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As much as I'm behind on this, it'd be one of many things I'm behind on, honestly (like coming back here and going through my notifications, while having to get used to un-Stylish DA). Yawn Though evidently, it doesn't appear my new university life has affected my travel outings, though it may or may not have affected my production output, if that was even a thing. CURSE YOU!

For last year's BronyCon, I wasn't incentivized to go until I won full-fare roundtrip vouchers, and I'd like to think I made the most of those.

For this year's BronyCon, it was someone who was going last year but didn't, and was planning to go this year (and didn't)...along with miles and compensation credit I'd amassed over the past year, cutting travel expenses by $175, more or less. For comparison, a one-way flight (of the same class and value for what you pay) from the US west coast to the east coast (or vice versa) typically costs more than what my round trip ended up being, especially in the middle of summer. But either way, I'm going yet again this year and my flight out departs within 5 hours of the posting of this journal. ^^; 

In the meantime, I'm actually going with JackDC93 and kitkatyj, who coincidentally already had plans to visit my home city before we'd ended up arranging a go-together. La la la la

But unlike past years, I'm not exactly prepared with anything for autographing, even with the guests the con has announced with the past couple of months. If anything it's that I'm waiting for Rebecca Shoichet's appearance at the coming BABS 2019 (a local-to-me shindig) since one particular item still awaits her touch. =p

Just like last year however, the week after BronyCon I'm visiting the NYC area, since I still know people there and there're things I never got around to during my previous outing. Grump

All that aside, I doubt I'll get another vector out by the end of July (unless I vector on my flight, like last year), so here's something that I forgot I had sitting around after being bogged down in random things. Nod

Dat Wonderlane is a Suave B*st*rd by ChainChomp2
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It's only fitting I have a follow-up journal since I wrote about going off to BronyCon a week and thensome ago. =p As the title says, I'm back from BronyCon! You must be thinking though, "But Chomp/Ryan/Whateveryoucallme, BronyCon ended last week!" in which you'd be right. :XD: That's because the next morning following BronyCon I went up to NJ/NYC to spend the rest of the week staying with or visiting some friends, as well as spend whatever savings I had left on my travels! In that I didn't actually get back home until this past Saturday morning (which would have been Friday night, if not for a nearly four-hour weather delay on my return flight that pushed it into the the very early hours of Saturday Fear).

But honestly? For me, this was my best convention experience yet, which I hadn't really felt anything similar since my first two conventions those years ago, being Everfree Northwest 2013 and BABSCon 2014. Definitely felt a lot more...accomplished and fulfilled, even if that mostly came from being able to meet more people in real-life that I've only ever spoken with online previously, since in previous conventions I felt a lot more alone and without people I already knew. That said, there's nothing wrong with conversing with strangers (I encourage this to anyone comfortable really, personally I had my communication badge set to "Green" for the entirety of the convention and have that attitude through most of them), 'course, it had its own set of struggles which I'd rather twist or interpret as thrills.

First things first, that print that I keep bringing up and make such a big deal out of whenever I mention it? Something that would seem of great importance from all the emphasis? The best bonus as part of going to BronyCon this year? La la la la (Because I was always going to go when a certain helping of flight vouchers was only good for 2017.)
(If you follow me in at least one other social platform, you've read these embellishments in a paraphrased form already.)

I left it at home when I went off to the airport. Eeyup. Giggle

All was not lost, though! Initially, my first idea involved printing another copy in Baltimore (as I've done it before) since I had the file in the cloud, even though the original copy already had two autographs on it. I'd played with the idea of having two prints but the other would be impersonal and I'd probably donate it to a charity auction or something, as the "original" has the two current autographs written to my name, and thus tied to me. After some more-reasonable thinking time I figured such was just an idea that came from panic, which was kinda true. =p

My next idea involved possibly having the print mailed from my house (I have a bunch of recycled packing material in my room be it boxes or poster tubes because I buy, order, and send stuff all the time) to the hotel I was staying at. Since I had over an hour to burn before my departing flight, after a short Google all I had to do was call the hotel and ask about how I'd arrange such a thing. At the hotel (the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, across from the Hilton Baltimore), all you really have to do is write "registered guest" next to your name as the addressee but put the hotel's address as the receiver. Since it was Thursday and two days away (Saturday) was still in the duration of the convention, it was a possibility using USPS Priority Mail that it'd get there in time (the cheaper First Class service could've worked too, but wasn't worth the risk). If it didn't, which I'd find out by Saturday evening, there was still my original backup plan of printing it in Baltimore and getting it signed that Sunday.

Someone had the mail it of course, that person being my older brother who happened to be staying home for enough hours that day. Just had to call in a favor and by the time I arrived in Baltimore, I had a tracking number for the sent shipment.

In the meantime, I enjoyed the convention as much as I could whether that came from buying merch, going to panels (can never go wrong with unreleased insider information), or meeting up with some folks that I'd never seen before (like I already wrote :XD:).

Like Game-BeatX14 =p (but then again this was Sunday)
Whoops you've now seen a picture of me I'm sorry for shocking and/or blinding you

I also got this sketch from Andy Price, increasing my backlog from two headsketches to three (I still haven't digitized the two of Sunburst and Twilight Sky that I got at the last two BABSCons). But for the rest of Friday we had the privilege of having a thunderstorm, relegating me to splurge on a pizza from within the convention center rather than eating out like I'd originally planned. ^^; Instead of going to BronyPalooza though, I went to some late-evening/night panels like "How to Draw Ponies" or the Anthology 6 premiere. Another perk that I don't quite have at BABSCon is that when going to BronyCon I room within walking distance from the venue, so going to panels that end at 1 or 2 in the morning is totally feasible. Nod

Saturday was a lot like Friday in that I did a lot of the same things whether that was aimlessly wander the vending hall, take care of vending business for friends that couldn't come, or just go to more panels (like the VA anime dubbing panel, Reviewing/Analyzing MLP Live, Lip Syncing Battles, or the Derpibooru panel at 1 AM). At least, other than when I got a tracking text on my phone that the package containing my print arrived at my hotel that afternoon. Once I retrieved it I went to the PABS panel that another friend was also going to, which ended about 15 minutes before Brian Drummond's autograph session was finished for the day.

But that's where it got better, before I even got Brian Drummond's autograph. The only person in front of me turned out to be one of my watchers (or so he said), after I noticed a sheet of paper that had these among them:
They Named Me What? by ChainChomp2 Buttmark'd Double Diamond by ChainChomp2 Jumpy Whooves by ChainChomp2 (and a shoutout to my buddy VectorizedUnicorn's  Flexing Caramel by VectorizedUnicorn)
...I'm not kidding.

(He's also a BronyCon staffer, so we have to thank him as part of having a successful convention too.) Also I have no idea what your DA is so I can't tag you even if I know your OC name sorry :c

Which in turn brought the conversation not just between myself and Brian/Brynna, but all four of us effectively! =p I pretty much told the same story I wrote here and in the one other place I wrote it already. Amongst my roommates we talked about chance meetings; one had someone randomly come up to him and start talking during Day 0 at the Marriott, and it turns out that they had each other added on Steam even though they never talked. And I guess this was my version of that; running into someone that found my vectors useful. :XD:

But before long, this ended with my "Equal Six" print getting another autograph:

And that's the story of how I almost ruined one of the biggest reasons I went to BronyCon. La la la la

The most noteworthy stuff I can bring up regarding Sunday would probably include the reveal of the cut Diamond Tiara verse from Crusaders of the Lost Mark, hanging out with Game-BeatX14 again, but most significantly of all sacrificing a couple panels to pick up a couple presents for friends I'd procrastinated on, which were an Andy Price headsketch of a friend's OC and a Kelly Sheridan-autographed print for another friend's birthday. This involved either being trapped in line or the dilemma of having to choose between either, but I thought it'd be worth to try for both since it'd be totally worth it.

