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Always Running

There are vectors of the Doctor running as a pony but I didn't see any with this face or expression, but most of the reason this was made was to recolor him into another pony and have him running from another.

:icon90sigma:'s vector of the exact same frame in the running animation was viewed for reference for fixing some of the animation/puppet errors, such as the mane and legs. Some things I left alone, like his ear; I think it looks odd because of how big his neck is but it wasn't something I that I could think a better solution for fixing.

Time: 3 hours



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Reference Screenshot (MLPFiM S02E26 - A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, 15:26):Always Running Reference by ChainChomp2


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the SVG is broken, so sad
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I found this part out yesterday where the "Download" buttons on the right-hand side of the SVG/SVGZ uploads (some but not all evidently) don't work, but you can still click the submission itself in the center (the box where it says SVG/SVGZ download and the filesize) and it still works as intended.
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exept that also doesn't fix it >.<?
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The file is there and unchanged, it just incompletely renders in-browser because Inkscape clips have been inconsistent rendering on browsers for as long as I can remember. By that I mean it'll still download as the complete SVG file and open without any problems or missing parts in Inkscape (or at least it does on my laptop and on the older 0.48 build which'd ideally be less-capable, I'm even away from my main machine and most of my "raw" resources so I can only test on the same files everyone else can access). Illustrator, probably not so much.
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huh, you are right. Thanks m8
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Stop, Doc, don't run away! :(
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I was running all my lives, for over 900 years. - The 11th Doctor [Day of the Doctor Trailer]
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I want to give proper credit. I used this image in my review of the MLP season 5 animatic. Here's a link to it. *WARNING, the video contains spoilers from season 5*.…
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Haha, nice! :D Neck looks a little long and stiff I suppose but I didn't even notice until you pointed it out, heh...

Poor Doctor =p
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