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Coco Pommel Observes Your Newsfeed

By ChainChomp2
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Character  Coco Pommel
Ponyhoof  (a ponification mod for :facebook: Facebook) rolled out another update that includes two themes and other stuff, including one of Coco Pommel.  Now that the theme is out, I'll be uploading this as the vector needs a source in the credits section, which was made specifically for the theme.  The only changes to the reference I traced it from are a "happy" edit and a bit of rotating.

This appears on the right of your newsfeed when using the theme.

Time: 3 hours



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Reference Screenshot (MLPFiM S04E08 - Rarity Takes Manehattan, 11:11): Coco Pommel Reference by ChainChomp2

Coco Pommel's Cutie Mark by :iconlahirien:Lahirien


:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its characters are owned by Hasbro.
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I'll use this picture this Saturday on my HAH con panel, where I'll be talking about character design. Thanks for the vector!
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You have the link to it?
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you could've googled it you know :) It's already over.
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I hate to bring a drag into this, but this is actually the opposite of DashieSparkle's version of this vector, because your version shows her smiling while DashieSparkle's is not.lin 
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This was given a smile edit during production because of where it was going to be used, and was published almost seven months before DashieSparkle's.
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Hey Sorry about that I redid her name I just realized that I spelled her name wrong:| (Blank Stare) :D (Big Grin) 
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You can always update a deviation without deleting it as well. :)
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Ok Thanks For The Tip:)
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Second best minor pony!!
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Well, who's the first? (Lemme guess, Derpy?)
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No, keep guessing!!!! ^^
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Coco is so cute.
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