First, I went to BronyHouse's table and ordered a couple prints, one of them of Starlight Glimmer, before I went to get in line for Andy Price's table. He'd taken a break so I got in line anyway for when he'd return because this was just too important. Seeing there weren't a lot of people in line behind me though, shortly after I got a text that my prints were ready, I thought I'd try picking up the prints, dashing up to Kelly Sheridan's (now cut) autograph session, then dashing back down to get back in line. At first it almost worked, except the part where the designated "last in line" person was already selected. Nuu Since I had nothing else important to do, and since there was only one person behind them anyway, I thought I'd stick around. She was a Vinyl Scratch cosplayer and her partner was a Neon Lights cosplayer, who would notice my shirt which had this on it. Some fanboying later (and lamenting over the general apathy of Neon Lights whether in merchandise or cosplayers) we had some group pictures (taken by Soren-the-Owl, who I ran into while I was trapped in line), so being stuck in line turned out great honestly! :happybounce:

And then it turned out that closing ceremonies got pushed back a half hour, so there was suddenly ample time for Andy Price to get to me as the last person in line. Sure I missed a couple of panels, but I figured I could watch them later in the hopes that they were being recorded. Even if that's not the case, some things are more irreplaceable than others that way, I guess. Nana, look what I have and you dont!


BronyCon 2017 had a turnout of 6,319 attendees, a far cry from the 10,011 who went to BronyCon 2015, the previous time I went to Baltimore for the con, and even less than 2016's count of 7,609. But honestly it was hard to tell, which might've come from me just overall meeting a lot more people that I knew. Earlier that morning my roommates and I were speculating an increase to 8,000 or more which turned out to be wrong, but was no biggie. It also got moved to the end of July in 2018, which is similar to the time period it was in 2014. Supposedly, this rather low attendee count could be explained from three conventions occurring over the same weekend on the east coast, being BronyCon, Otakon, and the Boston Comic Con, but I suppose we'll never really know for sure.

That evening mewtwo-EX invited me to an aftercon dinner party of five before we headed to his hotel room to play on his Switch for a few hours (I've still got that Mario Kart touch whether it's 8 or 8-Deluxe, zing), before I headed back to my hotel about a mile away at around 11. I actually didn't sleep that much that night since I ended up chatting in the lobby with Squeaky-Belle (one of my roommates) and one of BronyCon's staffers about pretty much anything that came to mind as I caught up on stuff I missed over the weekend, some topics of discussion being giant Starlight Glimmer plushies, BronyPalooza experiences over the years, or cutie marks embroidered backwards on $300 plushies.

I can never be sure about making the crosscountry trip if I wanted to go next year, in fact this year I went because travel expenses were completely waived by complete chance, but I guess at least the dates are set and travel can be planned for when it gets to that point. Clap I probably want to try at least one other convention that is not BABSCon or BronyCon (as Everfree Northwest in Seattle has moved into final exam period in May from July when it used to be), although the circumstances don't always quite line up either (too close to another con, during class time, etc.). The most likely candidate for me would've been Pacific PonyCon in San Diego (in-state, during break at the beginning of January and not close in proximity time-wise to other prospect conventions of mine) but it's not coming back for 2018. I sorta kept forgetting it existed which is unfortunate because it really was a realistic candidate compared to other cons.

...And then I spent the rest of the week staying with a friend in Staten Island, while visiting another in Newark and going to Manhattan pretty much every day. It was my first time back since 2007.


Only to return this past Saturday. By the 23rd, I'll have transferred to university, which is actually closer to home than where I previously went to college. :XD: But that being said I can't say for certain how active I'll be once that starts CURSE YOU!...

...Well, I should probably work on some more vectors. =p
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Because it's been just over a year since my last DA journal, and I should write about more positive developments rather than simply just rants. Wink/Razz 

After not attending last year's BronyCon (Olympic Trials in the next city over was the same weekend, and I was planning on waiting until 2017 at the earliest at the chance for more of my friends to be able to attend), I'm returning this year as a regular attendee after last coming to Baltimore for BronyCon 2015, and then staffing the last two BABSCons. ;) (Wink)  

The reason for this was entirely luck though; it started when my airline of choice that I happened to have frequent flier status on was sold off, before they held some sweepstakes for roundtrip tickets amongst other free goodies because they don't want you to convert your loyalty to a competitor with California being a bloodbath when it comes to airline competition. These included 10,000 miles under the to-be-combined loyalty program (which would've been good enough for an award trip between my home city and Seattle for Everfree Northwest if it fell into my schedule like when it still took place in July), or effectively 20% off a transcon roundtrip for something like BronyCon. The thing is, even that wouldn't have been enough to convince me to shell out to come attend this year since said friends, who might've told me two years ago that they'd come in two years, ended up not coming or changing to another fandom.

I suppose that's where the free roundtrip vouchers came in, which I wasn't even sure about until I actually received the envelope containing them (you have to get a notarized signature and other business, apparently I was only the second time the Notary at UPS had notarized a signature in her career). One of the added perks is that not only is it free, but also fully-flexible; since I took the opportunity to plan spending a few more days on the east coast after BronyCon finishes to visit and stay with some friends/extended relatives in NJ/NYC, it involved having to push my return flight back home two or three times, thankfully at no extra cost and being free to choose specific seats normally at a premium. These are things I wouldn't have the same kind of flexibility with a standard, lowest-cost ticket. That said, there wouldn't be any other places I'd want to vacation off to or use the vouchers for since I just took a long vacation with family this past May/June anyway.

So I guess this is why I'll actually, er, have an excuse for being too busy to make pony vectors (because up until now, I've just been lazy). This past weekend for instance I had all the time in the world but I was distracted doing other spontaneous projects. CURSE YOU! 

I did finish this a few days ago though =p, may as well show it off early before I do the other half during some undetermined time in the future:

Bow Hothoof by ChainChomp2

All that aside...

This BronyCon will be the first time since BABSCon 2015 that I'll attend a convention where even just one of the VAs of these ponies is a VIP guest:

Party Favor by ChainChomp2 Sugar Belle by ChainChomp2 Double Diamond by ChainChomp2 Night Glider by ChainChomp2

Namely Brian Drummond. A year after I made those four, I added these two:

Popstar by ChainChomp2 Sunlight Gleamer by ChainChomp2

and then had a single print personally made, which so far, only Kelly Sheridan and Josh Haber have autographed. Thus, this convention I can add an autograph to it for the first time since April 2016. :XD:

Kelly in particular will be going to four conventions in a row that I'm attending/previously attended counting this upcoming one, five if you include the upcoming BABSCon 2018. =p Still need three autographs for VAs of four other ponies on the thing, though.

If it'll be anything like BABSCon, I hope to meet as many new people as possible again or see those that came to BABSCon this year from out of state again who are also going to BronyCon. :D And it'll be a nice bonus to be a paying attendee without the duties that come with being staff, even if staffing has perks of its own. Nod That's even before seeing some very-longtime friends for the first time in the days following it. La la la la

Really though, I see this as my last opportunity to party out before I actually start university less than a week after I come back home and resign myself to upper-college priorities (while somehow subsequently being more productive MLP vector-wise during college where any free time is subconsciously more valuable to me, if previous semesters are any indication. Wink/Razz)

Maybe I'll see any of you this weekend? Well, whether that happens or not or if you're even doing something special or something you enjoy, I hope you have a nice week! Clap
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Fun fact, I wrote most of this in mid June. After the issue being partially "solved", by the end of July it's gone back right where it started and unsolved. Anyway, since it's been getting a bit quiet during the wind-down of my summer, I decided to make things a bit more interesting by finally posting this journal. Devilish Because it wouldn't be a year of my account existing without a journal of this kind of subject, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As this user still has me blocked (unless DA overlooked something they won't be notified by these mentions/embeds anyway), and since my comments are still hidden even with a hint of credit added on (some of) the works in question, it doesn't matter (they'd need to unblock me to comment since blocking works both ways). Since they have me blocked, I have no obligation to stay silent, so this'll just show you what you'd have had minimal chance at discovering otherwise, and what I'd willingly jump through hoops to do if I feel like it's needed or shouldn't be ignored (gives me something to do, really). Especially when there are people who think shoving something like this under the rug means that no one'll notice or start anything. So, for the sake of documentation, here it is.

I already wrote the long version on another platform, so this will be a short(er-ish) version.

First, I'll lay down some things:

Silly Starlight by ShutterflyEQD Popcorned Meadow Song by ChainChomp2

Apple Pie for Applejack! by ShutterflyEQD Ecstatic Suitless Soarin' by ChainChomp2
No idea what you're talking about dude. This was made from scratch. Stop trying to accuse me and grow up.
Since on the first one they claimed to have vectored it from scratch (both were initially uncredited) and had no idea what I was talking about, I put the two on top of each other in Photoshop and applied a blending filter to see how well they match up.

