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SFW brushes v1



What: Hand drawn Stick Figure War brushes! 349 different! :o
Why: For small fun additions to your art, or a full-out war!
Required: Photoshop 7+

Theese were originally made for the Stick Figure War 6 mosaic, but can be used for other stuff as well.
The 349 brushes are divided into 10 thematic brush files and allow for a lot of different interaction.

Scanning and making all these brushes was quite a job... :D
As for size-comparison or print, they are all 150dpi (yes, I like to draw really small stuff).

General tips:
-To see what the brushes look like, see full view, and this…
-Work in layers. Use black. Color afterwards.
-Remember that you can easily rotate and scale brushes in Photoshop.
-If you scale them, remember to use sharpen afterwards to avoid blur.

You can use these brushes for whatever purpose you want as long as you do not sell/redistribute them.
If you make something, please add a link in a comment here!

//// Other brushes by me:… - Footprint brushes… - Fingerprint brushes… - Monoprint texture brushes… - Handwriting brushes… - Burnt paper brushes… - Paper brushes
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