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SFW brushes v1

What: Hand drawn Stick Figure War brushes! 349 different! :o
Why: For small fun additions to your art, or a full-out war!
Required: Photoshop 7+

Theese were originally made for the Stick Figure War 6 mosaic, but can be used for other stuff as well.
The 349 brushes are divided into 10 thematic brush files and allow for a lot of different interaction.

Scanning and making all these brushes was quite a job... :D
As for size-comparison or print, they are all 150dpi (yes, I like to draw really small stuff).

General tips:
-To see what the brushes look like, see full view, and this…
-Work in layers. Use black. Color afterwards.
-Remember that you can easily rotate and scale brushes in Photoshop.
-If you scale them, remember to use sharpen afterwards to avoid blur.

You can use these brushes for whatever purpose you want as long as you do not sell/redistribute them.
If you make something, please add a link in a comment here!

//// Other brushes by me:… - Footprint brushes… - Fingerprint brushes… - Monoprint texture brushes… - Handwriting brushes… - Burnt paper brushes… - Paper brushes
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OmG I lovee them <3
Can I ask for your permission to use them in a notebook cover contest there is a prize if I were to win XD and the company might take my design for them , am still not sure if am gonna do it or not my pc is broke and all..but it's better to ask for you permission first of all
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I'm not really active here on DA any more, so sorry for the late reply. Go ahead and use them.
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I can see way too much fun with this set. Thanks for sharing!
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Fucking Epic!!!!
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Omg How long did you do this???
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Well, I first spend a couple of minutes studying your "OoO", and the decision to improve on it and make my own version came quite quickly. I then carefully drew a o. Then I was stuck for about fifteen minutes before the solution of adding "Oo" struck me. Then I had to log on to Deviantart, find your post, and reply to it. I guess that was another 20-30 minutes. So perhaps 45 minutes in total is a good estimate?

Oh, and the brushes, I think I drew most of them during the same day (it's the fun part so goes quickly). Scanned the papers (wasn't that many) was quick, and adjusting levels to clip the whites was quick.
What was boring was to do crop+define brush ad nauseum.
The actual time used I don't remember since it is 8-9 years ago I made them...
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Here I made this using the brush pack: [link]
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Wow, these look phenomenal.
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Found these googling stick figures. Really cool set of brushes!!! Reminded me of being bored in Calculus class. :P
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Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!
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Sweet hypochondriac Jesus, that's a lot of brushes!
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Most original brushes I've see. I added one of your sets to my websites. Can I submit this one too? this is my website: [link]
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Could you have the download-link point to DA? That way I get the download numbers, and if I ever do any changes it will be reflected on both sites.
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I don't know. I have my own download monitor system on my site but I will see if I can include an external link instead. I'll contact you when I find out
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thanks so much ^_^
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I am a digital crafter and a stamper and I was wondering if I could make some cards and invitations to sell with these wonderful brushes, I own a very small bsuiness on . I just love them ^-^

Let me know if that would be ok or not.

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