I'll just let that speak for itself.

...Now, between the first time I wrote this journal and now, we have this new...development, should I say:

Nose Nuzzles by ShutterflyEQD Angry Shrug Soarin' by ChainChomp2(It's the tail. Plus, that one sitting Meadow Song from above.)
Yes, it's uncredited, and by the way, that cutie mark is backwards. I'd tell you this too, but, y'know, blocked.

Here's your comparison in Photoshop. (Guidelines: Black areas are identical, and once again, there's very little variation in the sitting pose.)

Edit: Here's some more I found as a bonus:

Friendship is Alicorns by ShutterflyEQD  Princess Twilight's Onto You by ChainChomp2Photoshop overlay comparison (because the screencap I used that my vector came from did not have lower eyelashes on the far eye)
Pregnancy Test by ShutterflyEQD  Noteworthy is not Excited by ChainChomp2 The gift that keeps on giving
The Cutest Dragon by ShutterflyEQD Princess Twilight's Onto You by ChainChomp2Even the rehashes get rehashes!
(SMUT/RULE 34 WARNING)  Sunburst by ChainChomp2I shit you not this is an actual thing, and few things have made me burst out laughing to the same degree at during the graveyard hours of night I guess now I can add "had fullbody vector used in a smut commission" to my arbitrary resumé for the lulz

Best Brothers by ShutterflyEQD Happy Thunderlane by ChainChomp2Imminent Disaster Soarin' by ChainChomp2 "But this present is something I did three years ago" "But wait, they tapped on some batteries!"

Here's an imgur album of all the comparisons.

I've seen many people vector over my stuff in the past, and quite honestly I don't think a single person has been able to replicate everything they were aiming for almost right down to the pixel. That's because different vector artists generally have their own varying styles and ability of vectoring, I mean, just look at the results whenever there's one meme-worthy thing in the show or something similar, singled out and vectored by several people at once. Barring altered aspect ratios, different frames, or varying quality of the reference material, no two produced vectors would look exactly the same, even if the reference material were the same.

That's why this specific case is so weird, because I never released the source file of that Meadow Song vector publicly. (Well, unless that one person I probably gave it to judging from the 1 download on the file passed it to them but that's really, really, really stretching it.)

My guess then is a raster program being used to recolor it at its full size (whether by paintbucketing or channel mixing, I dunno) and then scaled down, with modifications vectored over, probably. Shrug

As for that second case, that's my 2013 vectoring-self trying to apply the Season 2-onward nuances of the stallion builds in the show to the Season 1-build of Soarin, along with my guesswork'd proportions and length of the stroke that makes his ear, so of course I'd recognize my own work. I doubt anyone could edit over everything, just like how I couldn't completely revamp the whole stallion asset.

The third case is just some good ol' deja vu.

Lastly, there are some things I should clear up:

My problem here isn't reuse or recycling. You can literally search my name and filter the results to "newest" and see how much there is of everything from new stuff to old bases from 2013-2014. Generally I'm unaffected in any real negative way, and it's a bit far for me to take away people's innocent enthusiasm and enjoyment. (And even then, what shows up is just the credited stuff.) If you haven't yet noticed, I also keep a collection of stuff specifically for reuses that I find neat. When you make show-accurate vectors I guess this is something you have to grow accustomed to, or otherwise branch out and make your stuff less-reuseable. Bored Until then, I just tell people not to make raster bases of my stuff and leave it at that.

My problem here isn't traceovers, because I'd rather point people to vectoring off the show to practice and get better if this is what they're trying to do. (You can read more about this in my "long" version linked above.) I mean, even though I asked not to recolor this gift art into an OC as an example (knowing words are only so powerful) someone went and did that anyway but they at least admitted to it in their description lol.

My problem here is being willfully dishonest. People can forget things from time to time, sure, but this person was not one of them.

I don't have any strong emotions behind this journal. It's more that I felt like doing this because I can. Free Shrugs! + PLZ

Holler any comments at me if you have them. I literally have a week of summer left and NBCFail with Rio shouldn't take all my rants. (In the meantime, I might recommend my longer version on :facebook: if anything you might be thinking of already has a response there.)

PS: Mood Settings (Stamp) by MadKingFroggy here's a manual version Wink/Razz:

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For much of the first part of this year I had little trouble in having free time or peace of mind aside when I needed it. Problem is, there wasn't exactly MLP inspiration for me since there wasn't quite a new season yet, especially since I wanted to vector Sunburst to name one. =p

Season 6 came a bit earlier than expected, but my Spring break happened to overlap, and when that ended, college work got a bit stacked. Waaaah!

Basically, when it was time to gorge on brony fandom stuff again, for once I became busy. Nuu When I did finally get some free time to work on whatever I wanted, I either used that to nap or I was tired and had no energy to actually work on such things. :shrug:

And then came BABSCon 2016. Even staffing it wasn't that time-eating of con enjoyment, since the panels I was doing tech for were generally panels I would've watched as a regular attendee anyway. I am a dummy! 
Really it made for a nice period to let loose and relax.

Except the part where I wanted to make something to print out and get autographed, since Kelly Sheridan was one of the guests of honor (and despite none of the Equal Four VAs making an appearance at any cons I'd have attended since last year's BABS, since I would've wanted their autographs for the original print-and-autograph project I had last year). Leading up to the start of con, essays or homework consumed much of my time, and, like I said, I lacked any extra energy (though some surplus of procrastinating energy may have snuck in) to work on two particular images before then.

They were these two:
Popstar by ChainChomp2 Sunlight Gleamer by ChainChomp2

Which I combined with these four from last year:
Cutie Finders by ChainChomp2

You know when I finished the two?

Saturday morning. ;)

When did I get it printed and autographed?

Sunday morning, during the last autograph session at BABSCon.

At the con itself, I didn't meet or re-meet anyone who previously recognized me but I did meet a couple that I didn't see at previous cons just from exploring the vendor hall, something I probably would've done anyway had I ended up in Vendor/Artist relations instead of Productions like I did. B-) (Cool) Panel-wise, Friday was strangely my busiest day with four panels to staff (was always expecting more), which was as much as I had for Saturday and Sunday combined, that said a lot of panels I did want to see were stuffed into Sunday and intersected each other's time blocks. Nuu

Otherwise, it was another experience (that hasn't gotten old) of seeing other bronies and fans in real-life for once and not just on the net. If you like the community and/or don't mind the people in it, it's not a bad idea if you have the means (or means to make them).

Shout-out to EarthPonyCreations. ;)

Further cons...unfortunately for me, nothing planned between now and the next BABSCon, since I'm not going for BronyCon this year, and Everfree Northwest happens around my final exams. Bored
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Mmm...this past month has been the busiest I can remember, at least, as far as not being able to art much at all or as much as I'd have liked to, whether it's a vacation abroad or homework stepping up. :XD: Despite all this I feel quite emotionally stable and not terribly stressed...somehow. Oh Noes! Some friends might testify to something else though, considering how much this has kept me away from them. CURSE YOU!

After one college assignment is done, another takes its place, or if I'm not quite done with one yet, I get another anyway to juggle. =p That said, as far as assignments I've reached a quiet period...for now.

And what conveniently shows up at that time?

Another convention! Meow :3

Time to relax and have some fun, right? I am a dummy!

Well, I would be, except I'm part of staff! Wink/Razz Fortunately, it's just something simple with Productions involving soundboards during panels, and I'm effectively staffing a bunch of the panels I would've gone to anyway as an attendee. Love

...As for more vectors, obviously this means I'm denied another free(er) period to vector Nuu, but I'm still working on something in the meantime. (Hint: it involves some orange sun pony)
Mmm...first world problems? Shrug

In case of some miracle, maybe I might run into or see at least one person that DA-watches me or otherwise sees this journal this coming weekend. La la la la Aside, it'd probably be nice to be extroverted and have faith restored for a time again! Giggle

BABSCon Day 0 is in the coming (GMT-7) daytime! ;)
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So this thing about yet another Redubble art thief spread overnight, if you haven't already seen other people posting about it.

I'll just put these here:
For sure more where that came from, but some of it has been called out by others on the respective deviations already.

