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That Pony Sure Does Love Pies

Character  Soarin'
The title comes from this tag that popped up on Derpibooru half a year ago and thensome that was applied to all (I think) Soarin' images involving him and pies (for me, a lesser evil when compared to the usual shipping accessorizing), which I guess was based off a line from APPLE.MOV.

I changed a few things (not much else though), mostly his hindlegs instead of those old S1 things and apparently pies and some other foods appear strokeless, so I matched the style.  I probably would've wanted to change his forelegs but I lacked better examples as I don't recall stallions appearing prone and at this angle off the top of my head to work off of.  Maybe something else I thought of doing was actually give him brighter eyelids like Spitfire does (because otherwise his eyelids are the same color as his suit...just wut), but had a go at it and didn't really like the look, even if it's a correction.

Time: 4 hours



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Reference Screenshot (MLPFiM S05E15 - Rarity Investigates!, 15:53):That Pony Sure Does Love Pies (Reference) by ChainChomp2Suitless version:But I Already Ate My Suit... by ChainChomp2


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He eates when he's stressed, which is all the time.
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because it seems depressed?
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Really Soarin :? Enough pies already! Lol
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I wonder if it is the only thing that keeps his sanity under control.
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He's like: Too much pie
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soarin' the stress-eating pony
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