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Sunburst Excitedly Running

By ChainChomp2
These episodes came out three months ago.

In each of these Sunburst vectors I actually did an entire body underneath the cloak that doesn't actually get largely seen. =p Things I changed included the layering of the glasses relative to the mane, mostly due to his front-facing view which has the mane go over the glasses. At three-quarter views such as these, it was a bit inconsistent but more often than not the glasses layer over the mane. Since I disagree, what you see here is what I went with. ;) Another thing I changed were his nostrils—whatever went into his unique head design kept only one nostril visible at this angle, kinda like the other typical three-quarter stallion view where only one eye could be seen. Even with both eyes visible at this specific head angle, only one nostril remained visible too, so, like my last Sunburst work, I gave him the doubly-visible nostrils that fit with this head angle. Lastly, like the other Sunburst headshot I did, I've been drawing the tapers of horn the to be more centered rather than on out to the side like they are in the show, just because I feel it looks better this way (and how it usually looks on other unicorns).

Time: 5 hours


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OMG! He's going to be free from torture!
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I used this art for my work - link
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can i make this a base? i will credit you.
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oh nvm it says dont make this a base
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MLP: The only case where boys can be THIS adorable.
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Running for Snuggle/Cuddle time :P XD
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