Unfortunately, our laws on fair use, IP, and copyright date back to decades ago so this is all still subjective, like how far you dig down when you consider fan art in and of itself is technically infringing but doesn't hurt anyone until there's money involved, and furthermore, pops up whenever there's anything like C&D concerning a well-known person or thing or a Peacock network having exclusive rights to the Olympic Games for corporate-not-consumer benefit.  Not that people's concern over this stuff is a bad thing, though.  They have every right to feel as they do, and they have all of my support (as just another vectorizing person) which is why I still felt obligated to doing a journal like this.

Edit: It seems the Redbubble account has been taken care of.
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This croissant tasted like it was saturated in popcorn butter holy sh*t.

And then another con came and went.

I'm actually writing this on my flight back to the west coast (yay for inflight Wi-Fi) but you guys won't see it until I land since the network doesn't seem to like DA (not yay!), so this is mostly off a tab I left open and unfinished.

Like I said following BABSCon, cons are always good opportunities to just throw yourself out there if you may as well just try once, even if you're as antisocial or as shy as I am. That said, as much as I don't really see myself mixing that well with many people based on personal preferences alone, (ex. being a fan of Background Six characters or Luna, as opposed to not being as much a fan of them) it's nice to just mingle with people and have a good time, because that's why a lot of people go to a con, right? Just to have a good time, or at least that's how it is for me.

I mostly say that because even if I don't accomplish every goal or to-do that I had or had on my bucket list, it was good enough for me to just have the opportunity to go. These would be things like going to every panel desired, buying everything I wanted from vendors, meeting all the people I wanted to meet, whether they were from the fandom or the VIPs, etc. Of that, I mostly did everything I wanted to do with what I had...I suppose? ^^;

For instance, I got an extra autograph than I was originally intending, I was planning on getting less buttons than I did at BABSCon 2015 (which I did) but instead got more prints, almost as though it compensated. Personally I was a bit disappointed at the lack of (non-equalized/But I didn't listen-face) Party Favor merchandise, because I saw my fair share of Double Diamond, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider stuff; that's why my Andy Price headshot sketch this year was of him, as opposed to the background pony I was originally planning to have done. I went to most of the panels I wanted to go to (at the expense of free time or even a meal or two), although I probably would've wanted to take more photos with the people I met, as nice as it was to meet 'em. That included one or two of you actually, since I had a couple of you say you recognized my name for "the vectors and stuff", and another because I was recognized by someone I followed. :XD: Quite honestly I wasn't expecting anyone to since I don't exactly throw myself out there as an artist since I don't always do the immediately-recognizable-and/or-marketable characters. =p

Eh, here's a pic of what may as well be my personal highlight:

At this time though, I don't have any plans to go to BronyCon 2016 (2017 maybe, because of a couple friends considering). BABSCon 2016 on the other hand, I've already preregistered so that's a given. Maybe I'll see more of you again or sometime? ;) Speaking of that, if you ever wanted to go to one, don't be afraid to plan far in the future if that's needed. Cons aren't always cheap and easy, especially if you go far for them (BronyCon is in Baltimore, I made the trip from...San Francisco). You can always look into volunteering as staff, be a vendor, panelist, etc., or always save far ahead of time and put money aside if that's an issue. And if you never wanted to go to one...I wasn't here to change your opinion, so don't take it that way.

That all starts next week for me. Bleh.

...Last thing; shoutout to the person who recognized my attempt at an Equestria Games athlete cosplay for being just that, an Equestria Games athlete! :D

Relay Sunburst by ChainChomp2
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I'm not sure I write many journals about much else other than complaints and convention trips. =p  Then again, conventions usually make me a lot happier than I was before said convention, as I've previously noted.

That said, I made these specifically for this event, due to a certain VA making an appearance:
Dr. Caballeron by ChainChomp2 Bulk Biceps (Snowflake) by ChainChomp2 Crescent Moon by ChainChomp2 Jeff Letrotski (The Dude) by ChainChomp2

In a few hours I'm flying out to Baltimore, but with the time difference it'll be the evening by the time I get there even though I leave pretty early. ^^;

Otherwise I'll be here for all three days and leave Monday morning, maybe I'll see any of you who follow me, maybe not, since I'm not exactly going to be in one place all the time since I'm not vending or anything. :XD:  I'll just have the same shirts I made last year from a couple of my vectors and a very Crescent Moon-ish hat that I actually got at this con last year.  I'll be like that background pony you never notice. ;)

Be back Monday! Hi! Even though I'll have Internet access this whole weekend and to my cloud data.
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In light of the recent episode hiatus I'm feeling particularly roasty, so I'll revisit something from the other week that I never openly said anything about:

Friendtastic Four by ChainChomp2 / <da:thumb id="535534125"/><da:thumb id="535534101"/>
* / <da:thumb id="535534019"/>

*The artist of this and I simply worked off the same material; I'm not attacking them.

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: <- This stamp is generally present.
... I made the exact same vector as that, only I haven't posted it yet, instead I decided to do major editing to my version of the vector into hug pony vectors instead.
Here's the full conversation.

In my second reply, the following were A, B, C, and D in above:
Smiling Shirtless Soarin' by ChainChomp2* / <da:thumb id="509512645"/> *The colors were originally like the colors on the right, that version can still be found publicly on Derpibooru under my artist tag.
Request: Dr. Whooves 'hugs?' -serious- by RichHap / <da:thumb id="520239423"/>

Check the comments, notice anything? :icontrollestiaplz:

Lesson; Don't:
  • Expect credit when you won't give it yourself.
  • Download a vector and then say you made it, especially not to the vector artist who actually did.
  • Pass off jagged or pixelated edits as vectoring. You're doing it wrong. :XD:

TL;DR: Acknowledgement goes a long way.

But really it's less about the credit (or lack thereof) and more about how they felt the need to try to mosey their way out of it.

Special thanks to that special someone (you know who you are) that let me know way back when.
I can see where they cut off the crest, hehe.  I imagined a blue brick(?) wall, with a Soarin head popping out of it, when I first saw this.
These are just my examples, as there's undoubtedly more where they came from. 
The response I got from my initial reaching-out to the artist is why I felt the need to make this journal, because it's honestly more hilarious than it is upsetting. Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz
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Conventions can help change your mood especially when you're like me and try to take pride in your own independence and individuality, but it instead ultimately results in you slowly learning to loathe and hate everyone. Because you're different than them and start to feel like you're on your own in the bad kinda way, even when you try to convince yourself that everyone is unique and how that makes us all special. Might even get to the point you start to deter people away from you because you can only think of the times you mess things up when trying to talk to people, even when you might succeed and connect well with others at the same time.

But I guess that can be the same case with meeting people in-person as a whole, although cons can make that easier. Because then you can see how friendly people are as though it's a much different side to them compared to how they might behave on the world that is the Internet. (That said, this can go both ways.)

Several panelists encouraged interacting and being involved with your audience, or just to make friends and interact. Doing that with strangers, friends you mostly talk to on the net, fans who recognize you (somehow), or staying after panels to talk with the panelists for a bit as strange as it sounds, made me feel pretty optimistic and happier about the world. I even saw one or two of my vectors used or remixed in a powerpoint presentation during the last panel I attended on Saturday and got excited, because hardly anyone ever used that particular one or ones.

I even got a photo with that group of panelists, at least after I fanboyed over having my stuff get noticed and used in it. Even before then and during the panel I felt happier about trying to focus on what makes me happy as far as reuse and remixing of resources, rather than what makes me a bit more protective of my stuff, especially when I was told to keep making art that I enjoy. It was Silver Quill if you guys really wanna know. >3>

Added to that, I usually take the opportunity of cons to buy lots of things from vendors for my close friends that they might like, even if they don't ask me to get things for them, especially since not everyone gets the opportunity to go to said cons. Thus, cons to me are like the doses of happiness I need every once in a while because otherwise I start keeping to myself and lose trust in people.

Yeah, I guess my life is pretty sad and/or complicated and I should get out more, but I'm making due. Or trying to.

But I did enjoy BABSCon, and my Spring Break, for that matter, despite obliterating a sizeable chunk of my wallet. BronyCon may...or may not happen at this point. Michael Dobson is going though so I know I have to go!

Then again this could've just been the hiatus, and along with BABSCon came Season 5.  As long as things are brighter from here on out, I guess?

