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The Pain of a Schizophrenic (Poem)

The Pain of a Schizophrenic By J.C. Solis There are simply Times so full of pain And our lives all seem to have no worth This anguish that we can't refrain That curse our lives down upon this Earth This suffering burns our minds with wrath From a mind that will never sate As we then go down a rotten path From the anxiousness that this all creates As this suffering mounts to cause unease As this bane forms while we exist This grievance caused by foul disease Is far too long for One to list And so this illness wracks the mind And control, it seems, we won't attain Schizophrenia is Evil and Unkind As we continue to live in pain... I just can't seem to understand Why this illness has yet run its course Why many, like me, are bound and tied By the Will of some invisible force I just can't seem to know true peace No matter how hard it is that I try As the Light of Day offers no recourse And through the Dark of Night I cry But when it is I don't feel sad I feel a hollowness

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BBC Sherlock: Nightmares

The moment John woke up, he knew something was wrong. He was a light sleeper, courtesy of Afghanistan, so any sign of danger could instantly jolt him wide awake. And now he clearly sensed that his life was hanging by a thread. However, John decided to be cautious and not to make any unnecessary movements, which might provoke an assault. Instead he just opened his eyes slightly and carefully scanned the room shrouded in darkness. Yes, his instinct didn't fail him. There was someone standing at the door. The stranger was motionless, but John could hear him breathing irregularly, as if he just stopped running and tried to calm down. A shadowy, a

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Secrets of the Forest

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This Land

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Chaotica 5-4-21

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Breaking Silence -REWRITE- Ch. III pt.2

“Zyan speaking, may I enter?” Oh my gawd. The Master is here, speaking to me. No one sees the Master! Oh dear, I’m at the castle. Hold on, something else is missing. I don’t remember anything after I sang to Logan while playing the piano. I don’t even recall if I finished the song. I hope I did, so he could hear me explain that I enjoy being in a relationship with him, but my emotions are building up to love and are not quite in that zone yet. So, it’s clear that I’ve been caught… But why am I not being hanged? I began to respond with greater strength in my intonation, “Yes, you may ent

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Scarecrow (colored)

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Train Conductor Dreamcatcher

Keys, Chains, Key Chains, and dreamers

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My Fanfictions Masterlist

So I realized that with my theme prompts, its actually sometimes difficult to find the sequels to my fanfics. I decided to put them in one comprehensive list so that they are easy to find. :D That way, no more clicking and searching. There are some with mature content, so BE WARNED. *evil laugh* So without further ado, here they are. Johnlock: The Inevitable (one-shot) Eyes (poem) Theme Prompt - Eyes the second (poem) Theme Prompt - Stripes (one-shot)

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