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Flash Sentry's Face

By ChainChomp2
There is so much I want to say about this face, but I'm not sure how I'd say it, so I'll say nothing, besides the part that this was the first thing I wanted to vector when the movie came out on DVD/Blu-ray.

Although, in the original screencap there were gleaming effects from Twilight's point of view, all of which you'd expect if you were looking up and saw this face while having an overflow of emotions, and none of which I know how to do.

I've never had this kind of man-crush on a stallion before.

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Reference Screenshot (My Little Pony Equestria Girls, 01:09:49):Flash Sentry's Face Reference by ChainChomp2

This is used on the "Flash Sentry" theme on Ponyhoof, an extension to ponify Facebook. (Try to find it!)


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He's so cute. I just want to cuddle him.
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awww, I will admit that was a pretty cute face X333
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That's flippin adorable <3
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That's the most adorable face I've ever seen :D
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Crush? Flash Sentry?
He's a re-color of Soarin, for crying out loud!
Oh well I still fave. :iconmegustaplz:
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Well they do that all the time anyway, a lot of the ponies have the same hair-style just recoloured and different cutiemark.
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Recolor of Soarin, you say?

...shipping ideas are flowing into my head of TwiSoarin...
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And Rainbow Sentry?
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His real pony manestyle is actually unknown, but most artists use his human one which to me, looks a bit more reminiscent of Spitfire's or Fire/Lightning Streak's.  There's maybe one time I've seen him use Soarin's manestyle and that was when someone just took a vector and recolored it :P.
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true, i'm guessing it's something like that because all of the other "humans" were much like their pony versions of hair.
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Love Flash Sentry, please i know that he will not appear in season 4 but if we show hasbro that we want it maybe he will put for season 5

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