I'm still waiting for the iTunes HD videos to begin my work, though.
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Would have done this earlier, but y'know, procrastinating and stuff, how I only got my haircut yesterday, and then was too tired from playing Smash 4 for Wii U with friends at night and thus this falls on April Fool's Day, by which, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Umm...yeah.  I'm going, and I know some people on my other non-DA accounts where I might've announced already that I'm going, that'll try to see me or are also going, so here's a journal.
So...yee. Hyped for Season 5, ayyyy-Pundloo and a love-ly balloon

See you at BABSCon, for anyone going? ;)
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  • Playing: Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8 traveling distractions and times of fun are over, so I guess I can go back to making things, or actually reading my messages.  Before college kicks up again, anyway.

Didn't want any sour feelings related to my last journal to interfere with enjoying BronyCon this past weekend or preparing for it either, so I haven't read any feedback or notes sent in my message box regarding anything whether it was journals, vectors, etc. since posting it, despite something about responding to anything anyone comments on a certain journal, but of course I never expect comments or anyone to read it, so...I guess that changes now.

If you wanna know what I did, I bought a lot of stuff for friends and myself, enjoyed some panels, and met people.  That's all that was important.
I'll keep the important bits near the beginning and short and sweet, for everyone's benefit;

If it pertains to an "obscure background pony" (but not limited to):

  • SVG files will be gone indefinitely.  Don't even ask me for them anymore.  (It's not like many even used them.)
  • I won't endorse any more bases made from them.  But realistically it's not like that'll do anything.  You'll make them if you want regardless of what I or anyone says, right?  That's how it works, surely.
  • If you wanted to sell it as merch in your convention inventory (hardly anyone did this so don't worry), no thank you, I'll gladly make my own because I know how to do that for myself now.

If you wanted to do any of the above, use the show like I did.  Don't use me anymore, because I'm not interested.

(Depends on a case-by-case basis; ex: relatively widely-known characters like Twilight Sparkle, Doctor Whooves, Flash Sentry, etc. are mostly exempt.  Cutie marks, backgrounds, and commonly-remixed things (NYAs, shrugponies, etc.) will remain free and open-arms.  Check each deviation you're interested in to see whether or not it applies.)

That's the only important bit, so you can go back to what you were doing before you saw this journal either in your watch messages or on my profile (somehow) and delete this journal watch notification too.

== Bread, butter, sweets, but mostly yucky vegetables beyond this point.  Proceed at your own risk. ==

It's gotten to that inevitable point where I'm not really sought out nor followed for obscure background pony appreciation anymore, and I don't really like it.  Boo hoo.

A lot of the driving force behind this reflects my move from simply tracing something out of a screenshot without edits to actually changing things around for once to make things that aren't so much ever depicted in the show more often, just for something different but still involving characters canon in the show, even if only existent for crowd filling.  I'm not sure if "original art" still applies, but that's what it feels like, even if it isn't that fully.  It requires a bit more effort and flexibility in order for the results to look anything reminiscent of the show's art style, compared to what I used to do more often, at least for me.

Anyway, for a while I assumed that since I primarily trace off the show, that I'm required to be open-source with my stuff.  With the exception of a few things I'm a bit more proud of (usually things pieced together from multiple things instead of just vectoring one thing from one reference), or things that I made for specific people or friends as gifts.  I felt that other people traced off the show too, and thought it was fair for it to be this way.

That's changed.  From what I've been observing, more people trace off each other's vectors instead of tracing off the show like I thought people did, or at least using it as a reference.  People more often trace other people's stuff (mostly referring to vectors) once it becomes available.  I suppose it took a while for me to finally see it that way.

Besides, what I'm doing with my SVGs shouldn't really even do anything or matter too much, since people trace over other people's vectors instead of use the SVGs that I did have available.  Or that it doesn't really stop the people that already have a hold of those resources.  It's a process that repeats over and over, when people trace things that other people traced, which was something they traced from someone else, which was traced from someone els—okay, maybe it happens at most, once or twice, for each respective vector, but you get the idea.  My problem isn't with so much the SVG editing now as it was half a year ago, but it's all I can really do anything about.

After several repetitions, the result is only an unrecognizable remnant of something that once was.  I mean, sure, I blatantly trace something to make what I post too, but this is a whole 'nother level.  Particularly if it's off something I made rather than the more-original source material that I actually traced it from.  I can usually tell when something doesn't become mainstream in the world of OCs and edits until it gets vectored, maybe by me, maybe not by me.  I usually see some MSPaint Base or OC picture and go "Oh, that was originally pony X that I did!", at least if they don't even mention the original.  Most people who make bases do indeed credit the original, though, which I appreciate.

I can also tell someone works off something of mine or someone else's when the original source material (the show) has a large portion of a body cut off, for instance.  I usually try to guess the proportions of the rest of the body, any other bits cut off, and I recognize them when I see other people use those same proportions (especially if I felt mine looked weird and inaccurate), or any other edits I'd do, like how I would round the hooves, or do things differently here or there.  It's more or less proof that someone is using my vector, rather than working off the show reference itself.  Some of them even say not to trace, recolor, or edit their images.  If I did this, I know it'd do little to deter, even for some of the things I'm more proud and protective of.

So, I know taking away my SVG files for most of my things isn't really going to do anything.  That was never the intent in doing so.  As far as I know, maybe two people I can think of at most actually used my SVGs for research and study, while other people would actually edit and reuse them in derivative works.  It shouldn't really matter, since people more often just draw over or trace over things instead of utilizing the sources.  I've just had enough of sucking up and moving on/keeping quiet and allowing things to happen that I probably didn't like and I just felt that I should at least say something about it.  The cons outweigh the pros, at least, that's how I see it now.

If you've gotten this far, chances are that you're confused on what my point is, or where I'm going with the rest of this. 

I didn't start vectoring specifically for myself.  Okay, maybe I did, to learn a new skill or to make things in an art style I personally enjoyed, sure.  It was mostly the other extreme; I started vectoring for other more obscure background characters that the existing vector artists hardly did.  For a while, that's how it was from those who followed me.  I might have inspired a couple people here and there to join the cause, since I couldn't cover every other canon background pony out there, and it made more sense as a team effort.  The rest probably followed me because they also like the same background ponies, and liked seeing new content for them, which I may have provided here and there.

As I said, that changed.  As I became noticed by more and more people, I didn't feel I was sought for background pony stuff like I once was.  People mostly saw me as a provider of material for them to trace over, where they'd all scratch out the background pony and morph it into their own or friend's OCs or things like that.  Other people would edit my things directly, or draw over them and then sell them for commissions and otherwise claim them as their own work.  I never made any money from doing this, since I'd rather just do it for fun and not let greed get the better of me.  As I said, I could tell when people used my or other people's stuff instead of finding their own material in the show to use, thus to this conclusion that people don't generally trace off the show anymore.

It's come to this, where I don't care about what your or the general standards are as for derivative works, reuse, or things like that anymore.  I just want to make stuff for the background ponies that most people overlooked (but others had designed to be put in the show to look nice, surely) in favor of their OCs or the more mainstream characters, minor/background or not.  Clearly that hasn't done anything.  If you haven't noticed, I don't really like OCs that much, despite doing them privately for friends here and there.  I may as well admit to it now.  Mostly because of most of the ones I see, whether they're just doing their own thing or an art of them is off something I or someone else made originally.  They're mostly why I'm hardly open to requests, and why my friends are probably afraid to ask me for vectors of their own.  That's how I like it, to be honest.

If you're a regular at :iconmlp-vectorclub:MLP-VectorClub, you might know about having to link your source files alongside your work for traced things.  Near the middle of Season 4, after being flustered with problems involving people editing my SVGs and selling them off as commissions, I was considering removing myself and all my things from the group and wrote a comment saying so on the main group page, before I was contacted personally by their PR rep that I don't have to release my source files publicly so long as I share them with the inspector for further critiquing if needed.  Leading up to that point, I'd written two or three notes privately to the group, but I didn't see anything really being done.  They were still accepting submissions that were other people's recolored source files, when the group rules said that wasn't allowed, and that they'd deny such submissions.

Lately, even if I haven't privately linked my SVG in my submission, they seem to have been accepting my things anyway, even if they were traced straight out, so this isn't really going to change anything.

