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Between You and Me...I'm Not Really Pink.

By ChainChomp2
Character  ThunderlaneCharacter  Meadow Flower
"See this here?  It's false coloring! ;)"

Last-minute recoloring of Wild Fire aside, it's still fun to think of Flowershine as her daughter. =p

Thundy being best stallion was worth the effort of vectoring him when chunks of his body can't be seen, added to the usual difficulty of vectoring the special 3Q-with-both-eyes stallion head angle.

Thunderlane: 85 minutes
Flowershine / Wild Flower: 70 minutes


Reference Screenshot (MLPFiM S03E07 - Wonderbolts Academy, 02:54):

I'm Not Really Pink Reference by ChainChomp2

Alternate Wild Fire version:
Thunderlane and Wild Fire by ChainChomp2

Individual versions:
Listening Thunderlane by ChainChomp2Pointing Flowershine by ChainChomp2Pointing Wild Fire by ChainChomp2

Wild Fire is :iconsibsy:Sibsy's OC.

This is also used on the "Thunderlane" theme on Ponyhoof, an extension to ponify Facebook.


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Pretty impress x3
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Clapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie  If she's not pink then what color is she?? D:
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She was originally the OC of one of the show's storyboard artists, explained further here.
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What do you think? I used your svg files to make my first comic, you can watch it in my gallery, if you want :)