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(Let the image speak)


Render directly from 3DstudioMAX 4.

No post-manipulation outside 3Ds (except border).

Finalrender skylight, with brute force GI.

More technical:

The 6000x4000px print-version took about 24h to render!


Update: Thanks a lot! I had not expected to reach daily fav! Glad you deviant people like it!


Update: Now available as print! The print does not have a border or the chain.deviantart-text, only the title. Enjoy!

Update (2007): A stereogram version is now available! Finally you can see this in 3D!

PS: There are several other variants of this image in my gallery.

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Wow, beautiful piece with an even more beautiful theme!
DarkMatterHost's avatar
You have been featured! :)
Check out the news article and feel free to :+fav: some of the other works exhibited.
Hope you don't mind the feature ;)
See you around dA! :D

P.S. Please :+favlove: the news article that way more people will see it.
FearaJinx's avatar
Awesome work!!!!
bordako's avatar
jejej, cool, basic and cool
Faith1990's avatar
Love it! looks so awesome! And the photo/painting in the back is brilliant! :D
MrKeijo's avatar
Cruel & sad situation, but still nice consept...
sufined's avatar
DriverBE's avatar
Hehe , this is great .

Fova for this.

Hilarious! My entire 3d max class loved it!
Jaded-Blood-Rose's avatar
I absolutely love this!
chain's avatar
Xannerz's avatar
I love the picture on the wall, as well. Nice touch. Also, using wood chips instead of blood was really creative!
Circuit5389's avatar
wow this is powerfull!:D I love it!
karmooz's avatar
Excellent work!
necrocerberus's avatar
very nice =D how good r u u in studio max?? XD
chain's avatar
not very :P Got a bit lucky with this one... If you look closer the modelling is really simple...
necrocerberus's avatar
lol yeah it is simple...but that wat makes it kewl...its simple yet u still got the message across =)
oibyrd's avatar
that little puff of smoke from the gun is a nice touch :clap: really well done!
greyscal-e's avatar
desertblack's avatar
!dude, this is awesome! fuckin' tweaked!
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