If you were thinking of telling me anything further, like as reasoning with me, bashing me, calling me selfish, a hypocrite, encouraging me, or things like that of the sort...I probably won't be really interested.  I observed something happening over an extended period of time, made judgments, reacted accordingly, and that's how things will just be until next time.  Maybe I consulted with a couple close and trusted friends about this, maybe not.  The longer I go at this, the less chance there is of changing my mind, to be honest.  Like I said earlier, I don't really care what everyone's "standards" or "morals" for reuse or remix is anymore.  I just want to do my own stuff for why I enjoy it, and for those who follow me that do.  Maybe you should, too.

Of course, as pessimistic as that was, if you have something to say, you should comment it anyway.  Just don't expect it to change anything.  But, if I feel I can give a worthwhile response, I'll try.  I know an issue like this (if it is) concerns a very gray area up to individuals' personal interpretation.

If you'll mention how it's probably just a coincidence that things people make look the same, and that they used a similar reference, I'll tell you that this is rare, especially considering the characters I actually work with.  The few times it has were instances that lots of people saw, and usually involved (relatively) more well-known example here.

Maybe you just ignored or grazed this journal, maybe you read it and agree with me, maybe you'll be unwatching me now that you've seen it.  Maybe you do or don't have an immediate response.  Maybe at one point I inspired you to start vectoring or maybe my gallery looked like a lot of exploitable material for your own purposes to you and then you started editing my stuff for that.

Maybe you won't do anything different.

That's nice.  At this point, the whole novelty of doing things for background ponies and inspiring people is wearing off.  No one else is really doing things or following me for those canon background ponies anymore and the joy of maybe inspiring people has gone past, seeing what people do now as opposed to a year ago.  I'm just picky like that.  You guys can trace my things all you want, I'm not going to tell you to stop, or do anything about bases made in the past from my stuff back when I allowed this, because that's futile.  But I'm not going to keep quiet about my disapproval, either.  I'm done with that.  After a while, after several traces and redraws of something I made off the show, the result becomes something I wouldn't want to associate with anymore.  Maybe this is how the animators feel.

I guess this is just another indication that I should get on that drawing tablet thing so I at least have something else alongside vectoring to make things with.  Something more original and less-flexible, at least.  I didn't really want to take hand-drawn or would-be traditional that seriously until I had digital tools.  You could argue that this is what people need to deal with as far as vectors; many can shrug it off with no problem, but clearly I personally wasn't able to forever, as much as I enjoy vectoring.  At least it'd be something new until I have the same feelings I had about this and probably then I guess I'd just stop posting things publicly or where they'll be seen a lot.  Growing attached to background pony fairness is probably as bad if not worse than professing my love to a cartoon horse.

Anyway, these are the only people off the top of my head I'll be trusting with my SVGs, past or subsequent from now on:


(Oh, and if you're a vector inspector there then this obviously applies to you, too.)

See you at BronyCon in a few days.  Probably not.
What can I say?  My dA profile needs something a little more positive as its featured/most recent journal. =p

I'll shamelessly plug my :facebook: page again since that's where I mostly posted pictures I took or statuses I made depending on the mood as the con was happening, just for some extra details only if interested.

What else can I say?

Well, it was a pleasure having a local con where I didn't have to travel far nor book a hotel, not that doing or not doing either dampens the experience of a con! :D  Maybe the only thing is that since I wasn't rooming at the hotel at this one, I had to go home a little earlier at night, since it wasn't me driving after all.  For instance, the Saturday concert ran until after 2 AM, but I left after the Sherclop Pones panel that night at around half before midnight.  (But to be honest, I probably wouldn't have gone to the concert anyway, since I'm not so much music-savvy or one for concerts, although that's just me.)

"Pony princess good, high school great!"

I mostly went to panels and bought stuff (er, didn't everyone? =p), but not so much socialize, well, unless playing with my 3DS with other people Saturday night counts (I think it does?). :P

Most of that stuff being for friends, I haven't went through it all and counted how much I spent, but I can safely say it's almost made me broke! Oops! 

As for the merch/con swag far as vectors were concerned, most of it was stuff I saw last year at Everfree Northwest (for instance, Soarin's new cutie mark was nowhere to be found), but that's okay, because there was lots of merch that was original art, which was nice!  As far as character choice, I've grown to expect the usual characters that are known, otherwise I'll just be disappointed all the time if I were to expect people to make merch of obscure background ponies all the time! (That's why I had these made which I wore to the con...if no one else will due to lack of demand/popularity, it helps to be able to have things made yourself!  Well, if you have money to burn...)

The con swag I got consisted of:
And of that, the coffee mug, travel mug, two coasters, 9 of the badges, and 29 of the buttons are for friends rather than for me. (Roughly $123 or so, I think, considering the discount on the buttons by buying in bulk, nowhere near as much as what went into the Charity auction by other more rich people x3).

So, what's next?

Well, I'm still planning on attending BronyCon this year (no Everfree as it stands for me, unfortunately).  I just hope I'll either have MORE money to spend or that I won't be as spend-y as I was here!

Ciao! :D
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By the time you read this, the old links to the SVG files for pony vectors traced from the show will be broken or be in the process of doing so.

This does not apply to:

Pony-less backgrounds such as:
Wonderbolts Academy Background by ChainChomp2

IDW comic-styled vectors such as:

Edits to a vectorized base such as:
Thunderlane Shrug Pony by ChainChomp2 Twinkleshine NYA by ChainChomp2 Soarin' SMEEL by ChainChomp2, etc.

and cutie marks such as:
Steamer Cutie Mark by ChainChomp2

This does apply to:

Most ponies, such as:
Star Triangle by ChainChomp2 Royal Wedding Stallions by ChainChomp2 Space Ponies 2 (1 Year on deviantART) by ChainChomp2, etc.

Although some exceptions include these as well as other "gag-type" images:
So(arin)...AWESOME! by ChainChomp2 Why, do you know him? by ChainChomp2 Flash Sentry's Face by ChainChomp2 Soarin' - Deal with it by ChainChomp2etc. (subject to change)

Although, let's clarify some things:

My SVG files are not gone forever, I've simply broken the links of the ones I am "removing" so that they do not work anymore.  They'll be in the process of reuploading so that the only thing different is the link, which will (or should) be unknown to anyone but myself, for the time being.

From now on, if you want an SVG of something that is now unavailable publicly, all you have to do is send me a note.  This detail will be added to each deviation where relevant.

Just know that this may not always guarantee me to provide them for you, but as it stands at the moment this shouldn't be too much of problem to anyone who might want to use them.  Therefore, please do not be afraid of being a burden or bothering me about asking for my SVG files, no matter how many times you might need to, as it's quite alright given the circumstances of what I ended up doing.  The only ground rules are not to steal or claim as your own or to make money off it...more might be added later.  However, if I see enough abuse of this then I'll take this privilege away too.  Of course, for the number of you I've communicated with outside of deviantART, this should be no problem whatsoever, or if you've used my vectors or SVG files with no problem from me previously, especially if I've seen them and appreciated it first-hand (you know who you are).

I don't abide by the above anymore, but I'm not going to pretend I never said it.  Unfortunately...that went too far as well.

I've also changed one thing slightly, regarding reuse for physical merch purposes.  For things like cutie marks, I have no restrictions on, the whole reason I made them was so that people had high-quality cutie marks available for ponies that probably don't have much to begin with.  This mostly has to do with seeing very old and outdated cutie marks continue to be used on merchandise of the type when I attended Everfree Northwest 2013.  For everything else where stated, if you're going to be making things like buttons or other physical merch to sell at conventions or to sell period, all you need to do is ask.  If you're going to use something for personal use, then I have no reason to stop you, so no asking or permission will be needed.

Even still, all this is subject to change and I could just delete the SVG files from the interwebs if I so feel like it, so let's hope that never happens.

For future uploads, I'm allowed to send submissions to :iconmlp-vectorclub:MLP-VectorClub so long as the SVG file is privately attached in the comments of the submission message, so that the vector inspector may use it for advanced critiquing if necessary, so as of now, neither my membership nor my vectors are at risk of leaving the group anytime soon.  I was very happy to be offered this compromise by the group.
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Rather, future SVGs that you almost-normally see attached on my stuff.

