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Smug Princess of Flying

By ChainChomp2
Character  Sky Stinger
...Or otherwise properly known as "Sky Stinger". Someone (I forgot, because your name disappeared from the page when I finished your suggestion and loaded it onto the page Sweating a little...) floated it at this one place and it happened to be something I already wanted to try doing.

Another facial expression for the records, huh? Also in perfect-square or 1:1 ratio size.

Time: 1 hour


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Is his full body coming up? 
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He had a funky sitting pose for this whole scene so I didn't want to just stick it on a generic body.
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Right. I mostly look for pony vectors in certain moving poses instead of just standing there idly.
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Perfect square size? Probably a design tactic for his manecut~ =3
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Sort of. When I finished and prepared to export it, I noticed the default export dimensions being very close to a perfect square, give or take some number of pixels depending on how huge I wanted it to be (initially, it suggested a size of 2913 by 2915 pixels), so I messed with the bounding box a bit (I trimmed a couple pixels from the lower part of the neck) so that it'd export in a 1:1 aspect ratio no matter what number I want to throw in. ;)

That's why this submission's length is the same as its width in pixels. =p
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So judging from what supposed to be the original is almost a perfect square. That sure is a nifty edit just to meet requirements =3
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