a little more active. Now that I have experienced enough frustration over my phone camera, a new camera is probably very close in the near future. Which should help with being more active.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (if that's your thing, if not, have a wonderful what ever you choose to celebrate) and a fantastic New Year.
  • Reading: Shadow Rising by Dianne Sylvan
  • Watching: YouTube!
  • Drinking: Water. Whiskey. Wine. Whatever.



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