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Soarin' Cutie Mark (2014)

By ChainChomp2
Character  Soarin'
Soarin's old cutie mark, which appeared on the suits of all the male Wonderbolts and of course on Soarin' himself at the end of Season 2, was retconned in Episode 10 of Season 4 (Rainbow Falls) by this.

This should be mirrored when you place it on his right flank.  In other words, the cloud should be swooping in the same direction he does, or the "pointy end" should be closer to the tail.

Time: 30 minutes


Soarin's old cutie mark: Soarin' Cutie Mark (2012-2014) by ChainChomp2


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Hey there! Thanks for creating this! I'm doing an acrylic pour painting in Soarin's color scheme and needed a transparent cutie mark to print out and use for a stencil for the corner :) I'll be sure to post a link when it's finished!
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I hope ıt was okay with using
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Why is this not universally accepted yet?!
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WAIT....the Wonderbolts all have a different flank... if NOT in a suit!!!!!REF# S4E10 9:23 did she have that cutie mark all along:? I forgot her's....
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Yes, this was the first episode we saw Fleetfoot's cutie mark (although, since the show and the IDW comics do not work together, her cutie mark and eye color have changed since then, the former going off what the fanbase agrees on), and Wonderbolts Academy was the first episode we saw Spitfire's cutie mark, however, in one shot at the end of Season 2, Soarin's cutie mark was the same as the one on the Wonderbolt suits.  That's changed with this episode.

I'm assuming they decided to give him a new one in the redesigning process, as his puppet/flash resource was last used at the end of Season 1 beyond a simple wedding picture or a race scene from two episodes in Season 2.
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Yes I see like NASA. "we have lost the moonlanding tape"<---Luna :grinn: LOL they just lost the base-puppet cutiemark  JOKE!

Yes it is a living series, I mean to say they do change things along the way. On the origional Dvd's Derpy/Ditzy Do in episode "Last Roundup" has another voice&phrase... I Always forgot it is a serie for 3+ in age LOL well they did work on it to be suited for all ikr, just say that 'we' (and I do not think a 3 year old is online make art in so many ways:P) are mostly way to philosophical and twisted in mind to discuss what is 'good' or 'bad' in the series LOL!!!

So again the writers keep on make a spoof out of 'our' behave... like  'At the Gala'/ at the convention or 'Daring Don't' our fanfeelings and knowledge :P or 'Apples to the Core' agrue what was first or in or not 'Ranbow Falls'/the return of several 'background ponies' (or something else which I am NOT attent to spoil, can be dngerous to say here...:( ) etc...

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In the start of this ep... Soarin on his suit has the 'old' cutiemark, on his flank/body lateron you see the new cutie mark XD
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I must sayI'm glad Soarin' got his own cutie-mark rather than be generalized with the Wonderbolt symbol. It duzent make sense whn it comes down to it

This new one, I see it as Soarin' striking past  the clouds, representing his speed, talent and love for flying, and not giving up
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Yeah I know, seems the designers realized this and decided to fix it.
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Good ol' Soarin' and his cutie mark changes. :iconsoarinclap:
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