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Chainmaille Beer Stein

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I'm a huge beer nerd, with grandiose ideas of opening my own brewery some day, and I wanted to find a way of incorporating my love of beer with my passion for chain. And here it is.

I've had this finished for a year or so now, but just got around to taking pictures of it. I've always been tinkering with it, but I finally decided to leave it as is, and am finally declaring it finished. I'm confident that I can improve upon the design should I decide to make a second one, but I like this one as it stands now.

This was the first chainmaille sculpture I did, well before the chainmaille treasure chest. I learned a lot from the project, and it really taught me to look at chainmaille in a bit of a different light. It went through three incarnations before I finally got a working idea of shape, and because of that, it took me more than a year to design and finally produce what you see here.

Its all galvanized steel, with rings ranging in all sizes and gauges. I used a lot of Captive Inverted Round and 6-in-1 European in the design. Its 100% chainmaille, including the inside of the handle, which is made of 3 rows of CIR wrapped with 6-in-1.

It weighs about 5lbs and stands 7.5 inches tall. Its a pretty unpractical way of holding a beverage, what with all the holes in it, but as a sculpture its pretty awesome. Plus a pint glass fits in it, so there's that.
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I love this.  How much to buy it?
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My roommate bought the stein! I am totally gonna steal it! How much for you to make me one?
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I did that one for $150.  I've been toying around with other design choices to make it easier and cheaper, but that's the price on that one.
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Love your chainmaille!
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Shuch skill!! Amazing work! :wow:
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That is amazing, bet it took a long time.
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you can make it with algorithm
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Ya know, if you dipped it in glass you could actually use it to top it off. . .or some other food-safe coating.
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I imagine it would not be too difficult to insert a waterproof lining and actually use it.
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I'm thinking of making a second one, but this time model it around a cup of some type.
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There is no other word to describe it...
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not sure if I want for dice or alcohol.
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Are you considering selling this?
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I think so. Although I'd probably have to sell it for $500 to cover all the work I put into it.
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Where can you buy this?
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I only have the one right now, but if you really want one, I can make a second one.
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It comes in pints? I'm getting one. ^_^
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does it hold liquid or is it decoration
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The description says "what with all the holes", so no.
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