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Angry Shrug Soarin'

By ChainChomp2
Character  Soarin'
Soarin' is not impressed with how he had to wait 49 episodes to have a non-cameo appearance.

The Z-order thing with his right foreleg was fun, and I like the result.  This is the only other time stallions cross their forelegs like this from what I understand.

I thought I'd have to put off everything else since I thought I was at 199 deviations and I wanted #200 to be special, but dA counts journals as deviations, so in reality I was at 195 non-journal deviations.  Therefore, I have 4 deviations' worth of wiggle room and I figured I do these. =p

I must, however, make comments regarding the subtle changes to his design since his last appearance.  Since then, his ears have been rounded (when the suit's off, at least), cutie mark changed, his goggles wrap around for the front of his mane, and when he blinks while wearing his suit, his eyelids are the same color as his coat, except when they're partly closed, in which the eyelids are then the same color as the suit.  Although, they kept his old Season 1 standard animations and poses, with the really flat hooves and his undersized mare legs when he trots, his pointed ears when he has the suit on, and kept his stress lines (and their inconsistency at times).  They also retained the smaller, mare wings instead of giving him the larger, stallion-specific wings that, personally, I'm used to, since I vector them pretty often. =p

Time: 105 minutes


Reference Screenshot (MLPFiM S04E10 - Rainbow Falls, 18:46):Angry Shrug Soarin' Reference by ChainChomp2

This is also used on the "Soarin" theme on Ponyhoof, an extension to ponify Facebook, and appears when you try to report a post.


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When she sends you nudes but you wanted an apple pie.
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OMC this was like the cutest moment Soarin had! 
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He looks like he's pouting b/c someone took one of his cookies. XD 
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Dare I say it: He's cute when he's angry.
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:iconseriousspitfireplz: :"What are you pissy about now?"
:iconseason4soarinplz: :"Remember that rainbow-maned cadet?"
:iconseriousspitfireplz: :"Yeah?"
:iconseason4soarinplz: :"I was about to ask her out, but it turns out she likes somepony else. He's not even a pony, the dude's a bipedal hedgehog!"
:iconseriousspitfireplz: :"the shit I put up with."
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Pouty Soarin' is pouty
awww Soarin is so cute
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How do you use it on Ponyhoof?
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It only appears when you try to report a post.
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How do you make pointy parts you know like the bottom end of his lips? Because I'm making a vector and I need help. I'm using iDraw macbook.
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I'm not sure how I would go about doing that on a program that's not Inkscape, but I'd probably plot it as a shape with a sharp tip, rather than as a stroke/line.  At least, that's how I did it with the small shapes that make up his cheeks, mouth, and ear.
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Gwumpy Sowen is best Soarin lol
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He is sooo cute with this face i wanna hug him:iconhugsplz:
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Bawwww, I loved him in this episode, he's so adorable. X3
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Uhh, what's Soarin' so pissed of about?
Spitfire & Fleetfoot tried to replace him on their team without telling him.
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Soarin has a mad.
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I LOVE Soarin. He's probably my favorite stallion character from the show.

I really liked his role in Rainbow Falls. He's actually got a personality this time around and he's not just for pie jokes anymore. The episode itself was great (not just for the grand return of Derpy) because it was also a huge boost for the popular SoarDash shipping.
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