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Sharpening actions 1

Update: I have created a new sharpening action-set: [link]
Note that the new set allows you to choose a custom radius for the sharpening and does not include noise reduction actions (that pretty much just ran the NR filter anyway).
A set of 6 free actions to help prepare images for output.

3 simple variations of the noise reduction filter for easy access.

Sharpening effects optimized for halftone/press or inkjet/dye output at 300 ppi (run it before printing to compensate for the blurring that takes place when printing!).
Included is also a sharpen effect optimized for screen.

The sharpening effects are non-destructive and fully tweakable (recommended: add an edge mask to avoid affecting skin etc.).

Made for Photoshop CS3 and newer.

Free to use for commercial work. Please don't redistribute - it can be downloaded for free from here! :)


Note that output sharpening is the last thing you should add before print (the only thing you may add later is grain/noise). Zoom to 50% to roughly see how it will look.


If you make something cool, please add a link in a comment so everybody can see it. :)
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thak you a lot :]
great job
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Thanks for the help, this is apreciated.
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Remember to check out the completely new and improved sharpening action-set.

A lot more options, and sharpening actions that do better at restoring "lost" detail. :)
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Thank you very much, these actions are exceptionally useful! Used here - [link]
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Oh, and a pro-tip for using sharpening and noise reduction:

- Use an edge mask for sharpening, and a surface mask for noise reduction.
This is very useful, and the mask will also help you avoiding sharpening e.g. the soft skin in a portrait while still applying sharpening to other areas (like eyes).
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much thanks for this..-s-
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