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We're Free!

By ChainChomp2
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Squeezed this in the final hours of :iconsibsy:Sibsy's birthday, at least as far as the Pacific (GMT-7, PST) time zone is concerned.

Shading is new to me, and so is tracing ponies not from the show. In all still was fun to do! I opted not to do the lines used for shading...for personal reasons.

Nonetheless one of my favorite pairings, even if it might be obsolete, as far as alternate universes are concerned  *cough*:iconmandopony:*cough*. At Everfree Northwest 2013 while getting my autograph from Sibsy herself, I identified myself as the person who vectorized the comic drawing which was followed by her excitement and wish that he'd be changed to Mandopony...from what I remember. So that's something for the future, I hope. :)

MLP Resource: Wild Fire's cutie mark V1 by :iconzutheskunk:ZuTheSkunk

Time: 5 hours



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Reference (Page 18 of IDW MLP #1 drawn by :iconandypriceart:andypriceart):Lucky and Wild Fire Comic #1 Reference by ChainChomp2


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Awh. I really don't like LuckyFire anymore due to Mando being her canon wub....


>///< Its cute.
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Er... But "canon" refers to an in-universe perspective, and according to Sibsy here, [link] MandoPony is never going to appear in the show.

Sooo, this pairing is probably as canon as it'll get for Wild Fire.
EeveelutionLova's avatar
Oh. He isn't..

Oh. WElp, now I support both. XDD
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Looks great for what you're not used to. I like it, very good.

I especially love the frightened expression XD
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i love you for putting lucky there
he needs love
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I read the words "We're Free!" in the voice of that slave with the shovel from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.
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You're free? SOLD for free.
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D'awwww Wild Fire is so adorable here!
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"Yes! They gave me a break for my birthday! Let's go out tonight and celebrate!"

Beautiful work
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oooh ooh i think i remember this pose from the IDW comics. :D

nice job here :3
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nice job!
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He may not be her significant other anymore, but this is still cute! :3
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Mandopony does not exist in the MLP world, ergo he is still Wildfires signifigant other, not Sibsy's herself
Even if he exists in cameo form in the comics, this scene supersedes that.
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How would you know I'm talking about the cartoon characters and not the actual people they are based off of?
StarryOak's avatar
Because you commented specifically on a pony, and either way it would be the same amount of assuming involved.
AleximusPrime's avatar
well you don't know what I'm thinking now do you.
StarryOak's avatar
But if one wants to say anythin new around someone's comment, you have to look at what they said and where they said it. I don't know what you were thinking as its impossible, but that shouldn't mean I should be barred from commenting on something you said because of that fact
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What in the world did you just say? :confused:
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das so koot! c:
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