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Okay, NOW it's Winter!

Character  Crescent Moon (MLP)


...Because the last time I posted anything of him in these clothes, on no hemisphere in the world was it winter; because it was April. Shrug But I also took the liberty to make a couple changes, otherwise, the only time this outfit appears in the show is during S05E05 (Tanks for the Memories) for a whopping one second of screentime, and less than 200 pixels' width of pony screencapness. La la la la Though, the design of his boots is shared with another background pony's winter outfit from S05E20 (Hearthbreakers) where he was rendered a bit larger than 200px, at the very least. Wink/Razz

Snazzy stuff, if a tad impractical for winter. Then again, other background ponies effectively just had a hat, scarf, or both, so it can't be all that bad, right? Sweating a little...

Aaaaaaaand added a painfully simple background because why not? I'm not so interested in another ship/pairing edit anyway lol

This pony's name is "Crescent Moon" or "Papermoon"; a similar-looking but separate canon background pony from that one guy (you know the one).

Time: 4 hours



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wow you made this you'r self??
how?? from scratch or?? what?
happy new year ^^