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I love the country and would go back if I had the chance. Now I spend my time writing, reading and drawing. I am nice to you if your nice to me unless I belive you have malicious intent.

I'd like to take note that if I fav your work and you post a thank you, my reply is no problem, if I'm faving your work that means that it's beautiful and no thanks are required. It's just Really akward when I reply MONTHS later to a comment you probrably don't even remember. I wish I could do what I used to do and go through everyone who comments favs and watches gallery's but sadly I'm so busy nowadays and I have to do everything on my temperamental computer, it's REALLY unreliable, I feel like dirt because my group has been neglected and my stories are on indefinite hiatus because of it.

Ethier way I Love You All and Goodluck at dodging the curve balls life throws your way.

I am now online at Wattpad for my stories (It's easier than DA), I'm still useing an alias but it's Anouska Byrd not Sapphy Heart, and my username is still chainedheart977. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Favourite Movies
Riddick (All of them)
Favourite TV Shows
Lost Girl/Perception/The Mentalist
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Three Days Grace, Evanescence, & A7x
Favourite Books
To many to write
Favourite Writers
Rick Riorden & Edgar Allen Poe
Favourite Games
All...most all Sims games.
Other Interests
Mythical creatures/ Classical music/ Writing/ Drawing/ etc.
I can't even tell you the pride I feel every time someone favorites a work of mine. I just want to say thank you for such a big thing in a big way. :D Here Are the Top Six People who have shown their support in favs in the last two weeks: 1.) <IRIS-KUPP ( -10 favs- like oh my gosh, you are by far the most supportive person I've ever met. Thank you so much for showing your support, I don't think I could ever convey just how much that means to me, my heart soars every time I see your approval on a work of mine. &nbsp; Her most favorited work is &nbsp;I believe, I can't be sure but this is the first photo that appears when you type her name in the sea
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Uh, kay. So far I really hate this app (I liked the other app). It's bothering me. My key bored is grey.....the waiting to type line is lime green and this is just all sorts of wrong, plus it took me the last twenty minuets to even figure out how to write a status. What I originally came here for was to notify all the people that I'm watching (if you're watching me back) that whenever I actually get on the computer I will be looking to see when you last posted a deviation and I'll decide to either keep watching you or to unwatch. It has nothing to do with how much you comment on my deviations or journals or anything like that because I watch
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My monitor keeps dying and my internet cable is either "not plugged in or broken" and wants it connected to the router which, by the way, is hooked up to the other computer (not mine) and therefore isn't a great plan of action. So I do not see myself on deviant art for a bit (besides the mobile app, which is no help). On the bright side I did rearrange my room out of agitation and it is now clean.
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Thank you ever so kindly for the favorite!

Fairy in the Pink Snow

Thank you for the fave!

Thank you for the fav on Dinner Plate Dahlia Golden Pink Color Edit. It is Spring so I will be out shooting Photos as much as I can and adding more content.

Thank you very much for the favorite, i'll be uploading on a daily basis, have a wonderful day :)

Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one!

 birthday cake