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Fittingly Dressed for the Season

Character  Crescent Moon (MLP)


"...What do you mean it's not winter?"

The croissant moon pone wears this outfit in one shot toward the end of "Tanks for the Memories", and is rendered very small. Still it was fun albeit tedious to come up with the rest of design and details of his winter outfit, since it's at a bit of a different angle and it's hard to see many of the smaller details, thus I'm forced to actually a bit more creative for once, at least with clothes designing. =p But drawing alternate perspectives or making pony clothes in general seems to either come a lot more naturally to me or it's just easier. Still couldn't quite get around the back part of his mane and the collar, though. >3>

I suppose this makes more sense if you are A.) in the eastern United States; B.) in the southern hemisphere; C.) in Canada; or D.) probably in Scandinavia?

Originally made as yet another affectionate jab at cutie mark and palette swapping, where you can see so much of this in it. La la la la

FYI: This pony's name is "Crescent Moon" or "Papermoon"; despite his resemblance to a more well-known figure, he is a separate identity and is also unrelated to said figure's crossover franchise.

Time: 4 hours


Pose heavily edited from "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" (MLPFiM S04E16)


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is Crescent Moon an alternate version of Doctor Whooves?