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Imminent Disaster Soarin'

By ChainChomp2
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Character  Soarin'
Seen various art tracing this moment for different showings of style as well as other vectors, but here's my take on it. ;)

It's good to be back, not only for Soarin' but also for vectoring for myself, this episode brought many good opportunities including other characters just like the Manehattan episode.

Time: 3 hours


Reference Screenshot (MLPFiM S04E10 - Rainbow Falls, 07:39):Imminent Disaster Soarin' Reference by ChainChomp2


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Question: Would it be wrong if I use the vector for a drawing giving the credit to who made the vector?
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may i use this for venturian tale base but alicorn
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Funny how he looks so cool in this shot but in the show this is like two seconds before he goes KA-THUD and hurts his wing.
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All his fault, too. He was looking back at the cheerleader ponies, remember?
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Yeah like: "Oooh daang dem cheerleaders are sexyyyyyy...WOOPS BRB HOOP IN WAY SOS HALP PLZ!!! #gonnafall #help #yikes
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LOL! Best way anyone's ever put it.
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Why thank you! XD 
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and....cutie mark revealed!
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Soarin is the most attractive pony in the MLP universe
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I really liked how they fleshed out Soarin's character a lot more in that episode. He's not just for pie jokes anymore.
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I can just see the pole entering from stage right....

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