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Fleetfoot Cutie Mark

By ChainChomp2
Character  Fleetfoot
Fleetfoot's cutie mark as it appears in the show.  Sort of.

Her cutie mark based on the IDW comic book series can be found here: Fleetfoot Cutie Mark (IDW Comics) by ChainChomp2

This cutie mark is symmetrical, and won't need any mirroring specific to whatever side it's on...but you knew that.

Time: 30 minutes



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Nice to see what Fleetfoot's Cutie Mark looks likeLove !
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I have to say this episode with Fleetfoot and Spitfire swaying Rainbow Dash to their team made me think less of Spitfire and develop a dislike of Fleetfoot.

They not only tricked Rainbow but they lied to Soarin', so they could stand a greater chance for victory.

I don't think Spitfire even deserves to be captain of the Wonderbolts if she puts talent and winning over reckless selfishness and deceitful manipulation

And Fleetfoot's no better, she was the one who really tricked Rainbow

As far as I'm concerned, Soarin' is the only honest and decent pony in the Wonderbolts
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Agreed... Wait RD's on there now... Well... I hope Soarin stays good. He's myonly fave Amongst them... (Not including RD)
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Well that's a given, isn't it?
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