Of course, it could eventually come to nuking my entire SVG library from (more on that later)

In my effort to avoid seeing things that might, well, rethink my purpose as a vector artist, I was able to avoid this for a couple months, but that couple months ended fairly recently.  Basically, the inevitable happened.

Curiosity killed the cat.

You can thank :iconrusty-sparkthetinker:Rusty-SparkTheTinker for single-handedly making this happen.

If reading depressing text isn't your thing and you just want to look at vectors, I have a treat for you:

Rus-bat by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Princess Neon Lights by ChainChomp2

  Rusty  via style by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  conTENT Warm Front (Sunburst) by ChainChomp2

[Rp Character] Autumn Leaf by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Happy Warm Front (Sunburst) by ChainChomp2

Dazzle Rose by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle by ChainChomp2

[RP Character] Blood Rush by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Noteworthy is not Excited by ChainChomp2

Stain Spark, The fallen hoof by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Request: Leon the unknown by Rusty-SparkTheTinker   Excited Cadet Thunderlane is Excited by ChainChomp2

[Rp Character] Lodestone by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Royal Wedding Stallions by ChainChomp2

FoE: Venom Vial by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  [RP Character] Arcane Light by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Waxing Moonbutt by ChainChomp2

[RP Character] Sharp Gear by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Cadet Star Hunter Screwed Up by ChainChomp2

Rusty The Royal Gemcollector by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Ponet The Drum Unicorn by ChainChomp2

Rusty is trippin' on da Voodoo by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Goldengrape is Even More Excited by ChainChomp2

Crank it Rusty by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Rusty and the Junkyard Justicar by Rusty-SparkTheTinker  Mercury / Milky Way is Giddy by ChainChomp2

Thumbs of vectors end here.  The title of this journal should now be explained if you're not interested in reading.

I know I'm not the only one whose stuff features in this gallery, so it isn't just about me, but that should be enough to make my point.  There's other stuff by other people that I don't immediately recognize, but that doesn't change my stance in the matter.  I'm well-aware there's more I haven't found, so these are just from one user.  That, and I posted a few others in my last journal two weeks ago.  It's probably better off I don't find any more, for my own safety.  But really, I only bring this up now because I only just noticed that my things are part of and used as examples in a commission journal.  Of course, you might notice some copypasted text here and there from this journal, for instance.

But I may as well continue.

As I've previously noted, everything should be fine as long as you credit me, even if I might not even think the finished product is all that great, because that at least tells me that you liked something I made, used it, and appreciated it or me enough to continue to attribute me to it.  Unfortunately, there aren't enough of you that do it.

Of all the people who see my vectors, some actually look at them on deviantART (as I do post my vectors in other places), some download the exported PNG images, some use those PNGs in their personal wallpapers, and a very small handful actually make use of the SVG resources; be it reusing them for personal use, for recoloring them into their OCs, fulfilling requests, and recently, for fulfilling commissions. The rest are maybe an even smaller bunch using them to learn how my vectors are built and my techniques.

Furthermore, this only affects my SVG files, and whether I'll ever post any more for future vectors.  This does not affect me posting my usual PNG images, nor does it affect my vectoring overall, at least somewhat.  It might be hard to gather inspiration to work on more, but that's all.  For those who might have used my SVG files for a purpose such as learning or study, then you can ask me for the SVG file of any future things I post so long as I at least know you enough to trust you with them.  Because I can't really trust anyone new who comes out of nowhere at the moment.  For those of you I communicate with frequently outside of deviantART and share my SVG files with, this does not affect you.

For those of you who used my SVG files for personal use, fulfilling requests from friends, or may or may not have uploaded anything, this may affect you, unless you can show and convince me why my resources might matter to you.  As it stands now, I don't feel like they do.

I asked this in my last journal, basically;

What am I to you?

Or specifically, what are my SVG files to you?

Whenever I get around to updating the files after I notice errors months later I look at the download counts, and most of them are ignored save for a couple that have upwards of 50 to 60+ last I checked.  More importantly, if you ever recolor them or reuse them in whatever project you make, do you credit me?  For a couple of you, you already tell me you enjoy using them and where you do, and thus probably don't feel the need to credit me in them, as I'm already well aware of you using them, which is fine, but only applies to two of you at most.  Or are they material for your OCs to use to fulfill requests and commissions that you take full credit for, and you don't actually like me for my attention to apathetic ponies?  (Pff...who am I kidding, having an OC is worlds more popular than most of the ponies I've vectored.)

Because if you want the rest of my SVG files to stay up after the end of the week, you'll have to convince me to keep them up.

Right now, it doesn't seem like people really care about them, other than to use them to recolor into their OCs for themselves or for others.  They just like the pose, and don't actually care about the underrated pony it is of, which I guess makes sense.  Furthermore, I notice no links or mentions to the original, where it says so to credit me in basically every deviation this applies to.  So, as it stands, unless I can be convinced on good examples of reuse or importance to people, preferably by people other than those I frequently communicate with, they will be removed from my the night after the new episode on Saturday.  Of course for most of you, they probably don't matter, in fact, I'd appreciate if you just say that the SVG files, and by extension I, don't matter to you, because then I'll know for sure.

Taking away the reusability of my vectors are among the sacrifices I'll make just to see my stuff not continue being stolen, because it seems to me that people won't care anyway, and still don't for the duration this journal has been posted.  If you're a thief, you won't have any new material to use unless you either make your own or rip off someone else, repeating the cycle.

Initially, I was going to remove each vector from the :iconmlp-vectorclub:MLP-VectorClub since attaching an SVG source to traced images was required.  However, I've been informed that I can withhold my SVG files from the public so long as I privately provide the SVG for the vector inspectors solely for critiquing purposes, allowing them to remain in the group gallery.  With this, I see no reason to keep my SVGs up, at least publicly, since it's not like anyone really used them for anything other than the usual maneswap and recolor edit before taking credit, as there aren't really many other common uses that I've seen.  People who did were typically people I kept in close contact with and already trusted, anyway.

Possible courses of action:

Bullet; Red Stop linking SVGs/offering full-res downloads on future deviations, remove all SVG files from eventually. (current plan as it stands)
Bullet; Blue Stop linking SVGs/offering full-res downloads, retain past SVG files for those who still want them.
Bullet; Green Continue linking SVGs and retain all past SVG files as normal.

And just a bit more;

PIRs (Predictable Imminent Responses):

Bullet; Black Art theft happens.  Get over it.

I know it does.  And frankly I'd rather make it harder to be a victim by not leaving anything I make open to anyone who can just download them and easily edit them.  If someone will want an SVG of something I uploaded, they'll either have to vector over it themselves, or find another vector artist to do it.  In the world of vectoring, where people are used to substituting manes or other parts on a complete vector, it feels like too much work to do this, that people who want the easy way out won't bother.  I'd rather quit than continue being a victim of it, or to stop making it so easy, the only way being to stop.

I was led to believe that MLP-VectorClub would allow no recolors or edits of other existing vectors as OCs per its rules, and that if another user's vector was used, you must link the source and credit the author.  I felt safe, too safe.   Foolishly safe.  I wasn't sure if this was the case for canon ponies.  After seeing several edits of my stuff accepted into the group, I sent a query or two about my concerns, them saying there's nothing they can do, despite the rules, and then a third one when I was reassured there was discussion amongst the admins and there'd be a poll on the subject in the coming days.  That was over a month ago, and since then there've been more submissions that were edits of my stuff, with no credit.  It's taken me that long to realize that the group does not care, so removing my vectors from it as a consequence for removing my SVG files is a step I'm willing to take if necessary and one that I have no problem or regret doing as it is.  After all, I don't do the mainstream characters that everyone cares about and associates with, despite it'd be over a hundred vectors disappearing from their gallery, so it's not like anyone'll notice nor care.

Bullet; Black Vectoring off the show is art theft in itself.  Hypocrite.

I vector from the show part because I like the style, part because lots of other people do and recognize it, part because people find vectors useful, and part because staff sometimes come on here and see them and appreciate that others like it enough to vector from.  It isn't like this with other TV shows, furthermore, it's explained here.  I don't make money doing this, even for the hours I might have spent doing it, and do it because I enjoy it and it's fun.  I do not claim the show's style as my own.  The most I get is usually satisfaction and appreciation from grateful friends, which is enough for me, but apparently too much for others.  Are you one of them?  It can't be too much to say that other people shouldn't benefit in material wealth out of work done by me; if they want to, they can do that by tracing off the show themselves, instead of ripping off someone else who did it for no monetary gain.  Then again, this might be good news to you if you hate vector artists to begin with.

Bullet; Black These other people who fall victim to it can just blow it off and move on.

Because they either don't know, managed to not care, or I'm too prideful or not prideful enough.  I didn't spend hours doing something for fun and for no real material reward for someone else to blatantly benefit off it, whether it be monetary gain or credit and admiration.  Short story, I can't, after I've seen it.  Shorter story, I'm not them.

Bullet; Black Whatever, take them all down.  See if I care.  I use your raster PNGs anyway.

I'm glad for two reasons, one, that we've come to agreeable terms, and two, that my hunch was right.

Bullet; Black lol wat a baby

At least now I know I'm making the right decision.  Thanks for openly showing you don't care and for reinforcing my thoughts! :)

Bullet; Black tl;dr

[see above]

Bullet; Black Will you at least continue vectoring?

Yes, I will.  I still have something about as big as the Christmas vector planned for #200, as well as a couple Brollys, a Snowflake, and a Doctor Whooves vector after that.  Outside of deviantART, something for Arteses-Canvas that I was supposed to start yesterday.  However as it is right now, they won't have SVG files linked and I won't have a full-res download, like some of my previous works, and thus, probably won't be submitted to that group.  In the meantime, I'll probably be working on other stuff that I'll be posting to a generic Facebook page I made for Crescent Moon.

Bullet; Black You okay, Ryan?  Anything I can do to help?

You tell me.  Did you read the whole journal or skip to the bottom to get here?

In all seriousness...
Bullet; Blue Show you care, or show you don't care.  If you don't like the choices I'm making, suggest something else for me to do and give a good reason.

...Well, that happened.  It's nice to get that off my chest finally.

For those of you in classes, have a good semester/quarter, and for the rest of you, have a great 2014! :D

Hopefully the rest of the pony season is enjoyable for both you and I. =p
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At least, the usual reusables where I link the SVG in the description that you are used to seeing from me.

You might have noticed lately that my two or three most recent deviations were ones where I did not add the SVG source, nor submit them to :iconmlp-vectorclub:MLP-VectorClub, nor have a download for the full source.

Three weeks ago I wrote the following message to the group in a note:

In the group description are these points:
"OCs must be high quality just like any other vector submitted to us. Also, they can't be based on any pose from a pony creator, or be recolors of a canon character or an existing vector."
"When you use an existing vector, link to the source to credit the original author."

And yet, all of these seem to have been accepted into the group with little problem:
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark by Jeatz-Axl vs  Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark by ChainChomp2 (Now, I realize I allowed for reuse without attribution, but this still primarily uses mine as a base and it's not exactly that well-edited to standards either)
Braeburn by Jeatz-Axl vs  Bada*s Suitless Soarin' by ChainChomp2
Frostbite (Commission) by sirhcx and  Request: Leon the unknown by Rusty-SparkTheTinker* vs  Excited Thunderlane is Excited by ChainChomp2
<da:thumb id="416494283"/> vs  Space Ponies 2 (1 Year on deviantART) by ChainChomp2
[and I'll assume that third character's body base is taken from someone else's source vector file, too]
These are at least, the ones I've found over time that were edited from my vectors, there could be more but that probably doesn't mean anything at this moment.
*A lot of vectors from this artist use different parts of mine and other people's vectors, and there might be more of them in the OCs folder if that means anything.

I'm not necessarily protesting the making of these vectors given that vectors are easy to edit for that reason, but their acceptance into the group.
Although, I'm not certain on the direct meaning of the previous bolded statement; are recolors not allowed, but vectors with swapped manes, cutie marks, etc. with everything else reused and recolors are allowed? And this applies to OCs only?

But really what I'm asking is what I should do regarding this it worth bringing up to attention or should I just drop it and let it happen because my vectors are traced from the show anyway?
I got a reply that seemed to calm my concerns, which was nice...

...while it lasted, anyway.

As I said, it's been 3 weeks since, and then this one was added: <da:thumb id="421552525"/>, you might recognize it as this one:  Happy Thunderlane by ChainChomp2

Surely more where that came from, if you feel adventurous look through the group's OC folder and see how many more you find and recognize.  In actuality it's clear to me and it's my understanding that nothing's changed, and my concerns fell on deaf ears and/or were forgotten.

Like for instance;

Rus-bat by Rusty-SparkTheTinker vs  Princess Neon Lights by ChainChomp2

Note that these only refer to the ones that the group accepts, I realize there are multitudes more that go unnoted simply because they're not accepted or submitted there.

I should clarify a few things though;
  • I really don't mind if you just recolor my vectors period, that's what vectors are for, after all.  Reusing for whatever purpose. (preferably, purposes that don't involve money; I'm not making any, and neither should you)
  • I understand some people go around requesting that their OC be turned into a pose, which might be one from one of mine.  I'm okay with this, so long as it isn't a commission (it says so in my deviations).  It's different when that person either claims it as their own work or doesn't link to the original. (I've also added this to my deviations)
  • A number of you already tell me when and where you use my stuff in whatever your work is and you credit me and everything.  That's all fine and dandy, and whether or not I have a high or low opinion about your work, I appreciate that you took the time and went the extra mile to be courteous and attribute me with it.  I'm definitely aware of several edits of my stuff, but they are no problem since they are courteous about it.
  • It's one thing to edit one of my things.  It's another to edit one of my things claiming it as your work and labor or not crediting me.  It's another to submit it to a group that says it can't be a recolor of an existing vector.  It's an entirely different thing should that group accept it anyway.
  • It's apparently too much to expect people to have common courtesy.
What am I trying to say then?

What am I to you?  Someone you appreciate for paying attention to ignored stallions?  Or maybe even someone you appreciate for vector quality?  Or even, someone you learn from?  Heck, I'm sure for some of you, the stallions I vector are nothing more than sex objects either for your OCs, canon characters, or otherwise.

Or am I a source for vectors to recolor and edit into your OCs, or make bases of, and nothing more?

Say what you want, call me a baby for trying to deny the reality of vectoring and deviantART or that since my work is traced, I can't own it.  I know that.  But I didn't spend hours and hours enjoying vectoring ponies that I like in order to be used and manipulated by people who couldn't care less about me or my stuff.  Talk down to me for all I care, because whatever you say of the sort, it's not going to help me start vectoring.  Say what you want about how an issue like this should be dealt with the group.  Because I tried.  Three weeks ago, and a couple times before that in the previous months.  Nothing happened in every case.

Why am I saying this?

Because reusable vectors will be much, much less frequent from me as a result of these events, and I'm nice enough to tell the few people who might care why that is.

Before my break is over and class starts again, I was going to do and upload a vector of Brolly for someone that's been patiently waiting, maybe that Snowflake vector I said I'd do on one of those request journals, and one fairly large project, again, intended as gift art for friends.  Aside that, private gift art for other friends, as well as requests that I agreed to do for people ages ago.  Therefore, I'll still be vectoring, but it's okay because no one that the vectors are not intended for can reuse what I'll be making for their own gain and their own gain only.

With all that said,

If you're going to take and edit one of my vectors and claim it as your own work or not credit me, for not only my sake, but yours, and everyone else's...

Hope that I never see it.

For me, I won't know about it and thus it won't make me rethink my purpose as a vector artist.
For you, since I won't be rethinking my purpose as a vector artist, you'll continually have a source of things to steal.
For everyone else, I won't be depriving people who genuinely like my vectors of the vectors that they may enjoy.

I know the people that this is meant for and aimed at probably won't see this, and if they do, won't care, but I felt like saying it anyway.

That is all.  Happy New Year.
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My two Steam Skin uploads will be in storage until I find more time to update them for current standards so that there is no loss of functionality, like emoticons in the chat, etc.  Right now they are too buggy and outdated to use effectively with the current Steam release.

I'm in no way deleting them indefinitely, they just need time to be overhauled from the ground up.

This also means I have no immediate plans to make more of other characters.  If you are still using one, I suggest using the default skin to ensure that you are able to use all the basic functions.
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Vectors will be at a standstill until I feel making them is a safe thing to do without being manipulated

whenever that might be
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